Love is Only a Drop Away

Chapter 1
Carousel of Arousal
[ft. Slime Girl!Minato & Succubus!Yu]

(Uploaded on March 2, 2020)

Summary: A labyrinth, even one that's solved, can still hold its fair share of surprises.

When Minato and Yu get trapped in the depths of the Group Date Café, they expect finding an escape will be simple. They've gone through this dungeon before; surely, it won't be long until they can get back to their friends.

But the Shadows this time are far more restless—and they're not gonna leave until every last drop of love is squeezed outta them. Things are going to get slimier and hornier for them, and there's no way out of it…

Notes: This fic is set during the events of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, any time after the completion of the second dungeon, the Group Date Café. Minato serves as the group's defacto leader, while Yu serves as the Vice Leader. No spoilers for Persona 3, Persona 4, or Persona Q are featured.

For clarity's sake, Minato is transforming into a blue slime girl as drawn by rethnick (posts/3756295 on danbooru), while Yu is transforming into a succubus version of Parsee Mizuhashi from the Touhou series (posts/1469556 on danbooru).

Warnings: This chapter contains Male-to-Female TF/TG, Mental Changes, Nudity, Sexual Content, Mature Descriptions, and Out-of-Character Moments. Reader discretion is advised.

False Yasogami High
Group Date Café – Stop 3

"Ugh… The one time I don't have a Persona that can use Traesto, this happens…"

"C-Come on, Leader! We've survived hordes of Shadows before! Surely, we can survive this too!"

To say Minato Arisato and Yu Narukami were in a sticky situation would be putting things mildly.

Fifteen minutes ago, the two Wild Cards had re-entered the Group Date Café with some of their teammates. They had intended to use this trip to level up their Sub-Personas and acquire materials for Theodore; a few arrows from the FOEs was his specific request. Minato was all set to use a Goho-M to warp the group back to the false Yasogami High…

…when an FOE came barging out of nowhere, separating the two leaders from the others, and forcing them to run while several more chased after them.

And to top it all off, the connection from Fuuka and Rise had been cut off entirely, leaving the duo without any support whatsoever.

Minato was not amused by this.

"Excuse me if I think those chances are fairly low right now!" he grumbled, a sword battering away a Shadow who was getting too close. "How the heck did they managed to block off all the shortcuts!?"

"I don't know, b-but—that doesn't matter!" Yu replied, using Zionga on a different Shadow. "If we can just make it to the next floor, then I'm sure we should be fine…!"

Right, the bluenette remembered, the next floor. Stop 4 had the gears that could return them to the dungeon's entrance. It was a long shot, and it was still a ways away, but it was their only real chance at survival. Orpheus, Izanagi, and the couple of Sub-Personas they had would barely be enough to last a few fight, and that was if they were at full power—which they were not.

Don't panic now, Minato, don't panic, the field leader told himself. Yu's got a point. Panicking won't do you any good; being calm and getting out of here will.

In any case, it was nice that Minato had Yu here to accompany him. His teammates in SEES were great and all, but he had a certain kinship with the (technically) younger Wild Card that he didn't have with anyone else. And right now, there was no one else he'd rather have with him at the moment; their shared camaraderie could be compared to a waltz in a ballroom.

…not that he'd ever admit to that, of course.

Either way—so long as they kept moving, an escape would come naturally to them.

At least, Minato desperately hoped so.

And so, the two of them pushed themselves toward the end, using their instinctual knowledge of the map layout to carry them forward. It was a more difficult task than before, what with all the nightmares chasing them… but that was fine. Because in a matter of seconds, they'd be rewarded for their endurance…!

…with a luminescent pink barrier covering the stairs to their salvation.


That was a thing.

Two pairs of horrified eyes stared into each other.

"…shit," Minato put things bluntly.

"It can't get any worse than this," Yu gaped.

Just then, the sounds of rushing footsteps began to grow louder and louder. In fact, if the Wild Cards strained their ears, the footsteps were actually coming from a multitude of angles around them – the FOEs, it seemed, had called for reinforcements at the worst possible time for them to have done that.


"Yes, Leader?"

"Shut up."


The duo resumed running, now desperately hoping to stall the crowd long enough for their own reinforcements to find a route in. Trouble is, they had no idea how long it'd take before that happened—and all the while, the likelihood of them being brought down by the FOEs would become more and more a certainty.

"We can't keep going like this…!" Minato said, now visibly panting. "We don't even have a way out anymore! We have to do something, or we'll be done for!"

"We're gonna need to hide from them," Yu determined. "If they think we're not around anymore, they should give up on trying to chase us."

"Are you sure that'll even work!?"

An arrow whizzed by their heads; one Minato recognized as being much like the ones that gave their parties directional problems.

"It's the only thing that comes to mind!" Yu looked ahead, and noticed they were coming up on a crossroads. That gave him an idea. "We don't have time to argue—we need to split up and find some place to lay low for a bit! If they catch both of us, it's game over!" He turned a steely gaze to his companion. "You head left, and I'll head right. We'll meet back with each other once the coast is clear!"

It's all or nothing, I guess! "Alright," the bluenette conceded. "You be careful out there, okay?"

"I will—and you too!"

With no other choice, the two took their separate paths—and prayed that a miracle would soon arrive.

For the first time in what felt like years, Minato was alone. Not temporarily separated from his party like in Tartarus—he was completely alone in a vast dungeon, outgunned and outnumbered.

Not for the first time, he cursed how this void outside time and space had crippled him. Orpheus being returned to square one, all his extra Personas disappearing, his inventory being mostly emptied—the only saving grace was that SEES and the Investigation Team were weathering the storm with him, and even that wasn't available to him at the moment.

If this doesn't work and I die here, I am so haunting Yu's ass, he vowed. (Pharos could always give him some tips on how to do that.)

Unfortunately for the elder Wild Card, the path ahead was just as precarious as before, with few hiding spots available for use. Well, he could try ducking under some of the tables, but he reckoned he'd be caught almost immediately afterward. Which wouldn't be good.

"Come on, come on," he hissed, looking around frantically. "Isn't there anything here I can use…!?"

He could hear the FOEs' footsteps getting louder and louder—I'm running out of options here! he pouring down his forehead, he forced himself to go faster, even against his body's increasingly louder protests. He grit his teeth and rounded another corner—

—and found himself facing a dead end, with only a single treasure chest for company.

"…I'm beginning to think the architect of this place hates me," he stated flatly.

Well, if nothing else, the treasure chest was as good a hiding spot as he was gonna get. Notably, this one was huge – it probably could've fitted both him and Yu and still have room for more. Getting to work, he put his hands on the lid of the chest and pushed it open, as hard as he can. It took a few seconds of effort, but eventually, the latch came undone.

Minato flinched. "Wh-What the hell…!?"

Surprise, surprise, the chest wasn't empty. Not like he expected it to be, of course, but never in his wildest dreams did he think the chest would be literally filled to the brim with this blue slime. It was even sticking to the inside of the lid, how was that possible!?

I can't hide in this! he thought. I'd literally suffocate in it! And even if I just left it open for air, the FOEs are smart enough to look inside anyway!

Unfortunately, there was little time to think of a recourse – for right behind him was the squadron of FOEs he had been trying so hard to evade. They shared similar appearances, if not color schemes; doll-like angelic babies riding on top of horses, bows full of arrows in their hands.

The bluenette stared apprehensively at them, sword in one hand, Evoker in the other. For a moment, all they did was hold a standoff, neither side budging an inch from their positions. Seconds, maybe entire minutes passed in total silence, the situation one action away from devolving into total chaos.

A-Aren't they going to do something? Minato thought. They're FOEs – since when do they pass an opportunity to attack?

One FOE tilted his head, and one by one, the others followed. They seemed to be having a silent conversation with one another – which only made the Wild Card more nervous; Shadows and their ilk weren't supposed to do that – before falling back to their normal stances.

okay, I've got both Fire and Ice elements at my disposal right now, Minato recalled. If I can knock enough of them down with their weakness, then I might have a chance—

Suddenly, the group of enemies rushed forward all at once. Taken entirely off-guard, the bluenette was hoisted into the air. "H-Hey!" he shouted. "Wha—What the heck are you doing!?"

He got no response, aside from a chorus of creepy giggles. Then he noticed their gazes were directed… behind him.

He did the same—and his eyes widened in horror.

"Wait… you're not going to…!? Stop, stop! D-Don't you dare—!"

Too late.

They threw him into the treasure chest and—still giggling madly—shut it with a slam.

On the other side of the labyrinth, Yu wasn't doing so hot. He wasn't scrawny like his fellow leader, sure, and he was a virtual master at athletics – but that didn't mean this flight wasn't tiring him out.

I hope Minato's having an easier time than me, he internally gulped, 'cause I'm really beginning to miss having Rise's expertise!

Adrenaline shot through his veins as he avoided another volley of arrows. The FOEs refused to let up—in fact, some of them were even trying to ambush him, dropping down in front of alternate pathways and forcing him to take different turns.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were railroading me. But where would they need me to go?

He wondered if they were just toying with him. Shadows—and by extensions, FOEs—were the manifestations of humanity's darker side, if he remembered things right. Did that mean that this was all a part of whatever scheme they had subconsciously cooked up?

Was that what this was all about?

He shuddered; the idea of standing alone against these freaks, separated from all of his friends, was terrifying beyond the capacity for rational thought. As was the idea that they had their own twisted desires for him, something more than just taking pleasure in killing him.

"It doesn't matter," he told himself. "If I can manage to stay outta their grasp for a little while longer, I won't have to worry about it."

That was when he discerned how… silent his surroundings had become.

His footsteps showed as he cautiously turned his head around. The crowd of FOEs were nowhere to be seen; though that didn't mean they weren't simply hanging back a little.

Going back wasn't an option. But going forward might lead to certain doom, if his luck was bad enough.

It was a catch-22, as Naoto might've said.

"Only one way forward…" He kept on walking, clutching his two-handed sword as tightly as he could. Whatever lay ahead, he had to face it head-on. And he couldn't do that if he was unprepared.

Steeling his mind, he rose to the challenge—

—and was met with a nightmarish sight.

A miniature coliseum lay before him. Dozens of FOEs sat at the edge of the battlefield, bows at the ready – and the field itself was plenty precarious, what with the shifting conveyor belts and tiles of SP-draining spikes. A look of glee was on each of their faces, as if they had been waiting for this moment – for their guest of honor to make himself known.

Yu suddenly regretted convincing Minato to split up – because god knew that fighting all of these guys by himself would be about as painful as facing the Reaper with nothing except his wits.

He would've loved to just leave and forget he had ever seen this. Alas though, his path was blocked by the same group of FOEs from earlier, sharing the same expression as the rest of their kin.

A bead of sweat went down the side of the Vice Leader's head. "This isn't the greatest of odds," he admitted—"but if I can survive both Rise and Teddie's Shadows back-to-back, then I can come outta this, too!" He brought up his hand, a familiar tarot card hovering over his palm. "Bring it on!"

The FOEs giggled creepily, a trio of them jumping into the arena with demented grins – and with the narrowing of the gray-haired boy's eyes, the battle began.

Minato was uncomfortable. Distinctly uncomfortable. More than he'd ever been after the third Full Moon Operation.

He was trapped inside a chest full of jelly, struggling to breathe or swim or even stay moving. His sword was useless, his Evoker was useless; he'd tried earlier to push the lid back up, but for whatever reason, it wouldn't budge.

'Help!' he wanted to scream. 'Somebody help!' Unfortunately, it only came out as a "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" given his current state of affairs – and it wasn't like anyone could hear him anyway.

He banged his fists against the chest in desperation. He could feel the aftershocks from the resulting vibrations, but absolutely nothing else.

This can't be the end! he thought. I can't just drown in this—this—this gunk! I gotta keep pushing, punching, anything to stay alive! I refuse to die here, I refuse to!

wait, where did the vibrations go?

Suddenly, he noticed something—the impact from his strikes was diminishing with every passing second. He kept trying and trying, but… no dice. Is the slime draining away my energy? What's going on?

Then he caught a glimpse of his hands.

They were almost entirely made of slime.

He reeled in surprise. Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-WHAAAAAAAT!?

Well, it would be more accurate to say that they were now part of the slime he was submerged in. It didn't take long for his hands to be fully absorbed—with the rest of his arms being the next in line.

In panic, Minato attempted to scrape the slime off of him. Naturally, with his hands already completely covered, it didn't work. No, no, no, this can't be happening!

The gelatin continued to creep up his limbs and even up his legs, making them slimmer and far more delicate. In fact, a similar thing was going on everywhere else; his torso was collapsing in and creating curves, his hips were flaring outward and inflating his figure—

He was gradually losing more and more of himself to the slime, and he didn't like it.

(And his clothes being dissolved in the process wasn't helping.)

He writhed within the treasure chest, his muffled cries getting higher-pitched as his head became evermore swallowed up by the rampant liquid. With his skin now totally exposed, there was no way he was getting out of this without being subsumed entirely.


Finally, the cocoon of slime finished encasing him—and it was all over from there.

Yu had underestimated the ferocity of his opponents. Vastly underestimated them.

Somehow, despite knowing the scope of the threat before him, they had taken him off-guard in more ways than one.

It was rather difficult to dodge arrows from afar and fend off foes at the same time.

The Vice Leader tried, he really did, but without the backup he was normally accustomed to (and the energy reserves), he was little more than a fish floundering on the shore.

"Ack!" Speaking of which, an arrow proceeded to strike his knee, confusing his directional skills and sending him crashing to the ground. The giggling FOE took this time to bash into him with their horse, adding insult to injury.

"Y-You're smarter than you look…" He stumbled to his feet, noticeably wobbling more than usual. He swung his sword clumsily at the enemy—and completely overshot it.

Of course, another arrow lodged itself on his butt immediately afterward. His sense of balance stuttered and halted, and he clasped his ass with all the grace of a slipping ice-skater.

"Ah—AHHHHHHH—!?" To say that Yu was embarrassed couldn't fully articulate the situation at hand. He flushed as the FOEs made their amusement known. "Wh-What the heck was that for—!?" Then his eyes went ride, a horrified realization sprouting in his mind. His butt… wasn't normally this plump and squishy…

And while on the same subject, his legs weren't supposed to feel so athletic, either…

More arrows started flying toward his person, and he called up his Sub-Persona to blow them away with a Wind spell. The incoming wave was, indeed, thrown off their trajectories, but his enemies wasted no time in unleashing another salvo. Several of them slammed into the Wild Card, tearing into his uniform to shreds and further transforming his body in various ways.

His arms lost their muscle mass, his skin became creamy and hyper-sensitive, his overall physique was rapidly feminizing—and with every hit he took, he found himself weakening in strength. It felt as if his SP reserves were bottoming out—but how was that possible?

What's… happening…? What are they… doing to me…?

And why…? Why are they… d-doing this…?

Yu had a lot of questions, and no time to come up with any answers. He did his best to keep the FOEs off of him, but eventually, their sheer numbers managed to overwhelm him.

His fell to his knees in exhaustion, sword clattering against the floor. The FOEs cheered triumphantly at their success. Yu glared daggers at the crowd as they prepared their final attack, glowing pink arrows ready to strike into his very soul.

Yosuke… Rise… everyone… I—I'm sorry, but… this looks like the end…!

They drew back their bows—and fired all at once.

The slime was seeping into Minato's skin, further molding him into a very specific desired shape. An amorphous feeling raced up and down his spine, which only intensified as his internal organs were converted into the gelatin holding him captive.

I—ahhhhhhh! I, this slime, it's—eeeeeYAHHHHH!

His privates were dissolving, being coddled into his body like a mother would savor their child. He let out a muffled moan as they shrunk and shrunk, gradually losing himself to the fog filling his mind. Vaguely, he recognized that the slime was affecting his brain, warping even his sense of self—but he was in too much bliss to care.

At last, his crotch was completely pulled in, and subsequently replaced with an area much more fit to receive rather than to deliver. The sensation, though bizarre, helped to fill in the void he—she—hadn't known existed. I—I need more, she realized—more of this; m-m-more!

She wasn't disappointed. The slime began to make cupping motions over her still flat chest, injecting a flood of energy that invigorated her to her very core. Within seconds, two bubbly breasts burst from her bosom, her eyes going dull as the gelatin delightfully lavished them. The bluenette girl was left in a lustful haze, no longer able to recall the reason she had been fighting this.

Why—Why was I even… complaining about this, again…? she thought, drooling. If this is my r-reward for all the work I've done, then… that's—fine by me… ohhhhhhh~

With her acceptance, her entire form became one with the liquid. She faded in and out of consciousness as what was left of her human body dissipated into the ether. It was freeing—because for all intents and purposes… she effectively was the slime now.

And that was when the treasure chest finally deigned to open.

The lid rose at long last—and a slimy blue maiden proceeded to burst into being.

Her form dripped all over as she shook her head, heterochromatic emerald and amethyst eyes glistening in glee. She had short hair, a blue blush on her cheeks, and an expression that made it clear she knew exactly how sexy she was. "Oh, yes," she cooed—"now this is where it's at."

She bent over in her former prison, her bubble butt sticking up above the surface. One arm snuggled her breasts while the other rested on the side of her face, her blush deepening as she felt her assets deform under her touch. She was supple, slender, and attractive as all heck—which was accentuated by her… tasteful lack of clothing.

"Heh heh heh… you know, I was never one for girls or self-pleasure or anything like that," she said to no one. "Always repressed it 'til I forgot they existed. But—mmmmm… am I rethinking that, now~"

The girl formerly known as Minato Arisato crawled out of the chest, pools of slime trailing behind her. She grinned as she looked over herself, examining her curves and sashaying with her hips.

The mysterious red gem on her chest shone in chorus with her satisfied gaze. "Speaking of pleasure, I could go for some of that, myself. And since it's partially Yu's fault I'm here… well…" Her eyes narrowed, and her smile widened sinisterly. "…I think it's only right that I share the love with him."

She couldn't call her Personas at the moment, but somehow, she figured she didn't need to.

As she was now… nothing would touch her. She'd make sure of that.

Yu was experiencing pain. Extreme pain, and extreme pleasure, both at the same time.


He let out a mighty wail, one that—if the walls hadn't been so thoroughly sound-proofed—probably could've been heard inside the false Yasogami. His senses were going haywire, completely blinding him to anything else that was occurring around him.

"It—It—IT HURTS!" he screamed. "It hurts… s-s-s-s-SO—B-B-BAAAAAAAAD! S-S-S-So—! Why—!? Wh-Why does—does it—feel! So! G-G-G-G-GooOoooOOOoooD!?"

A mysterious magic surged through him, his body spasming violently as it clashed with the pre-existing power in his soul. His gray hair turned blonde, lengthening to the point of being able to whip around. His eyes glimmered green, his spine lurched and curved inwards, his face became cuter and petite—everything about him was being altered beyond recognition.

And it wasn't stopping at his physical form, either: the longer the pain lasted, the more his brain felt like it was melting away. He struggled to gather his thoughts, but the magic was doing him no favors in that regard.

"I'm n-not—I can't—ooOOooOOOoooh…"

M-M-My head… it's getting… harder to… remind myself of things… Like—h-how did I… get here…? Uh-Uhhhhhhh—!

The magic burned hotly at every point it touched—but the worst was yet to come. For it was then that both his chest and his crotch area was set metaphorically ablaze. She bent over, tears running down her cheeks, as he felt his crotch painfully swiveling up—and but his chest beginning to balloon with weight.

"N-No—! This—This is…!"

His screams got louder as two perky breasts made themselves known, and a vagina opened up rather suddenly between his legs. A perverted rush shot up her spine, intensifying the two sensations she was already feeling. She couldn't think anymore, not like this.

She—She had to make it stop. She had to fill the void within her.

"I—I need—! I need some—some—something in me!" she bit out. "Something, anything! Ah… AHHHHHHHH!"

She plunged her fingers into her dripping womanhood, and much to her relief, her subsequent ecstasy overpowered the rampant agony. Unconsciously, she started massaging her breasts as well, making her cheeks flush crimson and her eyes glaze over.

As she pleasured herself, her transformation reached its end: two red wings grew out of her back, along with a long, heart-shaped tail close to her butt. Her brain, half-corrupted as it was, was filled with erotic ideas and thoughts, the kind of which she never would have dreamed of before. Curved, orange horns coming out the sides of her head confirmed one happy thing to her audience: she wasn't human, not anymore.

Delighted, the crowd of FOEs surrounded her and tore off her ruined clothes. The gender-changed succubus was too distracted to care, what with her trying to climax all over the floor, and so they got to work giving her an outfit that would properly mesh with her new appearance.

Once they were finished, the FOEs looked to each other and nodded in satisfaction. With one last bout of laughter, they left the scene on mass, leaving their poor victim uncomfortably sprawled out on the floor.

The girl formerly known as Yu Narukami sat there for several minutes, lost in the mess that was her own emotions. Finally, she managed to compose herself long enough to shakily get up—and she caught a good look at herself.

She wore what could best be described as lingerie made for a dominatrix, tightly pressing against her bust and groin. Her skin was very much exposed for the world to see, accentuated by the numerous garter straps wrapped around her. Beyond the black choker, fingerless gloves, and long decorative boots, she wore little else—which meant that none of her beauty was disguised in the slightest.

She giggled uncontrollably, a brilliantly red blush on her face. "Tee hee hee… T-T-Tee hee hee hee hee! I—I feel… super, super good!"

She turned her head toward her back and pushed out her butt, letting her tail waggling freely in the wind. Her smile only widened as she The ecstasy floating in her head was certainly… palpable, to say the least.

"Mmmmm… I'm, like, so much sexier than I've ever been! Those cute boys really did a good job! But I… can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something…" She put a finger to her chin, pursing her lips in confusion. Didn't she have an ob… obj… obferject… a whatchamacallit to do, or whatever?

Um… Ummmmmmmmm… Aha!

"That's right! I was hanging out with Mina-chan! He must be so lonely, being without me…" She briefly frowned, before proceeding to light up again. "Well, he won't be like that anymore—'cause I'm gonna share with him all the goodies I have now!"

Dizzily, the succubus flapped her wings and took off (albeit only a couple of feet off the ground). Mina-chan's somewhere here, she thought—if I keep flyin', I'll spot him in no time!

That's, uh, how things work… right?

The Group Date Café was quiet – more quiet than anyone could ever recall it being. The manic chaos from before had entirely fizzled out, and its place was a sort of… air of anticipation.

Never was this more clear than at the crossroads the two Wild Cards had come across only a few hours ago. The Shadows had vacated the corridors, silently watching the scene from their namesakes instead. Whatever had got them so riled up before, now was the time for it to all pay off.

And boy, were they not disappointed.

It was a rather amusing sight: a blue slime girl and a blonde-haired succubus were moving toward the crossroads, with no indication that either was paying attention to their surroundings.

In no time at all, they reached the intersection—and then looked up at the person in front of them.

They blinked once. They blinked twice.

And then…



The two transformed boys pointed a finger at each other in equal shock. They stood there for several moments as their brains effectively rebooted.

"Omigosh! Mina-chan! You're soooo cute now!" Abruptly, the winged girl dropped to the ground and gave her friend a huge hug, something Minato became very flustered by. "You're all blue and liquid-y and naked—it's, like, such an amazing fashion statement!"

"Hey, hey, hey, g-get off! Personal space, p-please!" The poor bluenette tried to push Yu off, but she kept clinging tighter and tighter—impressive, given the state of Minato's form. Eventually, she managed to pull away, leaving a few traces of herself on the ditzy girl.

She dusted herself off and sighed. "I can—I can see the FOEs managed to get you too, Yu," she remarked. "You, uh… stayed a lot more human than I thought. W-Wings and tail are new, though." She found it hard to look her in the eye as she spoke, her gaze more drawn to the chest and curves her fellow Wild Card was prominently displaying.

D-Damn it! Wh-Why am I getting so—so worked up!? It's just Yu… as a girl… a really attractive, blonde-haired girl…

I—I wonder how she'd react to me throwing myself on her…

"Don't call me Yu," the younger(-ish) teen pouted—"it's so not me anymore! Call me, mmm… Parsee! Parsee Narukami!" She giggled again, slurping up some leftover slime using her finger. "Tee hee—that rhymes!"

Yum yum, Mina-chan tastes good! she idly thought. She's like jello, except better!

Hmm… you know, I'm getting this feeling whenever I look at her. Is it wrong if I just wanna… let her feel my boobs during sex?

"In that case, call me… Midori. Midori Arisato." The newly-christened Midori crossed her arms and smiled. She rather liked that name—it was nice and concise, perfect for a woman of her caliber.

"So… what now?" she asked, trying not to let her fluctuating emotions toward Parsee show on her face. One of us has to, seeing as how Yu—Parsee's so more of a bimbo now. "As far as I can tell, the exit barriers still haven't dropped yet – and even if they had, there's no way we can come back to our teammates looking like this."

"I dunno about them," Parsee said, "but I don't think that's anythin' we need to worry about!" She seemed so certain about it that Midori was taken aback. Wha? Wh-Why wouldn't that be her first priority—? "Besides… I wanna get all hot and sweaty with you first, Midi-chan!"


The succubus waltzed over to the slime girl, hands reaching out to squeeze her companion's bosom (much to the latter's mortification). "Aww, don't look so confuzzly! It doesn't suit you at all! We've got rockin' bods and we're feelin' lovey-dovey—I know you've got those tingly thingies inside of you, same as me! It's just you and me here—so let's forget all 'o that and jump in each other's socks!"

If Midori was still Minato, she might have objected to this… incredibly sexual request. But in the here and now, while she was an erotic monster girl, hyped up on hormones and feeling her friend's flesh literally wiggling around inside of her…

The bluenette grinned, her own hands extending to the blonde's panties and soaking straight through it. Judging by Parsee's reaction—a long, sensual moan with plenty of drool—she definitely wasn't disappointed by the decision.

"If that's how you wanna play, Par-Par," Midori whispered, moving to take off Parsee's clothes, "then alright. I hope you know what you've gotten into."

"H-Hahhhhhhhhhh—!" her Vice Leader blissfully sighed. "Of—Of course I do, M-Midi-chan. I'm a s-succy-bus, a-after all!"

"Oh, I know." She leaned into her ear and whispered lustfully. "That's what I'm counting on."

Can you tell this was supposed to come out before Valentine's Day? No?

(shut up, I procrastinate a lot, okay?)

Like with A Moment to Relax, this TF/TG fic is something of a breather compared to my usual. I wanted to write the Wild Cards getting TF'd into monster girls and then letting go of their inhibitions, so here we are. That's why there isn't much of a plot for this – sorry for that.

I had a bit of trouble for a bit, trying to figure out the best setting for this kind of scenario (a dungeon in Q1, or a movie in Q2?), until I remembered the Group Date Café was a thing. From there, all the pieces fell into place relatively quickly.

I don't have a whole lot else to say, other than that this was a lot of fun to write. Don't worry, I'm sure Minato and Yuere, Midori and Parsee'll break out of this eventually


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