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Part 1

Disclaimer This, along with a number of other ideas has been running about in my head and because of that, I've chosen to start up a new 'Possibilities' fic here in the 'Chuck' fandom since right now I have several other projects going on that prevents me from doing a new multi-chaptered fic. For previous examples of my 'Possibilities' fics and how this works, check out the ones I have for the 'Arrowverse' fandom, 'Teen Wolf', 'Power Rangers', and 'Girl Meets World'. This is set a couple of months after season 1 and I'm assuming a few months passed as it is between seasons 1 and 2 but correct me if I'm wrong!

Summary: A phone call from Lou brings Chuck Bartowski back to the Deli.

When Chuck received a call from Lou to see if he had the time to come check out her new system she'd had put in place recently at her Deli, Chuck had been understandably surprised by this. Especially given the fact they hadn't had much contact with one another since their break up some months ago. And despite certain feelings he may have for a certain Blonde in his life, a part of Chuck still wished he hadn't had to end things with Lou. But because of his new status in life as the damned Intersect and all that entailed, he had to give up something that could have been amazingly good. As it wouldn't have been right to her when he was expected to do certain things so as not to arouse suspicion and therefore, bring on unwanted trouble. And since he legit missed her and wanted to see what sort of system she got put in place, Chuck hurried up the closing of the store since he was the last one there.

Something that often tended to be the case since he was essentially an assistant manager in all but name. He'd even re-assured Sarah that she could head on home and had completely missed her narrowed eyed look when she caught sight of where he was headed but decided to respect his privacy all the while ignoring remarks made by Casey. "Hey, Lou! Sorry I'm late." Declared the lanky man with an apologetic smile as he made his way inside her shop.

"No worries, Chuck. I know you tend to be the last one at the Buy More so I figured it'd take a bit before you could get here." Lou reassured him with a small smile as she came around the counter and for the life of him, something seemed different about her.

But what that was, he wasn't certain of! "Been spying on me, have we?" He asked instead with a wiggle of his eyebrows that drew a snort and an eye roll from her.

"Please, you wish I did, Chuck. But its a well known fact of life in this corner of the world that you're often the last to leave the Buy More."

Crap… I am. If Fulcrum or anybody else figured that out I'd be in a world of trouble. I'm surprised Sarah, Casey, and the General haven't remarked on that or anything.

A selfish part of him hoped they wouldn't either as it was almost the last completely normal thing in his life that hadn't been effected by his new circumstances in life thanks in part to one Bryce Larkin. But he shook himself where that particular individual was concerned and instead focused on the task at hand. "So, new system, huh? A little disappointed you didn't come to m-us at the Buy More." He told her with a pout and got an amused shake of the head from his ex.

"I told ya, I'm a Large Mart kind of girl now."

He clutched his chest in a dramatic fashion. "Ohh, that wounds me!"

Despite herself, Lou smiled at his antics. "I hear your sister's a doctor so I'm sure she can help you recover." Joked back the Deli owner.

"Never have I been owned so smoothly, Ms. Palone."

"Well, the way Sarah acts, and trust me, I've seen how she acts when other girls are around you, I figured you would be used to that feeling by now, Mr. Bartowski." She retorted smugly and perhaps a little jealously.

Lord knows there was quite the gossip about the fact Sarah Walker was clearly nuts about the man in front of her but nothing beyond friendship was happening for whatever reason. Lou's previous experiences with him and how the fact that Sarah kind of scared her were reasons for why she hadn't tried to get him to change his mind where 'They' were concerned. Chuck gaped at her in shock and Lou couldn't help but laugh at him. Causing him to pout at her for it and she tried to resist thinking of how cute that was. "But anyway! I uhh… I lied about why I needed you here, Chuck."

This made ol' Chuck quite curious and as well as trying NOT to think about what she wanted him there for. But this being Chuck and in familiar territory, decided to be Chuck. "Oh, is that so? Decided you didn't want to wait for me to come to my senses then?" He asked with another wiggle of his eyebrows.

Amused, Lou shook her head at him before growing serious. And that? That made him a little on the nervous side!

Author's Notes: And yes, I am gonna be a little cruel and leave it a cliffhanger. Mwa ha ha ha. Feel free to throw a guess or two as to what she needed him for! And yes, I do accept prompts for this fic but I will not accept ones for Slash. Keep in mind I am also still in very early season 2 as well for right now.