Troubles In Burbank

Disclaimer: I've been meaning to do this awhile now but never got around to it for whatever reason. Takes place after season 2.

Summary: Odd troubles escalating in Burbank causes General Beckman to call in a certain pair of Agents.

"So what's the situation, General?" Asked Colonel John Casey in concerned curiousity as he sat down opposite her.

Taking note of Walker in the chair next to him and internally sighing as he could clearly see Walker still wasn't happy with Bartowski's choice. A choice that had pretty much went belly up in the end, seeing the moron lose out twice. "For the past three months, a situation in Burbank, California has been steadily escalating into a worrisome development."

"Is this about Bartowski?" Asked the man while Sarah tried hard not to show any reaction to what was being said.

"Not entirely, but he has been involved in nearly every situation as they come." Replied the good General as she began to show images and video of said situations.

Such as toy planes dive bombing various people with hair dye, robotic menaces in various shapes and sizes running amok, hydrants erupting, music playing loudly at three in the morning, numerous other situations, and somehow… What looked to be a dome of some kind was now surrounding the entire Burbank area. Causing both agents to look on in an incredulous manner. Especially with how Chuck dealt with some of the situations while wearing a robe and steadily gaining an unkept beard. "Where'd he get the tank?" Wondered Casey in shock.

"That is a good question, Colonel. One I believe we will find out in due time as I've been given orders to recruit you to get an in to the city and stop whoever is causing these problems. In addition, get Bartowski out of there in the event only he is salvageable as despite his… Inability to effectively use the Intersect 2.0, he is still an asset."

"General, I-"

"Its time to put your big girl pants on and stop acting like a teenager, Agent Walker. Besides, did you really think Bartowski could have ran away and lived happily ever after with you? Knowing the two of you would be hunted for deserting your Country? Knowing he'd never be able to see his friends and family again?"

Sarah reeled back as if she'd been slapped by the General's stern rebuke and looked away from her and Casey. Unwilling to look at either of them as she was forced to face the facts and the consequences that could have occurred had he said yes. Still doesn't make it any better though… She thought sadly to herself.

Seeing that Agent Walker wasn't going to say anything more, Beckman got back on task. "Unfortunately, whoever is responsible for this Dome had the foresight to ensure that any attempts to breach entry underground would not be an option."

"Huh. Whoever this is, is thorough." Remarked Casey as he saw the imagery of the dome's wall going underground as well.

Beckman nodded in agreement. "Guess we'll have to think outside the box." Murmured Sarah aloud and reluctantly wondering if Chuck was possibly doing something along those lines to break through that dome.

"Agreed. Now, get going."

The two quickly left to get ready, leaving the General on her own as she let out a sigh. "How the Hell did we let this situation get this far?" Wondered the woman to herself.

Whether she was referring to the Burbank situation or the one between Walker and Bartowski was anyone's guess.

Author's Notes: Was nice to finally do this!