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Question Authority

Lilly's POV

As the night approached, I carefully opened my bedroom window and snuck out quietly. With my bag of spray paints in hand, I quickly made my way to the park nearby. It was only a couple blocks away. Once I walked up to the small gray building I knelt down, setting my bag down next to me and got to work. Wearing black jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and a black beanie, would help me blend into the night and become less visible.

I know this was wrong of course, but something about sneaking out to do this was very thrilling. There was never a moment in my life that was thrilling unless of course I made things fun for myself. Sometimes the trouble was worth it, because the consequences were only a grounding for a week. Which didn't matter to me, because I didn't have any friends to hang out with anyway. Other times it was pretty bad if I got transferred to a new home.

After a couple hours I was finally finished and most of my spray paints were gone. I stepped back several feet to admire my art that the bathroom door now had painted upon it. "Not bad, if I do say so myself." I said with a sigh, quietly to myself.

"Not bad at all. I think you're getting better each time Truscott." Another voice suddenly sounded behind me. I cringed at the sound. I was caught.

I slowly turned around and gave a small wave. "Hey officer Stewart. What um, w-what are you doing out here this late?" I asked him nervously, this wasn't his usual route so I thought I was safe.

"Well my dog needed to go out, so I thought I'd walk him to the park. Glad I did, or else I would've missed this beautiful piece of artwork." He finished sarcastically and gestured toward what I had just done.

"Come on Jackson, it's not that bad. Could you please just give me a warning? Then I promise I won't do it again." I pleaded with him.

"Not that bad? Lilly, you just flipped off all the men that are gonna use this bathroom. Graffiti is bad and I'm sorry, but I can't let it go again. You know I'm trying to make detective and I won't see that shield unless I catch you. Looks like I'm on my way there right now and you might be on your way to juvie."

"What can I say, I'm really not a fan of guys." I said as I turned around so he could cuff me. "I know my rights, so please don't repeat them." I told him.

"Good, because I'm tired of it anyhow." He said as he guided me to his car. "Now come on, you get to ride in the back with Phoenix." He told me, referring to his German Shepard. Then we drove off to the police station.

I simply stared out the window and thought. Well I guess this was it. I'm gonna be placed with a new family now, or worst case juvie. I knew this was the last warning, but I didn't think I'd get caught. Jackson is usually a little loose with me and just sends me on my way with a warning. He must really want to make detective though.

When he pulled up to the police station, he opened my door and I got out with a heavy sigh. "Well I hope you're happy, I just know I'm gonna get placed with another family." I told him as we walked.

"That's not my problem. And if you already knew that, then why'd you graffiti the bathroom door?" He asked as though it were obvious.

"I didn't think you'd be out this late. Plus you're usually easy on me."

"Sorry Truscott, not this time. You're my ticket to detective." He told me as we walked up to the front desk. "Don't worry about the new family though. I think I've got a good one in mind already."

I just rolled my eyes. He didn't know me. He may have someone in mind and think he has me figured out as a troubled teen, but that still doesn't mean the new family will last long.

After Jackson filled out some paperwork about me and made a few calls, one being with my current foster parents, he talked to me again. "Alright listen, it turns out my sister has been wanting to foster a girl and I think you're the perfect match. She'd be able to handle someone like you."

"What do you mean someone like me?" Although I knew what he meant, I still wanted to hear his opinion on what kind of a person I am.

"You know, a rebel, a teen that skips school, never follows rules and sometimes breaks the law." He stressed his last few words.

"Hey that's not true, I follow the rules… when I feel like it. I'm sure I'm not gonna get along with your sister though. I mean if she wants to keep me in line and everything." I admitted.

"Don't worry about my sister. She won't be uptight and strict like you might think. She's nice and will make sure you are cared for. First we're going to pick up your things at your old house and then be on our way to her house."

I gave a deep sigh. "Alright...how old is she?" I asked innocently. I figured I should try and get a little information out of him.

"She's my little sister and 22 years old, so don't even think about it Truscott." He told me and pushed me by the shoulders towards the front doors again.

I kept playing innocent. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I was just curious-"

"Ha, I know you're curious alright. You'd better not do anything about it if you know what's good for you. That will definitely be the last straw as far as placing you with families. You'd go straight to juvie if you make a move on her." He said simply. I just rolled my eyes and he guided me back to the car.

After I picked up my stuff, which was just my skateboard, a backpack full of clothes and toiletries basically, we drove for about 20 minutes. Most of it was silence. Then we drove up to a gate, which led to a small ranch and a really nice house. "Seriously? You expect me to behave here? It looks like I'll have a great time at this house." I smiled.

He stopped the car in front of the house and turned to me. "Yes I do expect you to behave this time if you want to stay. Plus it's 20 acres of farmland, so good luck getting very far if you're planning on running away. I'll be right back." Then he got out of the car and walked up to the house.

I could only imagine he was waking his sister up. After all it was the middle of the night and not the best timing for a good first impression. When she opened the door, I rolled down my window half way so I could hear the conversation. First I heard a woman's voice. She had a beautiful southern accent.

"Jackson, what are you doing here in the middle of the night? Come to think of it, why are you here at all?" Sounds like they have some sibling rivalry going.

"Very funny. Look, remember how you've wanted to foster a kid?" He asked.

"Yeah." She responded slow and tired.

"Well now's your chance. I found a girl for you to foster." He said proudly.

Her voice seemed to lighten up at this news. "Really? Wow thank you, Jackson. So do I get to meet her tomorrow?" She asked excitedly.

"Funny you should ask that. I actually have her with me right now." He said in a nervous voice. I was a little confused now.

"What? Jackson, you know you're never to leave a baby in the car alone… wait a minute, are you saying she's a teenager?" Now she spoke with some attitude.

"I never said she was a baby in the first place." He tried to defend.

"But you know that's what I wanted. I don't think I can handle a teenager."

"You deal with teens everyday. I'll admit she's a little tough and mischievous, but Miles she needs this. Her situation has been really rough on her. She's been transferred through over 30 homes in the past 10 years. She doesn't exactly follow the rules, but if I know anyone that can keep her in line, it's you."

"What makes you think I can be strict like that, Jackson?" She asked him curiously.

"Well for one thing you're a high school teacher. It'll be easier for both of you if you just take her to school with you. Plus that'll ensure that she actually stays."

"You mean she skips school?" She asked in a tired out voice.

"Well sometimes, but I think she just really needs someone like you to talk to, Miley. Please just do me this one favor and I won't ask again." Jackson asked in a pleading voice.

Miley. Now that was a pretty and unique name. Even though she wasn't expecting someone like me, I think now was the opportune moment to run over there, just as she was making her decision. I rolled up my window, gently opened and shut the car door, quickly walked up to the two of them and stood next to Jackson with my stuff. Man, that curly brunette hair was so pretty. I held out my hand for her to shake. "Hi, I'm Lilly." I added a smile for some charm.

She seemed a little surprised at first and didn't know what to say. First she looked me up and down, then spoke as she slowly shook my hand. "Hi, I'm uh, um… I'm Miley." She finally got the words out with the most adorable smile. Wow, she does not do a good job at hiding who she really is.

"I'm really sorry to bother you in the middle of the night like this, but I uh, I was in a bit of trouble." I told her, then broke our gaze and looked down at the ground. Thank goodness Jackson started explaining for me.

"Yeah, I caught this little trouble maker finishing some graffiti on the door to the men's bathroom, at the park I live next to. Just FYI Miley, she doesn't like men, so that's why she decided to flip them off."

I swear I saw the slightest hint of a smirk come across Miley's face before she spoke. "Well then, I hope you've learned your lesson. You got caught and transferred again. If you can behave this time around, you just might be able to stay here with me… till you're 18 that is. When, when is that anyway?" She asked, trying to hide the extreme curiosity and eagerness in her voice, although I could see right through it.

I took a step closer, we were just a couple feet apart now, gave a little hair flip, leaned my arm in the doorway and smirked. "2 more years. I just turned 16 last month." I still held my smirk. Oh yeah, I knew I had her now. For some reason I could tell she was hiding something and I'd do whatever I could to figure her out.

I swear I saw a slight look of disappointment. "Good for you, now you can drive." She said with a fake smile. I just rolled my eyes and then Jackson intervened finally.

"Ok then, I think we should get some sleep now. You do have school in the morning after all." He said to me and then looked at Miley. "Good luck Miles. Call me if you have any problems." He gave her a pat on the shoulder and then walked back to his car.

Miley walked out further, calling out to Jackson."But Jackson, wait! You can't just-" She started to yell, but he simply ignored her and drove off. She slowly turned around to look at me, standing in the doorway. "Hi." She said with a nervous smile and then cleared her throat. "So uh… how about we… we-"

"Go inside?" I asked with a smirk and pointed behind me.

"That could work." She said quickly and walked in past me. Then I followed her, closed and locked the door behind me.

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