Donna was at the Hartfeld U library, volunteering to put some signs up. Shreya, Zephyr, Griffin, Emma, Iris, and Atlas were arriving to see Donna doing some volunteer work. Rocket, on the other hand, was serving community service for vandalizing the library. On the wall, he did some insulting drawings of the Glitter Force, Winx Club, and N'SYNC, "This is crootaken stupid" he groaned, "I get to clean up the mess I made while Kiddo gets to put up signs all over a college library!"

Donna decided to just finish her duty. As she got down from the library, she spots her friends and hugs them, "It was nice of the library to let you put up new signs for the library"

"You know" Donna, "This isn't the first time I did this."

"What do you mean?" Shreya asked.

"Did I ever tell you the time that I accidentally made the JGA?" asked Donna

Rocket was surprised because he heard Donna say, "Hopping Hen Incident". "Not the Hopping Hen Incident" Rocket groaned, "I could never get that hopping hen out of my head when you mention that incident. I don't mind the breaking bricks, monkeys on railings, and bare feet in the computer room, but not that crootaken hen."

"I Am Groot(Yeah, The Hopping Hen Incident)" whispered Donna.

"Is that some kind of dance?" asked Griffin, "You know I'm all about dancing."

"No" Donna replied, "It was some silly rule by mistake."

Emma poked her on the shoulder and said, "Donna, there are eople-pay in the ibrary-lay."

Donna looked around to see numerous people studying, checking out books, and returning them, "Maybe we should go somewhere private" Donna replied, "We don't want to attract any attention to the normal people."

"Your right" recalled Zephyr, "And there are some people who can lip-read."

At the college lounger at Penderghast, Emma got them some lemonade and marshmallows, "Marshmallows and lemonade" Zephyr said, "Nice college snack."

"I had to get lemonade from the school store" Emma explained, "Because the rules say that they don't allow fridges in dorms unless they have a serious medical condition."

"Good thinking" Donna replied as she ate a marshmallow, "Animal had to eat up three fridges, in one gulp. He is now cleaning our dorms while we go to the library, you know how much he loves cleaning"

"I Am Groot(We sure do, Donna)" Groot replied.

"So Donna," said Emma as she sat down, "Are you going to tell us about The Hopping Hen Incident."

"That's right" Donna replied, "Michael is studying for a filmmaking test and can't join us, so we'll tell him later."

"Got it," Atlas said, "We don't want him to get in trouble, again, do we."

"Now then" Donna replied, "This whole thing started when I was about 11-ish. Uncle Luke was looking for volunteers to help put up the sign for our school library. That's when things get out of hand."

Note: This is loosely based on the Between The Lions episode: The Hopping Hen.