"...So that's how it went." Kazooie explained while performing her talon trot to get her and her best friend through the world of Miitopia, dodging the enemies that were desperate to get into battles as the random Miis cheered them on.

"Kazooie are you telling me that you've been through this kind of journey?" Banjo asked while holding a map in his hands.

Kazoie was going to respond, only to get a blast as she and Banjo fell on their faces in the Greenhorne area, hearing a familiar cackle as they looked up to see their warty arch nemesis, Gruntilda Winkybunion the witch, and her Mii army!

"Like who I found and made new friends?" Grunty rhymed while wagging her index finger. "They're going to aid me in making your journey end!"

Kazooie rolled her eyes as she began firing her eggs at the Miis, with Banjo trying to think inside his backpack and planning to strategize, with Gruntilda just laughing her grunting witchy head off.