Summary: Here, we get our conclusion. Rowan pouts about his "present" and Aelin makes him feel better.

Golden Gifts

Mostly for show, Aelin struggled against the restraints of hard air Rowan had summoned around her wrists and ankles. She tried to turn and see where he'd gone, but the room was big enough that, although she could still hear him, she couldn't see him. A faint rustling sounded near where she'd last seen him, and Aelin tried again to turn enough to see what he was doing.

Not that she was frightened, or even apprehensive. She was up for almost anything with Rowan and had thoroughly enjoyed all the new pleasures he'd introduced her to. She was just… curious.

What the rutting hell was taking him so long?

She'd had her orgasm; now it was his turn.

She licked her lips in anticipation.

Finally, finally, Aelin heard her mate's footsteps as he returned to where she lay on the bed. As usual, when she saw him naked, she paused to take in his large… everything.

Except he wasn't naked.

Oh, gods.

He was wearing the "present" she'd bought for him as a joke. Oh, gods.

He looked vaguely confused as he looked down at himself and back up at her, quirking one silver eyebrow.

Aelin tried very, very hard not to laugh.

And she failed miserably.

If Rowan had been in his hawk form, he would have puffed his feathers in consternation and flown off with a screech. As he was not in his hawk form, he glared at her, giving her one of those silent beratings he so loved.

If you were just going to laugh, why did you buy this thing? he seemed to say.

She batted her lashes at him as if to say she was sorry.

But she wasn't.

Even if it was ridiculous and silly, he looked damn good. And the view got even better when he turned on a heel and stalked off, pretending to be angry with her.

Her mouth watered at the sight of his tight, perfectly formed ass, bisected with a thin gold line. She couldn't decide whether she should laugh or beg for forgiveness as he left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Even if he was pretending to be angry with her, Aelin knew he was playing, because he loosened her restraints enough that she could wriggle her way free.

So, she did just that, padding naked into the outer rooms of their suite, searching for Rowan until she found him looking out a window onto Velaris.

"You might stop a few hearts in that if the ladies of Velaris look up here," she drawled, snaking her arms around his waist.

He grunted in response.

He was still pretending to be upset, then. She could play, too.

Remember his teasing of her, Aelin slowly traced her fingers with feather-light strokes over his lower abdomen and the tops of his thighs.

"Is the big, bad, fae warrior's manhood feeling threatened?" She said in a sing-song voice.

He muttered something about his manhood that she chose not to hear, and she continued teasing him, slowly edging closer to the velvet-wrapped steel that was not-so-threatened manhood.

"Don't you like your present?" She pouted.

"Actually, it's rather comfortable," he said, turning to glare down at her over his shoulder.

Surprised, Aelin paused for a moment, and then her fingers resumed their path as he huffed a laugh at her.

In one lightning-fast movement, she spun him around and pushed his back against the window, standing on her toes to press a searing kiss to his lips. Then she gave him a wicked grin as she knelt before him, slowly hooking her fingers beneath the bands on his lean hips and tugging downward, slowly revealing the proud length of him. Aelin stared up at him as she trailed her fingers up and down his muscled legs, before finally running a hand down the length of his cock and listening to him purr in satisfaction.

With what she hoped was agonizing slowness, she wrapped her fingers over the base of his cook and flicked her tongue over his broad head. His fingers twisted in her hair as she licked down his shaft using just the tip of her tongue. He growled in frustration, muttering about queens being fucking teases, and she huffed a laugh as she took him into her mouth.

His body shifted, and she knew him well enough to know that he'd closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the still open window, pushing his hips slightly forward to give her easier access. Working her lips up and down as she rocked her tongue on the underside of his cock, Aelin moved her free hand to gently squeeze his balls as her other hand worked up and down in tandem with her mouth, eliciting a faint groan from Rowan. Lazily she looked up to meet his pine green eyes, and she smiled around him at the loom on his face.

He still looked at her like she was a goddess; like he was the one worshipping her. even when she was the one on her knees.

As she maintained eye contact, Aelin took all of him into her mouth, and she watched his eyes roll back when he felt the back of her throat. Sucking harder and increasing her tempo made filthy sounds, and he groaned as she hummed around him.

"Aelin." His hand fisted in her hair, pulling against her scalp.

She quirked an eyebrow but didn't stop. He growled her name and pulled harder on her hair.

With tantalizing slowness. she slowly pulled back and released his cock with one final suck of his head and a flick of her tongue. In one of those blazingly fast movements, Rowan lifted her by her shoulders and had her braced against a wall again, devouring her mouth with his own. Aelin wrapped her legs around him, gripping his shoulders, and gasping his name as he entered her swiftly.

Rowan growled at the fire she knew now burned in her turquoise eyes, telling him through their bond



He obliged, and Aelin felt her soul leave her body as she shuddered around him, tipping her head back and baring her throat to him. She came hard and fast, like the way he was fucking her.

He kept snapping his hips into hers, and she felt another wave starting to crash over her at the heated sensation of being filled with him.

Come with me, she seemed to say.

He leaned forward enough to press an open-mouthed, biting kiss into her neck, and the slight change in angle was enough to send them both crashing over the edge.

Later, when they were tangled together in the sheets, Aelin smirked up at him.

"I suppose I owe Lysandra fifty gold coins," she sighed as she traced a finger over the tattoo crossing his pectoral.

"Oh?" Rowan said, not particularly concerned with what she was saying as her fingers worked their way up over his chest and neck and curled into his silver hair.

"Yes," she nodded very seriously. "She bet me that not only would you wear your present, but that you'd like it."

And then she was up, ripping the sheet off him, and running away, shrieking with laughter as he tore after her, pretending to snarl and snapping his teeth.

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