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Captain Lasky watched outside his window at the ship which maybe the final shot towards Cortana. A final shot to finish the fight. Humanity had had enough now he thought his thought was interrupted when he heard Roland" Sir blue team has entered the hangar bay and is now heading towards debriefing room I suggest you to go now."

Lasky replied" I will Roland. Thanks for the heads up."

With that Lasky walked out of the bridge and headed towards the debriefing room receiving a few salutes on the way. He entered the room and found Blue team already settled in. As soon as they saw him they saluted him and sat down again.

Lasky finally asked " Where were you Blue team. We had been trying to contact you since we lost contact from your prowler of course before that freak accident."

Chief replied" Sir our prowler was EMPd by a Guardian when we were in lower atmosphere of Harvest. However we still managed to check out the artefact present on harvest. The artefact was directly connected to an artefact present on Reach. However we also found that there is an artefact on reach which however merely contained a navigational chart which lead to Harvest."

Lasky asked" Wait how did you even came to know that there is an artefact on Reach because last time I remember you were dispatched to Harvest before we knew about the artefact."

Chief just remained silent for a while before Lasky spoke" Chief you alright?"

Chief replied" Sir we found a cryo pod inside the artefact. And sir there was someone in there."

Lasky was now getting chills it felt to him like a sci fi horror but still he asked" Wh… what was it chief?"

Chief replied" Sir it was the didact or should I say a didact"


Luke rushed through the hallways of home one searching for the medical bay. While running he ran into Ashoka and said sorry after which he started running again. Ashoka worried about him followed but was satisfied when Luke finally for the first time ever hugged his father tears running down both of their eyes. Ashoka silently watched them and felt happy for them two. She thought that it was finally over the war has now ended except for some imperial warlords which were now regrouping over Jakku but they would also fall soon leaving nothing but pieces of the once mighty empire. Pleased that Luke was alright for now along with Anakin she reached her post again and started scanning through the wild space and edges of unknown regions for imperial fleets when she suddenly noticed something strange she magnified the map to a certain point but to her surprise the small strange dot suddenly expanded much bigger before disappearing again. She was not sure what to make of it because she had never seen anything like it. She silently thought in her mind" Could it be…." But was suddenly pulled from her thought when she saw a hand on her shoulder. She was surprised but calmed down when she saw Anakin standing there.

He asked" Something bothering you?"

She replied" uh… no nothing just something weird came up in the scan about 75 light years from Dagobah"

He replied" Dagobah? Wait a minute I felt a vacuum in force near Dagobah just before your arrival"

Ashoka replied" But didn't force vacuums occur in black holes only. And if I remember correctly there was no black hole near Dagobah?"

Anakin replied" we need to check it out."

Ashoka objected" But master you have just healed it could be dangerous for you to return in field this soon."

Anakin replied jokingly" Oh come on snips when has that ever stopped me."

Ashoka sighed and accepted to allow Anakin on this mission even though reluctantly. She also informed Luke and New Republic command of this discovery and called in some reinforcements for standby in case it goes wrong. They decided to send a mon calamari cruiser and the Millennium Falcon for this mission whereas the reinforcements will have a standard rebellion battle group.


Ashoka watched as the whole battle group came out of hyperspace and started to clear a way for the cruiser and Falcon to make the final jump to Dagobah. Soon they got the green light from Home one that they are cleared to proceed and soon after they jumped into hyperspace but little did they know that this journey is going to change the fate of what this galaxy is about to become.


Sorry guys it took so long I started writing it 2 weeks ago but was not able to complete it due to online classes. Also I said that Ashoka's arrival on death star will be explained but it isn't because I have got a new and more plausible idea for how she got into death star and don't worry the next chapters won't take this long.

Expected date of next chapter: 1st June'2020


A sneak peek of the next chapter

1. Ashoka,Luke and Anakin meets UNSC

2. Star wars finally knows about the flood

3. Cortana has now new plans to destroy UNSC ( Yes she knows that they are not in her dimension anymore.)

4. The didact returns ( Which one you guess?)