Never had he been more nervous in his life. He knew that she had just had a date with Collin. If the date went well, he had no idea how he was supposed to win her over. He knew that Collin was better educated, richer, younger, more handsome and better fitting for Ms. Babcock in pretty much every other way imaginable. None the less, Niles knew that he couldn't just stand by and watch her getting involved with Collin.

When she came, however, she was not in the best mood, to say the least. "Collin just dumped me and I have an anonymous phone call to make tot he IRS" she explained her mood. Despite her anger Niles' heart started beating faster. Collin had dumped her? What an idiot, he thought, but his loss is my gain. But when the moment came he found he had lost his nerves. He found he was unable to tell her the truth. Instead, he insulted her. Just as always.

He had, however, not expected her observant eyes. It took her two looks and no more than five seconds to figure out he was here for a complete different reason. "Niles has a crush on someone" she teased. "Niles and his girlfriend, sittin' in a tree, D-U-S-T-I-N-G" she sing-sang grinning.

He knew she was teasing him. He knew this was supposed to make him feel uncomfortable and ashamed of his crush. Funnily enough, it did neither of these things. What it did do however, was bringing back his courage. Before Ms. Babcock could think of the next joke to set him up she found herself in a situation she had never imagined.

Niles tossed the flowers he had held aside on the small table in the entrance hall and pulled her into a fierce kiss. She was shocked at first, but after a few moments she gave into it. As she pulled her arms around him, she could feel her heart beating faster. Every coherent thought she might have had turned into nothing but the desire to hold him closer.

He was the one to break the kiss, looking into her eyes with uncertainty. He gulped. She is so beautiful. "Well" he cleared his throat "I guess you were right."