When the surgeon walked into the waiting room, everyone rose to their feet. Daphne, however, felt a wave of dizziness come over her and she felt the hands of Martin, Frasier and Roz trying to steady her.

"How is he, doc?" Martin finally asked.

The surgeon was silent for a few agonizing seconds, causing Daphne's heart to clinch in her chest. No…. Please…

"The surgery went very well, Mr. Crane, Mrs. Crane. Dr. Crane is expected to make a full recovery."

Daphne was so overcome with relief that she started to cry as her legs gave way. But as before, the people around her caught her before she fell.

"Can we see him?" Frasier asked.

"Of course Dr. Crane, but just for a few minutes. He'll be asleep for several hours. He needs his rest."

Her heart racing, Daphne followed the surgeon, her brother-in-law, her friend and her father-in-law down the hallway to her husband hospital room. The moment she peered into the room and saw him, she smiled. As the surgeon had said, Niles was sound asleep, obvious to the world around him. Even in slumber he looked so handsome and she couldn't resist going to him. The moment reached him, her trembling fingers reached out to stroke his soft cheek.

"You look just like an angel." She whispered. "Funny, isn't it? You're always telling me that I'm an angel. And yet, here you are… I love you so much." Slowly she bent down and kissed his soft lips. And her heart was filled with love for him.

His eyes opened and she felt her own eyes fill with tears.

"Daph….nee..." he whispered.

She smiled and stroked his face. She looked deeply into his eyes and she wanted so badly to kiss him with everything she had; the way she'd done so many times. And until this moment she feared that she'd never be able to kiss him that way ever again. Her voice trembled as she found herself struggling to answer him. "Yes, Sweetheart. It's me."

"Love… you."

She started to cry and bent to hold him (gently of course) for a moment. "I Love you too, Sweetheart. I love you so much." And when she kissed him, she felt his response. "Please hurry and get well, my darling; so that I can show you how much I love you."

His eyes closed again and for a split second she feared the worst. This couldn't be their last moment. She wouldn't allow it. But then she saw the rise and fall of his chest and she kissed his cheek once more. And somehow, even though he had drifted back into sleep once more, she knew that he had heard her.