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Itachi woke up and saw he was in the cockpit of a mobile suit.

"It didn't work again" thought Itachi

"What is going on" he thought

"No time to talk" said Orochi

"Use your new memories to get out of this" she said

Itachi quickly went through his new memories and saw he was about two years in the future and was with ZAFT now. He was in the middle of a battle and his Gundam just lost one of its legs and has no power. But it appears it can replace parts and packs. The Minerva can restore a Gundam's battery.

"That is actually useful" thought Itachi

"Meyrin, activate the Deuterion beam system and send out the leg flyer and sword silhouette" ordered Itachi

"Right" said Meyrin

"Firing Deuterion beam" she said

The Deuterion beam fired from the Minerva and hit the crest on the Impulse recharging it battery fully. The Impulse turned around and charged at the Zamza-Zah it was fighting. It avoided it attacks as the Impulse got closer and stabbed its cockpit destroying it.

"Launch them now" ordered Itachi

"Launching Leg flyer" said Meyrin

"Launching Sword silhouette" she said

The Impulse ejected its destroyed legs and connected to the new ones. It then connected with the Sword silhouette. It drew its anti-ship swords and charged at the Earth Alliance fleet and started destroying it until they started retreating. The Impulse put its anti-ship swords away and returned to the Minerva.

"I take it Lacus and Cagalli aren't with you" thought Itachi

"No, they're not" said Ginny

"Thought so" thought Itachi

"Since we are in the same world but in the future, they must have replaced their future selves" said Orochi

Once the Impulse returned to the Minerva, Itachi got out of the cockpit and was crowded around by all the mechanics.

"That was amazing Shinn" exclaimed Vino

"How did you do that Shinn" asked Luna coming up to them

"It was like you became a super ace" she said

"I don't know" said Itachi shrugging his shoulders

"It was like my mind went clear" he said

"Weird" said Luna

Once Itachi was back in his room, he created a Kage Bunshin before changing into a phoenix and flaming away. He appeared in Cagalli's office and changed back.

"Kira" exclaimed Cagalli seeing him

"What happened" she asked

"I will explain after we get Lacus" said Itachi

"Create a Kage Bunshin and let's go" he said

Cagalli nodded her head and created a Kage Bunshin. Itachi changed into a phoenix and Cagalli grabbed onto him before flaming away. They appeared in Lacus' room. Seeing them, Lacus quickly created a Kage Bunshin before grabbing onto the phoenix. They then flamed away.

They appeared outside and Itachi changed back.

"What happened" asked Cagalli

"It appears the same thing happened yet again" said Itachi

"Since we only we into the future, we replaced our future selves" said Lacus

"Correct" said Itachi

"I take it you got new memories" he asked

Both Lacus and Cagalli nodded their heads at that.

"What happened to Orb Cagalli" asked Itachi

"My future self, lost her backbone" growled Cagalli

"The ministers walked all over her led by those damn Seirans" she shouted

"They made us join the Alliance" she shouted

"WHAT" yelled Lacus

"How could they do that after what happened in the last war" she shouted

"The Alliance guilted all the neutral nations into joining saying it was to help those affected by the fall of Junius Seven" grumbled Cagalli

"Figures they would use that" said Itachi

"Even worse the Seirans have moved up the wedding to the treaty signing" she growled

"You're in a marriage contract" said Lacus surprised

"I am going to kill him" said Itachi

"You don't have to do that; I already have a plan" said Cagalli

"I want you to kidnap me during the wedding" she said

"Lacus can do it" said Itachi tossing the Freedom's scroll to her

"You want me to pilot the Freedom" exclaimed Lacus catching the scroll

"Yes" said Itachi nodding his head

"I know you can do it; you are a great pilot" he said laying his hand on her shoulder

"Since I will be with ZAFT for a while, it will be up to you" he said

"Ok" said Lacus determined nodding her head

"Who did you replace" asked Cagalli

"The pilot of the Impulse" said Itachi

"That jerk" grumbled Cagalli

"What is his problem" she asked

"He blames the attack on Orb on you" said Itachi

"What does he have to be angry about, we won" shouted Cagalli

"His family got hurt while evacuating" said Itachi

"That's it" shouted Cagalli

"That's stupid" she growled

"Something even worse would happen if we allowed Blue Cosmos in" she said

"We know that, but he didn't" said Itachi

"Idiot" said Cagalli

"How are we going to communicate with each other" asked Lacus

"I have an idea, summon me" said Padma

"Ok" thought Itachi

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" shouted Itachi slamming him hand on the ground

Padma appeared in a puff of smoke and took off her mask.

"What is your idea" asked Itachi

"We can use the Protean Charm" said Padma

"I don't remember that one" said Itachi

"It is what Hermione used on those coins she gave to the DA" explained Padma

"I was curious about it and researched it" she said

"How does it work" asked Lacus

"A change in one will be reflected in the others" explained Padma

"The way it was used before was a message would be put on one fake coin and sent to all others" she continued

"It would then alert you that it has changed" she continued

"You wouldn't need something that complex, just the alert part" she finished

"What could we use" asked Cagalli

Padma thought about it for a few moments before she said "I think an anklet would be best"

"It would be the easiest to hide and people usually don't notice them" she said

"Do you have anything like that Harry" she asked

"Let me check" said Itachi

He took out the trunk connected to the vaults and checked them. He soon pulled out three anklets.

"Here you go" said Itachi handing the three anklets to Padma

"Thank you" said Padma taking them

She cast the spell on all three anklets and bound it to them. She then altered it allowing any one of them to alert the other two.

"Here you go" said Padma handing them out

All three took them and put them on.

"Just send some chakra into them to activate them and they will activate the other two" explained Padma

All three of them tested it out and made sure each one could alert the other two.

"Thank you for this" said Lacus

"No problem" said Padma smiling

She then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I will take you both back now" said Itachi

He changed into a phoenix as Lacus and Cagalli grabbed onto him before flaming away. He dropped them off where he picked them up before heading back to the Minerva. Once back, he changed back and dispelled his Kage Bunshin. He went over the memories and found nothing happened.

A few days later at nighttime Lacus woke up when Murrue ran into the room.

"What is the matter" asked Lacus

"Get everyone dressed and get to the shelter" said Murrue

They then heard multiple gunshots that broke a window.

"We are under attack" thought Lacus surprised

"But why now" she thought

She quickly got all the kids dressed and out of the room. She then created a Kage Bunshin who followed the kids. Then she unsealed her ANBU armor and disappeared in a burst of speed.

She snuck though the house taking out any enemy she saw avoiding being seen by Commander Waltfeld. She made it to the shelter and shot the vent killing the solider in it. She then waited for everyone to show up.

When they did, she sealed her ANBU armor away and Kawarimi with her Kage Bunshin before dispelling it. They then all ran into the shelter with Murrue collapsing to the ground.

"They were Coordinators" said Murrue

"I believe they were special forces" said Andrew

"Just great" said Murrue sighing

"They were after me weren't they" said Lacus

"They were" said Andrew

"But why wait until now to do it" asked Lacus

"It's not like I have been hiding" she added

"I don't know" said Andrew

"But let's hopeā€¦" he began

But he was interrupted when the room started shaking.

"They don't bring mobile suits" he finished

"What are we going to do now" asked Murrue

"We need to use the Freedom" said Andrew

"But you can't pilot it" cried Murrue

"I will pilot it" said Lacus

"Are you sure" asked Andrew

"Yes" said Lacus nodding her head

"I can do this" she said determined

"Ok" said Andrew

Both Andrew and Murrue took out their keys and unlocked the hanger. Lacus' eyes inwardly widen when the hanger opened revealing that it was empty.

"It's empty" thought Lacus shocked

"Good luck Lacus and stay safe" said Andrew

Lacus slowly walked into the hanger as it closed behind her.