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"I will take care of this" said Lacus.

"I had them add Mirage Colloid to this" she said.

"Ok" said Stella, breaking off.

Lacus activated her Mirage Colloid and waited above the secret hanger. She saw it open and a shuttle launch. She waited until they could not dodge before revealing herself and firing the Strike Freedom's cannon destroying the shuttle.

"The shuttle is destroyed" said Lacus.

"Good" said Cagalli.

At Orb's HQ, Cagalli took off the headset and tossed it back.

"Tell ZAFT that Djibril is dead" said Cagalli.

The Commnication officer tried to contact ZAFT, but they didn't reply.

"They won't listen" said the Commnication officer.

"I'm going back out there to push ZAFT out" said Cagalli.

"I will take out the trash" said Itachi grabbing Seiran.

"Have mercy" cried Yuna.

Itachi dragged Seiran out of Orb's HQ where he killed him and vanished the body.

"Good riddance" said Cagalli.

"Let's go finish this," said Itachi.

They both got into their Gundams and took off.

Orb eventually pushed ZAFT out when their losses became too much. Then cleanup operations began.

After getting changed, all four of us headed to the cafeteria.

"I want you to help me send a message to the world" said Cagalli.

"You are expecting ZAFT to interrupt and want to use that to expose that imposter" said Lacus.

"Correct" said Cagalli nodding her head.

"I want to use that along with the footage of me destroying that thing to have people start questioning the Chairman" she said.

"To destroy the goodwill that he has built up," said Stella.

"I wouldn't expect much from the sheeple," said Itachi.

Once everything was set up, Cagalli sat down in front of the camera while Lacus was just out of the shot and Itachi was ready to take the signal back.

"We're live," said the director.

"I am Cagalli Yula Athha, the Chief Representative of the Orb Union."

"I am using the media of the world to issue a statement regarding recent events" she said.

"We lost the signal," shouted an operator.

Lacus walked over to Cagalli and stood next to her.

"It's back," said Itachi.

"Hello, my friends, my name is Lacus Clyne."

"I know there is someone out with the same voice, the same looks, and the same name" she said.

"But I am the true daughter of Siegel Clyne" she continued.

"We are two different people, and our beliefs are completely different" she continued.

"I don't agree with the actions of the Chairman nor the Alliance" she continued.

"I stand with the Chief Representative just like I did in the last war" she continued.

"But we have to ask ourselves why the Chairman has someone posing as me" she asked?

"Did he just want someone who repeats whatever they are told" she asked?

"We need to know this before we listen to anything else the Chairman has to say" she said.

"I will now hand it back to the Chief Representative to finish her statement" she finished.

"Thank you" said Cagalli bowing her head.

She then told of what happened when ZAFT attacked Orb and how they wouldn't leave after Djibril was dead.

"There is one more incident I would like to bring up" said Cagalli.

"I am sure everyone has seen this" she said.

The footage of Destroy being destroyed played.

"What you probably didn't notice was you didn't see who destroyed it" said Cagalli.

"That is because we were cut out of it" she said.

"Here is the real footage" she said.

The footage of the Strike Rouge destroying the Destroy played.

"Why did the Chairman have ZAFT take credit for something they didn't do" asked Cagalli?

"The Chairman needs to answer this before we listen to anything he has to say" she said.

"Thank you" she said bowing her head.

"That was great" cheered Stella.

"She was worse than I thought," said Itachi.

"She was reading from a script" he said.

"Great idea on making sure they couldn't turn off their end" said Cagalli.

"She looked so lost during Lacus' speech" she said.

"That should help us" said Lacus.

"We will see," said Itachi.

But before any conversations could take place, tragedy struck. Requiem fired from the dark side of the moon destroying the Januarius colonies. The debris from them destroyed some of the December colonies.

"Two PLANT colony groups gone" said Lacus horrified.

"They missed," said Itachi.

"WHAT" yelled Lacus and Cagalli!

"That should have hit the capital," said Stella.

"Correct" said Itachi.

"That means something made it miss" said Cagalli.

"I will contact Terminal to find out what happened" said Lacus.

"No need since we are going to destroy that thing," said Itachi.

"Armor up" he said.

"Be prepared to fight the moment we arrive and take no prisoners" he said.

"You never gave me my armor," said Stella.

"Oh" said Itachi.

He quickly left and came back with a scroll that he tossed to Stella.

"Sorry about that," said Itachi.

Stella caught it and left to get changed. Itachi changed into a phoenix and disappeared in burst of fire. He came right back holding Stella's pilot suit and commando gear. He changed back as Stella returned in her new armor.

"Why do you have all that" asked Stella?

"Because I am going to seal your armor and pilot suit into separate seals on your shoulder" explained Itachi.

"Just know that whatever you are currently wearing will replace your armor or pilot suit in the seal" he added.

"Oh" said Stella blushing.

"What animal do you want your mask and code name to be" asked Itachi?

"Dolphin" said Stella.

Itachi created a dolphin mask and gave it to Stella. He created both seals on her shoulder and had her go leave to set them up. She soon came back wearing her armor.

"Show me," said Itachi.

Stella switched between her clothes, armor, and pilot suit.

"Very good," said Itachi.

"Let's go" he said.

All four of them unsealed their armor and put on their masks. He changed into a phoenix, and they all grabbed onto him before disappearing in a burst of fire.

A burst of fire appeared in the Requiem control room as Dove, Lion, and Dolphin threw kunai killing the crew and soldiers nearest them. They then shot forward to take out the rest. Phoenix changed back and joined in.

Once all the crew and soldiers were dead, Dolphin went to seal the doors and Dove went to the commander's console and started looking through it.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" said Phoenix slamming his hand on the ground.

Griffin, Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle appeared in a puff of smoke.

"You are to guard this room" ordered Phoenix.

All four of them nodded their heads. Eagle went over to the doors and cast a muggle repelling charm on them.

"What is this place" asked Lion?

"It's a giant beam cannon that can strike anywhere by bending the beam though abandoned colonies with Geschmeidig Panzer installed in them" explained Dove.

"How did they miss" asked Phoenix?

"ZAFT found one of these colonies and attacked it," said Dove.

"That caused it to go out of alignment," said Phoenix.

"Yes" said Dove nodding her head.

"How do we destroy this thing" asked Lion?

"If we cause enough damage to the cannon, we can cause it to overload and blow up the next time it is fired," said Phoenix.

"How are we going to damage it" asked Dolphin?

"I got an idea," said Phoenix.

"Find us an access hatch and turn off all monitoring for the cannon" he ordered.

"I will be right back" he said.

He turned into a phoenix and flamed away. A few minutes later he came back and changed back before tossing a scroll to Dove, Lion, and Dolphin who caught them.

"We will use our Gundams," said Phoenix.

"You don't want any record of us being here," said Lion.

"Correct" said Phoenix.

"Done" said Dove.

She brought the base map up on the main screen and pointed to the flashing dot.

"We can enter though there," said Dove.

An alarm then started going off.

"Were you detected" asked Lion?

Dove took a quick look though the systems and shook her head saying "No."

"ZAFT is attacking" she said.

"We need to hurry then," said Phoenix.

"Make sure no one comes in here" he ordered.

"I already put a muggle repelling charm on the door," said Eagle.

"Very good," said Phoenix.

All the screens changed to show the battle going on outside.

"You will be able to keep an eye on the battle now," said Dove.

"Thanks" said Griffin.

"If things turn bad, head back," said Phoenix.

"Understood" said Griffin.

Phoenix changed into a phoenix and Dove, Lion, and Dolphin grabbed onto him before flaming away. They appeared at the access hatch and Phoenix changed back. They then all unsealed their pilot suits.

"Ready" asked Itachi?

"Yes" said Lacus, Cagalli, and Stella nodding their heads.

Itachi opened the hatch, and they all went into the cannon.