As he held her in his arms, the intoxicating scene of her hair wafted under his nose. Never before had he been so euphoric. His dream, the one he'd had for so long had finally come true. He was going to be a father. They'd tried so hard and had gone through almost every emotion imaginable until that night, unexpectedly, they had discovered the most wonderful news.

They were pregnant.

Tears filled his eyes as he silently thanked the gods for giving them such a wonderful gift. And that night as they lay in bed, he kissed his wife's soft satiny smooth cheek and leaned his head against hers.

"Daphne, my loveā€¦ I love you so much."

He expected her to say the words in return but when his sentiment was met with silence, he was suddenly aware of her soft breathing. And then his heart warmed. His angel had fallen asleep against his chest. Moments like these were moments to treasure and cherish, for he knew that in nine months the quiet moments between them would be few and far between.

Soon there would be a new member of the Crane household. But he didn't mind at all. He was going to be a father and he vowed right then and there to be the best father possible, much like his own father and brother.

With a smile he gently placed his hand on Daphne's flat stomach. "I love you, little one." He said to his unborn child. In response he heard Daphne sigh as she snuggled closer to him.

"I love you too, Niles."