Chapter 3

We found ourselves on real Batuu. I let go of peter's hand and went over towards Devin.

"Devin where are we? This is not Disneyland… we are not at my favorite park anymore." I said.

"where do you think we are at Dorothy?!" devin said sarcastically.

"hey! That's my favorite movies."

"we know!" rocket shouted.

I looked at rocket he was not a raccoon anymore he was a furry creature.

"rocket is that you? You look cute." I said with a giggle.

"yes, it's me what do you mean I look cute?" he asked me.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pocket mirror, "rocket you have to look at yourself." I handed him the mirror.

When rocket looked at himself in the mirror he screamed like a little girl. Me and Drax bursting out laughing.

"ok, I didn't do this; it's not my fault." Wanda replied.

"what happened to me?" rocket asked.

"you're an Ewok." Devin said.

"what the hell is an ewok?!"

"language." Devin told him I turned to Drax.

"you know Drax I can laugh at rocket all day." I giggled.

"so can I." Drax cackled.

"stop saying the captain American thing." Said rocket.

"sorry, you are so cute as a Ewok." I said.

"stop calling me cute!" Rocket shouted.

I looked for my cross necklace and my mickey mouse earrings, but they were gone. oh, my goodness!

I gasped, "my mickey mouse and my cross! I can't fight without my cross." I said.

"you don't need a cross to fight you'll have to fight from the heart. Remember that." Said doctor strange.

"ok I will remember that." I said.

Then doctor strange disappeared.

I went over to a small rock to see if I have my gravity power. But no gravity came from my hand, but the rock came to my hand.

"what's going on? I don't have gravity. I'm not a guardian anymore!" I panicked.

"Brittney you'll always be one of us." Peter told me getting me to calm down.

"I don't understand why I don't have gravity." I said.

"technically you do it's called the force." Devin told me.

"you mean Brittney's a jedi?" asked peter.

"yes peter in this world she is a jedi." Devin told peter.

Wanda tried to use her spills but she had the fore just like me, "that's weird I can't use my spills and Brittney doesn't have her gravity power."

"she does it's called the force sweetheart." Said Devin.

"he's right Wanda we're jedi in this world." I said.

"what's a jedi?" asked Drax.

"you'll see Drax." I said.

Then we saw people in white armors oh no! not the Stormtroopers!

"it's the Stormtroopers! Get down!" Devin shouted.

"what are we going to do?" I asked Devin.

"I will handle this from here." He told me. I went over toward peter.

One of the Stormtrooper called at us, "halt suspects! You are enemies of the first order!"

"the first order?" asked nebula.

"long story." Devin replied.

Devin used his blasters at them and killed one.

I stepped away from peter and picked up a rock ready to throw it at them.

"I'm going to kill them!" I said in anger like the way I was kidnapped by Thanos. But then Devin blocked my path.

"whoa slow down feisty pants calm down let him go!" Devin told me sounding like kristoff from frozen.

"I'm calm and cool." I said.

"great." He replied

Then I threw the rook at them.

"aw come on!" Devin said.

The stormtroppers started shooting at us with their guns.

"Brittney! what were you thinking! About throwing rock at them?!" asked nebula.

"she has a point Brittney! What the hell were you thinking?!" peter shouted.

"you are kidding me! She never thinks." Devin pointed out.

"I thought I could take them down." I tried to explain.

"you didn't take them very well." Devin told me.

"peter it's your call what should we do with them?" I asked peter.

Peter took out his blaster and his mask I can't believed that he still had his blasters and his mask. Me my team, Devin and Wanda were getting ready to fight them.

"guardians, to arms!" we went over towards them.

"that's my favorite part of being part of the team!" I shouted.

Devin and peter shoot with their blasters. Rocket picked up the blaster from a dead troopers and tried to use it.

Me and Wanda used our force powers and punched them.

Nebula and Drax used their hands and punched them.

"there is too many of them!" I yelled.

"get to cover I got this!" Devin said.

Me my team and Wanda took cover and Devin blasted all the Stormtroopers with his blaster.

We came back to Devin with surprised looks on our faces. Peter removed his mask he had a shocked look on his face.

"oh my god." He said.

"how the hell can you do that?" asked rocket.

"that's what happens when I had lots of experience when I was spider-men."

"we sure did take those Stormtroopers down. It's all my fault that I throw rocks at them I should have listen to Devin." I said in a sad voice.

Peter came over towards me, "hey hey, hey, Brittney it's alright you didn't know." Peter said to me.

"I feel like I let you down, peter. You are not going to fire me from the guardians, are you?" I asked peter.

I knew peter was trying his best to keep me calm. I was getting worried about what peter was going to say next.

Peter shook his head, "no of course not I will never do that. But you are grounded for throwing rocks at those Stormtroopers."

"grounded? How long will that be?"

"it's going to take a month and no Disney plus. Do you understand?" asked peter.

I nodded, "I understand peter. I think Disneyland is going to wait."

"Brittney lets do this adventure first we will worry about Disneyland later as soon as we have completed this adventure." Peter assured me.

"ok." I said calmly. "speaking of Disneyland this maybe adventure will be fun."

"Brittney some of us don't have weapons and those white people are after two avengers and a family of idiots." Rocket pointed out.

"I'm not an idiot." I told rocket. Oh boy here we go again.

"yes, you are we are all idiots."

"I know rocket but the first order are bad news like Thanos." I said.

"they are bad news." Devin agreed.

"I thought all the stormtrooper died after the death star got destroyed the second time." Peter replied.

"some of them survived that's why they are called the first order." Devin told peter.

Nebula crocked her brow, "that name reminds me of the black order that me and my sister used to do when we worked for Thanos."

Devin shook his head "not a exactly the first order's leader is not like Thanos."

"why are they after us?" Asked Wanda.

"that's what I'm trying to figure out." Devin replied,

We heard a happy beeping noise. Devin and I looked at each other with a surprised look on our faces.

"BB-8!" we said together.

We saw an orange and white droid that had a body of a ball.

"hey little buddy." Said devin.

BB-8 did a cheerful beep.

"he has a body that looks like a ball." Said drax.

Rocket came over towards BB-8.

"I'm selling him." Said rocket.

I shoot rocket a look and shook my head.

"no rocket don't even think about it." I told him.

"come on Brittney he's worth a lot of units." Rocket protested.

"no rocket you're not going to sell him because he does not belong to us." I told him.

"yes, he's not for sell he belong to the resistance." Devin added.

"the resistance are some kind of team?" asked mantis.

"yes I'm one of the resistance." He said and turned to BB-8.

"you came looking for me?" he asked BB-8.

He did a few beeps and turned his head and started rolling away.

"I think he wants us to come with him." I said.

Then we followed BB-8 to the resistance's building.