The party that changed my life

A/N: It's been over a year that I uploaded this one shot. Over the time I had a lot of ideas how the story could continue, so I decided to pick up that one shot and turn it into a full story, since a lot of you answered my question loud and clear and in some cases even demanded other chapters ;)

I've read and loved every one of your comments, even the Spanish one, though I needed DeepL to translate it for me, since my Spanish is none existent.

I'm glad that I can give you what you asked for. So here is the first edited chapter one. Please read this since I made small slight changes. The second chapter will be posted later today.

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Chapter 1

It was a sunny day, the music was coming from the speakers all over the place and the sun was burning high above our heads. The food was good and so was the mood.

Today was the summer party that my parents always celebrated at the garden house. This year however they decided to celebrate their birthday's as well at the same time. Maybe they were too old to have so many parties over the year. I know that my parents in fact weren't that old but I still loved to tease them about their age. I even called my father old man. Though my Baba took it lightly and even called me little girl in return, the same couldn't be said about my mother. Since she still continued to call me Rosemarie though, I wouldn't stop making fun of them for being old. Whatever the reason might be for this party, the guests had fun and the food was amazing. The owner of this house and garden was a business friend my father used to work with for numerous years, ever since this friend took over his father's company.

So now my parents nearest and dearest friends enjoyed the fantastic weather with my family to celebrate both of their birthdays.

After several years of having this summer party you could say it was kind of a tradition to have this party at this place.

My father's business friends who let us host the party at his place, was currently having a seemingly deep conversation with my parents, as I walked on by to get more food from inside the house.

Glancing over at them I couldn't help but again realize how good-looking he was. At 6"6 or 6"7 you can say he's a tall guy and with his shoulder length brown hair, matching his gorgeous brown eyes, you cannot deny he's sexy and with him standing there God like, I almost drooled watching him.

But even after all these years, I think he still saw me as the little 10-year-old girl he got to know at the age of 18. Even though I was turning 18 in some time and he's now 26-year-old.

Lucky me never got the chance to get to know him further, so my crush was just based on his amazing appearance and not on his character. Even though what I got to know so far, he seemed to be just as amazing on the inside as on the outside.

His previous actions showed his kindness and based on this I'm afraid I have the potential to become obsessed if I only get the chance to know him better.

While piling up food on my plate, I danced to the music while singing along… Well, if you could call my movements dancing and my poor attempts singing.

Without me realizing it, someone had sneaked into the house, but I just noticed it when this someone was standing next to me, smiling down at me.

Shocked I squealed and almost let go of my plate. I looked up to meet these hot brown eyes, shining with that sexy smile of his.

"Oh gosh Dimitri! You scared the hell out of me," I almost screamed.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your private show, Roza," he chuckled. "Although I enjoyed it."


"Roza?" I asked dumbfounded.

He smiled again, this time a bit shyer.

Before he could say anything else, my father walked in and I sneaked out as fast as I could.

This was so embarrassing. Dimitri saw me dancing and probably even heard me singing. I could never see him eye to eye again, which was hard, considering he was my father's business friend and the party was just at its beginning.