Chapter 10

Waking up after a blissful sleep, I got ready for the day. Even though I was in a good mood, I still couldn't manage to get there on time. But Dimitri should know better than to expect me to be on time. As I opened the door to the cabin, he was already working on the walls and quietly sang along to a country song. It was sweet, he usually wasn't that relaxed at least not when around other people.

"Hey Comrade, what got you into such a good mood?" turning around, seemingly unperturbed by my sudden appearance he smiled. "Nothing special." Teasing me, he welcomed me with a peck on the lips and returned to his work.

"So it has nothing to do with your amazing girlfriend showing up to give you a hand?" before I comprehended the double meaning of my words, they had left my mouth and he started laughing. "I haven't realized you would be giving me hand. Usually you just pretend to work while I get the actual work done." Hearing this I sucked in a breath.

"If that's so, then I won't get here tomorrow morning. Instead I'll just stay in bed and enjoy sleeping longer than today." Faking being outraged I started to storm off when he pulled me closer to him, my back against his front. "You know I'm only teasing, Roza. I wouldn't have got so far without you. And it definitely wouldn't have been that fun to work on the house." His breath in my neck, I shuttered a little and enjoyed his closeness.

"Now you really need to let go of me, or we won't get any work done, Comrade." I teased and pressed deeper into his strength. Trying to turn around in his embrace, my butt rubbed against his front and that made a grunt escape his lips. This time I intentionally wiggled my hips a little.

"Roza." He warned me, but I just turned my head to look at him innocently. "We actually need to get some work done, so you should really stop. Otherwise we won't finish the walls today. Or anything in fact." His stern tone combined with his teasing smile, made me stop wiggling, but not before doing it once more.

Smirking at one another we parted and started work. He exhaled deeply and shook his head. I loved to see that my presence was effecting him just as his effected me every time I saw him. Today would be the day we finished the remaining walls. That meant we could finish the roof tomorrow and then start on the inside renovation the rest of the week before he'd have to go back to work.

The background music created a general upbeat feeling and we sang a long once in a while when we both knew the song.

"Still surprised you listen to country music." Contemplating whether I should tell him or not, I did. "Yeah, you know, it is kind of your fault, to begin with." I admitted while we pulled up the third wall. He looked at me quizzically so I elaborated. "You listened to it, so I wanted to know what you like about it so much, so that's why I started listening to it. It was just an experiment to unravel the mystery about the stoic Russian God we all know more or less." I added teasingly so the situation wouldn't get too serious.

Raising one eyebrow he looked at me as if I went crazy. "You want to tell me you never heard the others referring to you as a Russian God?" I suppressed a giggle. "However it really is your fault I'm into this kind of music."

"You really should thank me for that. I mean, think of all that great music you would've missed out if it hadn't been for me." He teased. Finishing this wall we moved over to the last one. "One last time and we're finished. At least with the exterior walls." With that we pulled up the last wall. When we were done, we rested on stools beside the counter. Just as Dimitri told me about this new artist he found online, my father busted into the cabin.

"Impressive how much work you've done so far." Looking at us sitting there he added a comment that also could've come from me. "Especially considering the fact you're lazily hanging around over there instead of working." Coming over to us, he shook Dimitri's hand and gave me a small hug and a kiss on the head.

"Baba, you're not funny. I'm sorry I have to break it to you, but it's true, so better stop with the jokes." Subconsciously I sat straight on the stool and tried so bad to act normal. Not easy if there wasn't a normal behavior to compare it to, since Dimitri and I had barely spent time together outside of the parties we've hold here over the last few years.

"Kizim, that's not nice to say. Especially since I've come with a gift." My father smiled at me.

"A present?" my interest was peaked.

"Yes, but I don't think I should give it to you after what you said." Acting as if my words had hurt him, he held his chest dramatically.

"Quit the act old man. Besides, like father, like daughter." Rolling his eyes, my father started laughing. "Okay, little girl. You've won. I actually just came buy to give Dimitri two tickets for this country event next weekend." Dimitri's eyes widened in surprise. "Our business partners from Texas wanted to thank us by providing us with tickets. However I don't know anyone who's that much into country so I thought why not give it to you, Dimitri. Besides, you've done the main part of that deal on your own. So it's only fair." Looking at me he added, "And since you've seemed to have found your love for this kind of music, Rose, I thought it might be a good break from this hard work you two did here, to go there and have some fun. Of course on the condition that Dimitri is okay with it as well? The company is provided with as many tickets as we wish for, so if there is someone you want to take with you as your plus one, we can arrange that too, Dimitri." My father reassured Dimitri.

"Thank you, Abe. I'm overwhelmed. Of course Rose can come with me, if she would want to. Otherwise I would only need one card for me." While my father was here, he couldn't ask me more obvious, but his look contained his unspoken words. I loved the idea of this being our first official date.

I agreed readily and we arranged everything with my father who would tell their partners how many card would need to be provided. Dimitri's previous suggestion to get my parents get used to the idea of Dimitri spending more time with me plopped into my mind. Without knowing it, my father helped us with our first phase of how-to-prepare-my-parents-for-meeting-my-slightly-older-boyfriend.

Some minutes later my father excused himself to head home, I stayed to help Dimitri finish for today and then we prepared everything for tomorrows work.

As I got home, the house was still full of life. Or as full of life as it gets. My parents and Lissa were sitting at the table and seemingly had dinner together.

"Hay sweetheart." My mother greeted me. "Hey Rose, come and eat with us." Lissa added. My father just smiled at me and I joined them. "Hey. I can't remember when we last had dinner together." It was true. We normally had dinner together on the weekends if my parents were home, but with my work at the cabin and Lissa being everywhere and nowhere during the holidays, our last usual weekend dinner felt like years away. "You're right, Kizim. That's why we waited later than usual today. Even though it isn't the weekend to be exact. But unusual times call for drastic measures." My father made it seem like we're in war or anything and not just busy.

Dinner was fun. We talked for an hour after we finished eating. "The food was good, Mom. Thank you." She gave me a grateful smile. "Glad you enjoyed it. So your father mentioned something about a concert you and Dimitri are going to attend?" The reminder of this made my heart swell with glee. "Yes. Again, thank you, Baba. I can't wait for it to be next weekend already." Lissa gave me an unsure look. "What kind of concert are you going to?" she voiced her question.

"Some business partner wanted to thank them for their work and they gifted them tickets for a country concert event. There are going to be different groups and Dimitri is taking me with him." That made her raise her eyebrows even more. Of course she now needed to be picking up on my joy over spending time with Dimitri. However my father unknowingly came to the rescue. "I got there today and saw the immense work those two managed in this short amount of time and so I thought Dimitri could take Rose with him. Since she apparently discovered her love for this kind of music." The way he pronounced music sounded like he questioned it to be identified as such. "Not everyone can listen to Turkish folklore." I teased him, which earned me a pointed, but amused, look from my father.

"Rose, have you thought of how to get to the concert and back?" my always efficient mother asked. Now she mentioned it, I haven't thought about it. I wouldn't let her know this however. "Dimitri is going to drive us there and back." Knowing Dimitri, I was sure he would be agreeing to it.

"So Lissa, you've been awfully quiet the last few minutes." My father observed. "How are your holidays so far?" She looked at my parents but made sure not to look at me. "Fantastic. I spent a lot of time with Adrian, Sydney and a friend of us." A friend of them? I knew all of their friends, but her use of a friend instead of that's friends name made me realize that she didn't want me to know who this friend was. "Does this friend have name?" I nevertheless asked her. "You wouldn't know him." And with this she made it clear that the conversation was over.

After some more moments of talking I excused myself to go take a shower. Still in my work clothes I felt dirty and I probably was. Just like every other night I went to my room. However this night I wondered who this guy could be and why Lissa wasn't willing to tell me about him. Normally she would have signaled me that she would tell me more about it when my parents weren't present and she wanted to keep them from hearing about whatever it was. But today she blocked me completely. I know I might be a hypocrite for wanting her to tell me everything about this friend when I was intentionally keeping Dimitri, who actually happened to be my boyfriend, from her.

I guess this means I need to be patient and wait until she is ready to tell me about this mysterious guy. Everyone knows though that I'm not quite good when it comes to being patient.

The next day started just like every other day. Me being late, Dimitri already working, pretending to be angry about my delay, but in fact his eyes showed his true feelings. It amused him. "How come you're always at least 5 minutes late, but can't be on time with the same precision?" Now that he said it like this, I realized he was right. "You know, Comrade, it's a talent of mine." Grinning at him, I couldn't get enough of looking at this man. We worked on the roof and it progressed quite nicely. "How about I get us lunch and you get the tools off of the roof. After eating something we can finish the last two roof wood panels." He suggested.

"I can't believe we're almost done with the roof." Amazed I looked at the, let me dare say piece of art, we created. If someone saw the cabin and the roof, one wouldn't be able to spot a difference between this one and the one that the rest of the cabin already had. You couldn't tell it was installed by Dimitri and me and not buy some professionals. The growling of my stomach averted my thoughts back to his promise of food. "You said something about lunch? If you promise to make us your delicious sandwiches, I'm all in." I batted my lashes which made him smile at me.

"Of course, Roza." With that promise he walked inside and I got up the ladder to get the tools down. When I tried to carry down the last toolbox I heard Dimitri coming out of the house, turned my head to see him carrying two sandwiches and smiled at him. That was a huge mistake because by doing so I lost my footage and lost my balance. Falling down, I could see Dimitri react in a speed that surprised me. Before my head could hit the concrete floor, I felt his hands catching me. My foot however wasn't so lucky. Screaming in pain, I held my ancle. It got twisted in the last rung and hurt like hell.

"Roza, are you okay?" Dimitri's worried look scrutinized my whole body. It wasn't sexual by any mean, it was out pure worry. A quick assessment of my injuries showed that thanks to Dimitri other than my ancle and my butt nothing hurt.

"I'll get you to the hospital." Dimitri demanded immediately. "Urgh." I groaned. "What? Where does it hurt." Instantly he looked at me again frantically.

"It's not that. I simply don't want to go to the hospital. Been there, done that, don't want that again." Despite his worried state he smirked a little at my words.

"Come on Roza. I'll help you to my car and you'll have to call your parents so they can meet us there." He informed me, while he heaved me onto my feet, or more precisely, to my foot, the one that wasn't injured.

A/N: I just wanted to add that I have no idea how to renovate a house, more specifically building walls made out of wood or concrete, so please don't come at me if they are progressing too fast with the renovation or I get anything else wrong. :D

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