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Chapter 24

The next morning was like the awakening of the zombies. After not nearly enough hours of sleep, we had a quiet breakfast. Once we finished and everyone got freshened up for the day, my friends drove home one after the other.

In the end it were just Lissa, Christian, Dimitri and I left. Together we tidied up completely and prepared everything for our families visiting.

Before we realized it they arrived one by one. Everyone was gathered in the main room and we filled the glasses with champagne my father bought especially for this occasion.

Karolina declined a glass of the champagne. When she noticed the strange looks her family members she cleared her voice. "I didn't plan on announcing it now, since today is Rose's day, but I'm pregnant." This was met with joy filled exclamations and well wishes. I hugged her close. "I'm so happy for you." She looked at me a little sheepishly. "I hope it's alright I shared this. I don't want to take away from the actual event." I motioned for her to stop apologizing. "Don't be silly. I'm honored you chose today to share this news."

"I'll be a grandmother again." Olena cried. "You two need to be the next ones to gift me a grandchild." She pointed at us, which made my laugh get stuck in my throat. Dimitri spit out the drink he was just about to drink. "Mama!" he coughed.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"The two of them can wait a long time until they'll make us grandparents." Baba told her, giving us a stern glance, as if we have been the one to suggest to start rather sooner then later, when we've been as shocked as he'd been.

"You can bet you're ass on that." I agreed and with that everyone was laughing again.

When I went to the bathroom some hours later, I heard someone coming into the bedroom, closing the door. Finished with washing my hands I stepped into the bedroom and saw Dimitri waiting for me, sitting on the bed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I realized I never gave you the second part of my present." He looked at me nervously.

"Comrade, I love you. But I won't have sex with you with my entire family in the next room." Shaking is head he laughed. "No Roza. It's not what you think." With this he opened the drawer of he night stand.

When he gave me a small box I was curious what would be in it.

Opening it cautiously I sucked in a breath when I saw a key inside.

"It's the key to my house. I know you're about to start college in some months and don't want to move in with me, but I want you to have it. This way you can always come to your second home. Home to me." His words again made tears well up in my eyes.

"Thank you Comrade. I love it. You really are my home." I kissed him tenderly. "As you are mine." He replied simply.

Joining the rest of the party we were holding hands. This was a good way to start my new year of life.

Not even two month later, we were celebrating our graduation party in the same cabin.

My parents invited all of my friends and their families to celebrate our graduation together at Dimitri's. It was a warm summer day so we could use the whole property.

The graduation itself was a tiering affair. The only interesting part was when one of my friends got their diploma. Every time one of us crossed the stage, the crowd cheered the loudest. It could be because of the fact that there were seven families cheering for each of us. Dimitri's family, including Ivan, showed up as well and I was filled with pride when I walked over to the head mistress Kirova to get my diploma. I had been in her office more than once and I saw that she was glad to finally be getting rid of me.

Same to you, buddy.

My gaze wandered over to where my parents and Dimitri were sitting and I saw the love and pride in their eyes.

There was another instance in which the whole thing got spiced up. It turned out that Adrian's father, Nathan Ivashkov, was Dimitri's uncle. He was the brother of Randall Ivashkov, Olena's ex-husband. For a moment I thought that this would escalate, but Yeva muttered something in Russian and everyone relaxed. Dimitri refused to tell what she said but either way I was glad that everything turned out well.

Adrian kept teasing Dimitri about being his cousin and I realized that by marrying Dimitri, I would also add Adrian, Sydney, and Lissa even more, to my family. Adrian and Sydney already planned their wedding for some months, but weren't engaged yet. Lissa being related to Adrian, made her now even related to Dimitri, and therefor to me as well.

Well I guess she had always been related to Dimitri but it was just know that we found out about this connection.

Considering that Lissa's and Christian's relationship turned rather serious as well, I would have to consider him family too and what was even worse, Tasha. After the incident at the restaurant we haven't seen her and even today she was nowhere to be seen.

Christian had his graduation two days before ours but he decided to join our graduation party so he was one of the celebrated. His graduation was even worse considering he was the only person we were interested in. My parents, Dimitri's family, Lissa, our friends and I had sat through this two hours long ordeal. What we wouldn't do for family and friends.

Glad that this whole thing was finally over I drove with my parents to Dimitri's. In all these years I've never seen so many cars in front of Dimitri's house. Seven parties combined to one was a monster of a party.

Everyone was standing around, enjoying the whether and talking. Some hours later when it started getting colder, only the core of this group was left and we started a fire in the back of the cabin.

My friends, their parents, my parents, Dimitri and his family were now all gathered around the fire and everyone told a story they thought of. It was Dimitri's turn and he was telling a story about how he and Ivan stranded somewhere in St. Petersburg, drunk and Olena had to pick them up. She could laugh about it now, but I bet back then she wasn't thrilled to pick up her drunk son and his best friend from the other part of the state, or whatever.

Thinking about how life would continue for all of us I knew that no matter what each of us decided to do after school, I believed that we would keep in contact. Of course we wouldn't be able to see us as often as before, but with todays technology we could keep in contact, no matter where life would take us.

Looking around I loved what I saw. My family surrounded me, we grew so much in the last years. Not just my parents' family that reconnected with us, we also got bigger since I started dating Dimitri. The man I knew for sure I would marry one day. But we've talked about it and I made it clear that I wasn't ready to marry until there at least was a two in front of my age. He agreed and I saw his anticipation for when he would propose to me.

I knew one thing for sure. With Dimitri, my family and friends by my side, I would get through everything. Looking at this amazing man that was mine, I couldn't help but grin. No matter what life would throw at us, we would get through this and get out of it even stronger. He was the love of my life. Over the years I would always remember the party that changed my life, the party that gave me my soulmate, my other half.

The end…