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The Split

First Time Feeling

Hannah was at her desk, piles and piles of reports in front of her. Four weeks off and her desk looked like a bomb had hit it, she looked up when she felt a presence in her doorway, to see her two sisters Nina and Rose watching her.

"Hey you two, oh by the way Nina, thanks for keeping my paperwork up to date like you said you would." She said as she went back to her papers.

When she didn't get a reply, she looked up again to see a look on her sisters faces she couldn't quite read.

"What? Too harsh?"

"Is mum in yet?"

"I've no idea, why?"

"Haven't you spoken to her?" Nina asked.

"Nina I'm literally just back, of course I haven't spoken to her…why?"

Nina and Rose exchanged glances again, as Hannah put the files she was holding to the side of her desk and leaned back.

"Okay, what is it, has something happened?"

"Mum didn't want to disturb you while you were away with Nathan and the kids?"

"You two are beginning to scare me now, why would she need to contact me."

Her two sisters remained silent once again which began to annoy Hannah.

"Oh for god sake, will one of you tell me what the hell is going on, is mum sick or something?"

Rose could hear the worry in Hannah's voice as she stepped closer.

"Oh no nothing like that."

"What then?"

"You know that guy Peter she was seeing just before you left?" Nina said.

"Yeah, the one she's been seeing for what, three months now and still never introduced us too. What about him?"

"He erm…he…"

"He's been cheating on mum?" Rose said.

"What, you're kidding."

"Mum came home early last week and found him in bed with a younger woman."

"How young?" Hannah asked.

"Thirty-one." Nina said.

"Jesus, how's mum taking it?"

"We're not really sure?" Rose said.

"You have spoken to her though, right?"

"Not exactly." Nina said.

"What is it with you two, every time there's an emergency with mum, it's always up to me to deal with her."

"Well, you're more on her level than we are." Rose said.

"Yeah, you're the oldest, you more about what she goes through than we do." Nina said.

"That is such a cop out. She had a husband who cheated on her for years and now Peters done the same thing to her, she'll be devastated. I can't believe you've both waited for me to come back and sort it out."

"Well we…"

"What, scared of her, you're own mother?"

"She's never been the easiest woman to talk too Hannah." Nina stated.

Hannah got up from her desk, grabbing her bag before going past her sisters and over to the coat rack to grab her jacket.

"Right, come on."

"Where are we going?" Rose asked.

"Where do you think, she obviously hasn't turned up for work, something could be wrong, we need to check on her, lets go."

When they arrived at the house, Hannah knocked a few times but got no reply, she used her key, unlocking the door and making her way inside, Rose and Nina following. Hannah looked around, entering the front room to see a few broken plant pots, they made their way towards the kitchen, Hannah starting to worry when she saw the broken glass lying on the floor and the counter top.

"Hannah, I don't like this?" Rose said.

"You should have come by sooner than this for god sake."

Nina and Rose looked at one another, guilt washing over them.

"MUM, ARE YOU HOME?" Hannah yelled out.

She walked up stairs towards the bedroom, opening the door to see Ruth sitting on the floor beside her bed, blood on her hands.

"Jesus Christ."

"Hannah what is…."

"Stay here, both of you, please."

Hannah made her way inside, as Nina and Rose stayed behind.

"Mum, what happened."

Ruth looked up at her eldest daughter, tears running down her face, her arm bloodied and bruised. Hannah knelt down beside her, her hand coming to Ruth's arm, the older woman flinching when Hannah tried to touch it.

"Mum, we need to get you to hospital?"

"I'm fine." She sniffed.

"No mum, you're not. How did this happen."

"They didn't tell you?"

Nina and Rose looked down to the floor, the guilt evident on their faces.

"They told me about Peter, why didn't you call me?"

"You needed time with the kids and Nathan, save your marriage."

"Oh mum, we'll work it out, but right now I want to know how this happened."

"The son of a bitch was cheating on me, I should have known better than to date a man younger than myself."

"He wasn't that younger." She half joked.

"Cheeky." Ruth tried to smile, but the pain was raw on her face.

"Mum how did you hurt yourself, did he do that to you?"

"No, I was angry. I threw things at him, I cut myself with the glass, I slammed my arm against the wall in anger."

Hannah made another attempt to inspect her mother's arm, Ruth making a pained noise.

"Mum, I think it's broken. Will you two go and get the first aid kit, then I'm taking you to hospital."

Rose and Nina disappeared down stairs, as Hannah moved closer to her mother, her arm going around her shoulder, as Ruth leaned on her daughter.

"I feel such a fool." Ruth sniffed.

"It's not your fault, he's a man, he can't help himself. Listen to me, like I'm perfect, I'm no better, after what I've done."

"How was the holiday?"

"We're getting there, slowly. I'll tell you more later, but right now, hospital." Hannah said, as she kissed her mothers cheek.

Rose and Nina stayed at the house to tidy up the mess of broken glass and plant pots. Hannah stayed outside the room while the doctor attended to Ruth. Hannah heard footsteps approaching, looking up to see Nathan coming towards her.

"Nathan, how did you…"

"Nina called me and told me what had happened, how's Ruth."

"She's in with the doctor now, I'm pretty sure she's broken her arm."

"She walked in on him?" Nathan said quietly.

"Yeah, just like dad. What is wrong with this family."

"Hey, come on." Nathan said, taking her in his arms.

"No seriously, you cheated, I cheated, dad cheated on mum and now Peter has done the same. Is this family just cursed."

"Of course we're not cursed, we just need to try a lot bloody harder than we have, all of us."

"She's heartbroken Nathan, it's brought back all the hurt of dad, all over again."

"Ruth's a tough cookie, she's dealt with a lot worse over the years and she's come though it."

"Would you mind if she stayed with us for a few days, I know you and I are still working through things but I…"

"Of course she can stay, I would have suggested it anyway."

"I do love you, you know that right?"

"I do, I love you too."

Hannah leaned in and kissed her husband, before the doctor emerged from the room.

"Oh, sorry doctor."

"It's quite al-right."

"How's my mother?"

"Physically she's fine, she does have a broken arm, but that will heal."


"She was telling me about her partner, she's very…broken?"

"I'm going to have her stay with us for a few days."

"I'd suggest more than a few."


"She needs to be around her family, keep her busy. I've prescribed her some mild antidepressants for a few weeks, and we'll see how she gets on from there."

"She's that bad? I didn't realise."

"From just talking to her, she appears to have always been the tough one, always there for everyone else."

"Yeah, she has."

"Well I think it's time for someone to be there for her, just for a little while."

"Thanks doctor."

"It's Amy, I've given her my number, any time she wants to talk."

"That's very kind of you."

"She's a nice lady, when she's ready, come to the pharmacy and I'll get her medication."


Hannah watched Amy walk away before turning to Nathan.

"Nathan I…I can Nina if she'll have mum."

"Don't be silly. Ruth can stay with us as long as she needs, she's family, and we'll be there for her."

Hannah allowed Nathan to take her in his arms, feeling almost like they used too be."

To Be Continued…