A/N: Hi, welcome to my first Riverdale story. I recently finished watching season 3 and wanted to try my hand at writing something. I love writing kid fics, so I figured I would give this slightly different story a shot. I do not think I will have any strange occurrences occur in this story and am striving for something slightly tamer with a lot of friendship and romance, though it is Riverdale so tough things may occur and I could be persuaded... hehe. I do not own Riverdale, that belongs to the CW and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and is based on the Archie comics which I also do not own. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this beginning.

Truth or Dare (A Riverdale Middle School Story)

Chapter One: The New Girl

It was the last week of Summer break before fifth grade. Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and I were currently doing our usual routine. Shakes at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe. Archie's dad Fred had dropped us off on his way to work at his construction company. Betty's parents were at work, her sister Polly was currently off somewhere away from us doing important eighth grade things (Betty's words), and a new face had just walked in the door.

I fully expected it to be another of the attendees of the Riverdale middle school football camp, or one of the Blossom twins, but this was someone new. Someone not Riverdale in any way. And she was heading from the counter to our table.

"Jug, did you get an invitation yet?" He was snapped out of his work as the notebook cover was tapped with force and Betty looked at him.

"Invitation…?" Jughead questioned as he tore his eyes away, glancing back up to the new arrival and back to Betty. He knew what Betty was referring to, but feigned indifference, even a bit of confusion. Unlike Archie, who through years of hangouts and helping him out of confrontation. had an understanding of the difficulties he often had with the shallower crowd, Betty was of the assumption that a few forced interactions would change their perceptions. It wasn't her fault and it didn't change his opinion of her anyway, but it didn't make this time before school began any easier.

"We didn't," Archie said as he leaned back.

"I didn't." Jughead corrected. He'd seen the telltale envelope on Archie's kitchen table, sealed with a kiss and hidden semi-skillfully under a pile of bills and other important adult things. "It's fine Arch," He already knew the Blossoms didn't care for him. The extra and deliberate checks by Jason in the gym during basketball and as many other sports said as much. So why would he be invited to the back to school party?

Betty frowned.

Archie was about to respond when a new voice spoke.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" A girl with dark hair and eyes stood before them, eyeing the seat beside Betty, glancing to the pile of envelopes in her hand covertly every so often.

Betty looked to her friends then to the new girl and the envelopes in her hand. "Uh...nope, um..."

"Thanks," The girl smiled as she slid in.

Jughead blinked looking at Archie and Betty in surprise. "By all means," He muttered slyly.

"You're new aren't you?" Betty asked. "I've never seen you here before."

"Mom, Dad I just moved into the Pembrooke." The new girl replied. "I'm Veronica Lodge. But most people call me Ronnie."

"I'm Betty, that's Archie and Jughead." Betty introduced.

"Hi Betty, Archie, Jughead," Veronica greeted looking between the three. "Is Jughead a nickname?" She looked pointedly at the hat atop Jughead's head.

"Yes," Jughead said.

"Oh cool," She said surprising everyone by not asking for what. She shuffled the envelopes in her hand as if she were fanning out playing cards. "Mom's letting me have a party at the Pembrooke. It's Saturday if you can make it." The same day as the Blossoms' soiree, but then she wouldn't know that would she? She held out the envelopes.

Betty took one without hesitation and with a smile. "Thanks,"

Archie plucked an envelope as well. "Uh…thank you," It didn't go unnoticed that he looked at her slightly longer than necessary.

Jughead glanced sideways at his friend with raised eyebrows. He took one of the envelopes as well. "Thanks,"

"You're welcome," Veronica said. "She bounced slightly in the booth seat, seemingly undeterred by the fact that the group of three had already been established and in the middle of something for some time, and of the total outsider-ness of her appearance. "So what's good here?"

Jughead shook his head slightly as Betty began to rave about all of the shakes and the beauty that was ice cream and french fries. Well, this was going to be interesting.

Tuesday was the day Veronica Lodge of the Pembrooke joined our small circle and that act of giving us those invitations would shake up Riverdale's social order in ways we hardly expected. Riverdale was a small town with traditions and rules even if they were unspoken, and Ronnie Lodge was a rule breaker. But we didn't know how much until the RSVPs started rolling in.

A/N: Like in the show, I will have narration by Jughead periodically to reflect the writing that he still does in this AU. How much, well that can change, but this story will primarily be in the third person. I'm flexible and will be accepting prompts and requests for this story as well so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know and I'll credit you if any ideas get worked in. I'm so excited for this story, and I hope you enjoy it too.