Sebastian smiled over at me as he got up off the couch. "Can I get you something to drink ?" He asked curiously as he smiled once again . "Yes please and thank you ,Sebastian ." I said as I smiled . "Alright what would you like ?" He asked curiously as he smiled once more . "Do you have lemonade?" I asked curiously waiting for him to reply to my question to see if he did or not . "Yep I do ." He nodded then went in the kitchen got a glass then poured some lemonade in the glass and brought it out to me .

"Here you go here's your lemonade , enjoy ." Sebastian said as he smiled while passing it to me . "Thank you ." I smiled back while taking a hold of it and drinking some once he had gave me the drink of lemonade of course . "You're welcome ." He replied .

He then sat back down and drank his that he got himself as well then he had turned on the stereo for some music .

"You have a really good taste in music there Sebastian." I told him as I smiled . "Why thank you ." He replied with a smile upon his face. "You're welcome . " I then smiled back at him as I had said that to him .