Two Drifters

By El Chacal

John Dorie & Althea friendship

Disclaimer: If I owned anything of this show, Season 4B and the entire Season 5 might have been significantly different.

Summary: Set after episode 8 of Season 4. Althea talks with John Dorie inside the MRAP carrier as he is recovering from the gun shot wound. She confides in him as he did with her.

"How are you holding up?" Althea asked as she stepped inside her MRAP carrier to check on the wounded cowboy. "I'm still breathing and we're talking. I'm doing as well as I can be. Apart from the lack of noodles, I got nothing to complain about."

Althea smiled at him. "I bet you were over the moon when Laura came back to you."

"Her name is June. She didn't give her real name to them or to me until just a while ago."

"Finding someone to love is not easy. I have seen my share of people but never found what you did with the runaway nurse."

"I take it you mean to say you've never found the kind of love I did. Am I right?" John asked. Althea shook her head. "I never was lucky in the romance department. The end of the world certainly did not help."

"I was away from people for a long time and someone found their way to me without meaning to." John said as Althea sat down beside him. "It took a while but it happened. If it did for me, it will for you."

Althea smiled at John. "Where do you think you'll go with..."

"June. Her name is June." John answered, knowing that Althea had pretty much realized that the nurse did not give her real name to anyone.

"Where will you and June go?"

"For now, we'll stay close to the friends we have. If you'll have us."

In a show of solidarity and friendship, Althea held John's hand in hers firmly.

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