Two Drifters chapter 2

The small things many would have overlooked before the world changed became so significant that there was no way to turn your gaze from it.

One of those things was a full length mirror, like the one John was standing in front of as he prepared himself mentally for his wedding.

"June's thankful for the costumes that are still in tact in the dressing rooms. It surprised me that they were still clean even after the world changed."

John turned to see Althea approaching him. Giving a nod of acknowledgement, John asked, "Do you think we're making the right decision?"

"If you love each other enough to share and spend your lives together, yes."

"That's not what I'm asking."

Althea frowned. "I know what you mean. She torched this place to make herself the only viable option for survival. I do not trust Virginia for one minute."

Putting a hand on John's shoulder, Althea looked the cop-turned-cowboy and smiled. "For now, focus on your wedding. After everything that's happened, we all need something good to happen. Let's make this as good as we can before Ginny and her goons show up."

"I guess I ought to saddle the bronco before it gets wise and kicks me in the teeth."

Althea laughed and hugged John. "Whatever happens, know that you are loved by more than just the woman who's about to become your wife."

Althea's gift to John was a video recording of the wedding ceremony. It was meant to preserve a happy moment.

When Virginia arrived with her convoy and proceeded to separate everyone without any sense of empathy, that recording would be the one silver lining in the dark days they were being herded toward.

A/n: I do not know if anyone else is on this same train of thought but from what has been going on in Season 6, I somehow have the feeling that there might be more than just a strong friendship between John Dorie and Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki. If this seems more than wishful thinking and there is some real potential for a ship between John and Al, the story might take a turn.