At the Fleming Apartments in Brooklyn, Donna and Savion arrived at Apartment 907, where Savion's uncle lives, "It looks like your uncle's family is poor." suggested Donna.

"Yeah" Savion replied, "Uncle Clyde has been having a hard time keeping a steady job."

In the apartment kitchen, an African American man was fixing up dinner when he spots Donna and Savion "Uncle Clyde" said Savion.

"Savion! Clyde shouted as he gave his nephew a big hug.

"Donna," Savion said, "This is my Uncle Clyde."

"The one who moves side to side," asked Donna

"That's him," Savion replied.

"So what seems to be the problem?" asked Donna.

"It all started when the twins Jayce and Jada skipping school" "I thought it was a good chance for the other kids to catch up. The twins said that they had a dream about the car Chitta Bang getting demolished, so they decided to go just to see if it's real. It turned out, they were right. Then the most beautiful woman in the universe came and drove us home."

"Who is she?" Donna.

"The one and only" Uncle Clyde said as he started blushes, "Trudy Yuminsky"

Then Donna realized something, "Isn't she the daughter of candy tycoon and CEO of Yuminsky Candies: Lawson Yuminksy"

'That's the one" Clyde replied, "When I saw her beautiful eyes, it was a dream come true."

"Looks like Daddy has a huge crush on her" shouted a girl twin.

"He hasn't been thinking about her since yesterday" explained the boy twin.

They were Savion's cousins and Uncle Clyde's kids, "Jada" and "Jayce". Jayce had short dreadlocks while Jada had dreadlocks in pigtails, "Did you clean your room?" asked Uncle Clyde.

"All tidy up, Daddy" answered Jada.

"And did you get fired again, Daddy," asked Jayce, "We heard people from the apartment talking about starting a fire at the car-repair shop."

"The Turbowrench 5000 was overheated and the movie star was impatient," explained Uncle Clyde.

In the newspaper, Uncle Clyde found a new job opening.

Job Opening at Yuminsky Candies

Full-Time Repairman/Janitor

"Looks like you found a new job" suggested Savion.

"Just remember" replied Uncle Clyde "I don't get that check overnight."

"This is just like the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," said Donna, "The one with Dick Van Dyke"

"Your right" Savion replied, "And Uncle Clyde did say that Jayce and Jada are like Jeremy and Jemina."