Dear readers,

So here is the sequel to 'Heart of a Dragon'. This is my take on what season five of The Dragon Prince could look like. Technically this would be a misnomer. The information we already have is that season 4 and 5 aren't going to be called 'the dragon prince' and that does make me wonder if they will feature the same protagonists at all! I certainly hope so. I hope that the season will be released at the end of 2020, but we'll just have to wait and see.

At the time that I started the entire project, I had hoped that I would be able to finish my versions of season 4 - 7 before the next official releases of story material would happen. But as it turns out, I'm already behind. A few new items are going to be released this year, including a graphic novel that will work as an inbetween for season 3 and 4. This novel will talk about Rayla dealing with the fact that she killed someone, but, as they never found a body, she goes to the moonnexus to make sure.

I will probably buy this book, but I think it's important to note that my fanfictions will diverge from all cannon works post season 3. The reason this is important to mention this is because the same topic will come up in this work of fanfiction. I already wrote down notes for this in December. However, I will probably handle things differently from the original, so, yeah, there you go.

While I was writing 'Heart of a Dragon', there were a couple of major obstacles I had to overcome. Time is always a problem when you're busy, but to my surprise I found that as the chapters progressed, the chapters would grow longer as more and more story elements would be added. I actually had to scrap several story elements or risk the project derailing completely. Yes, I could just forgo the nine chapter limit and write all parts of the story, but the point of the project for me is that there is a set deadline and a framework for me to work in. Otherwise, this risks becoming a story without an end, which has been a problem for my original works in the past. To that end I will again stick to a limit of nine chapters, though I do expect the word count to be between 60.000 and 120.000 at the end of it.

So, my guidelines for this project as follows:

- I will post one chapter each week
I will post a total of ten chapters, including 'a word from the author'
I will give myself ten weeks to finish this project

So, without further ado, I present to you the 'Eye of the Storm'. Enjoy!

Jaco "Ocaj" Koster