Chapter 1 Captain Jake and Connor

It was just a normal day on PIrate Island, but not for Jake. jake woke up one day feeling weird.

"I am feeling weird today." jake said as he got out of bed and went to the restroon and when he got to the mirror he saw that his swhole boday changed from a boy Pirate, to a girl.

"Ahhhhh." Captain Jake siad while screaming his high pitch girl scream breaking the glass in the kitchen.

"Cubby did you here that?" Izzy asked the youngest pirate of the group.

"Yeah, it's sound like Jake come on!" Cunbby said to Izzy as they both got out of their beds and went to the bathroom door and just peaked inside.

"O.M.G. Cubby and Izzy both said as they loked at Jake.

"Captain Jake, what hapen to you?" Izzy asked Jake.

"I have know ideas I just woke up to wash my boy face, and when I was done, i turned into a girl." Jake said to her.

"Well, that's new." Cubby said pointing at Jake's boobs.

"Cubby stop pointing at my boobs it really makes me feel weird." Jake said to him as Cubby stopped pointing.

"Okay is this weird? You know having me beeing seen as a girl? Captain Jake asked them.

"I kinda like it!" Izzy said to him.

"You do?" Both Cubby and Jolly witch is now her name until they figure out how to fix the ginder.