Disclaimer: The story doesn't belong to me, the characters are property of S. Meyer and the plot belongs to Ann Arston Ara. I just translate with her permission.

My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

Translation: ClaryFlynn98


After many painful blows and despite watching the people you love die, could you still smile or think about wanting to breathe?

That young woman as a child lost her mother to heart failure, then she lost her father to aggressive cancer and, after that, her fiancée died in a car accident. She fell to the ground and dusted with pain, her heart stopped having faith for a moment, but that young woman decided to get up and started teaching others, becoming the best teacher of the best academy in Los Angeles, California. And realizing that she could manage to inculcate that love that was taken away from her, she smiled again at the challenges.

That man lost his wife because, with all the pain of her soul, she preferred to have their child rather than to heal her illness, aborting the little fruit of their love. When they wanted to save her, it was just too late.

Edward became absorbed in the work and forgot his little boy who, at the age of 12, was still hoping to get his father back.

Isabella Swan starts a new year in the Academy of Fine Arts and Talents McCoy, where she finds out a little guy who steals her heart.

Anthony Cullen, being just 12 years old is a mature and sweet kid who only needs attention.

Bella breaks down a wall of insecurities that the little one creates thanks to his father who doesn't even look at him and because his aunt Alice has been taking care of him. Bella discovers how wonderful Anthony is and, in an attempt to bring him closer to his father, she falls in love with Edward, a man who had sworn not to feel again.

Can they get through it all? Including the lies, the pain, the time and the distance that denotes the feelings over the years?