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My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

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Chapter 33: The worst word of all (I)

— What's your plan? — James asked, still with his back turned. Eleonora smiled and responded confidently.

— I want it all. I want the company of the great Elizabeth Masen, I want the name Cullen, I want Edward with me, even if by force, I want it to be mine and there will be no one to stop me.

James smiled and turned. He walked over to the girl in front of him. There was no doubt in his mind how bad she was and how stupid and blind she was because that's exactly what hate did.

— Evil eats away at your veins, doesn't it, child? — he said, holding her chin tightly. She smiled on his face and let go, turning to say:

— In two days.

And then she left.

— So is this a baby? — Antony asked with a scowl while looking at the ultrasound scans that had been done on his Aunt Rosalie. They all laughed at Anthony's innocent question, because, as every first Sunday of the month, they had gathered for brunch.

— Did I look like this? — Anthony asked, looking up at Edward, who was typing on his laptop without paying attention.

Bella, who was very aware of everything after the threat Eleanora had made to her the week before, was sitting next to Anthony. She took the ultrasound in her hands and hugging the little boy she answered:

— Yes, honey, and you were the most beautiful and cute baby ever.

Edward stared at the interaction his son and his "girlfriend" were having. He had been more aware of the conversation they were all having than they realized, but he was busy and was also giving him a chance to see what Bella was like with his son.

— You don't know that, Bella — said Edward, drawing everyone's attention. Bella blushed and quickly under the embarrassed look. She had not seen Anthony as a baby. Edward was right about that, but that didn't stop her from imagining him as so small, so beautiful, so adorable and fragile.

— And you do, Edward? — asked Rosalie with a raised eyebrow waiting for his answer, defending Bella. Edward ignored what Rosalie said and went back to work. Esme, in an attempt to lighten the tense atmosphere that had been created, stood up and said:

— Well, he was a beautiful, crying baby, I'd say, worthy son of his father — Emmett smiled and said:

— Yes, I remember very well how I hated eating mush.

— And how you ate it for him — said Alice laughing, making fun of Emmett.

— It's not funny, Elf — snorted Emmett crossing his arms and puffing up his cheeks, and then he continued — I was just showing him that Mom Esme's mush didn't taste bad.

— Yes, and then Esme had to give you a plate for you because you wouldn't let the little one eat — seconded Jasper.

Everyone in the room laughed, and Edward, annoyed, got up and closed the laptop in one go, shutting everyone up.

— It must have been amazing, mustn't it? — he said angrily and then continued — While I was mourning my wife's death, everyone was playing mummy and daddy with my son.

— We did what you refused to do, Edward. Don't ask us to be quiet when it is a pride for all of us to talk about Anthony — Edward looked at Rosalie, who had stood up and had her arms crossed over her chest as she spoke.

— Come on, honey — said Bella getting up to get Anthony out of there.

— You two are not going anywhere! — shouted Edward, making them all jump. Bella looked at Edward carefully and said:

— This is an adult discussion. A child should not witness his father take it out on his family what the world has done to him.

— That's none of your business, don't you think? — Edward said harshly. Bella stood on her shoulders and said:

— Anthony doesn't have to put up with your bad temper, Edward.

— And what do you care what I do with my son? — Edward snarled in annoyance. Bella felt a twinge of pain and recoiled, but stood her ground and told him without knowing she was making a mistake:

— I love Anthony as if he were my son.

— You can't say something like that — said, Edward. Bella smiled humorlessly and said:

— The fact that you forget that you have a child doesn't mean that we're all the same.

— You don't have the right to talk to me like that.

— -And who's going to stop me? You? Will you? — Bella challenged him without taking her eyes off him, approaching him to strike him on the chest.

Anthony, at that moment he went over to Bella, and he held his mother's hand. He looked directly into his father's eyes and said the words that would be the sentence of the relationship between his father and Bella:

— Dad, I know that if it had been up to you, I wouldn't have been born. So please don't be angry that I have a mom now.

Edward stared at his son. It was all said and done, Eleanora was right. Bella wanted to take his son away from him.

— Everyone should calm down — said Carlisle in a hard voice and then continued — I don't think it's wrong for Bella to love Anthony when it was Esme who raised you, Edward, and no-one's judging you for mourning Andrea when we all still miss her. You are being hard on your girlfriend, a woman who has no duty to put up with you and yet she is doing so and, not just with her, your whole family is here.

Edward looked at his father for a moment before leaving the room in a rage. Bella dropped to the sofa and closed her eyes for a moment, feeling tired, before using the shield against the pain which she had learned to use anyway. She stood up and cleared her throat as if nothing had happened.

— I'd better go — she whispered. Alice stood up and said:

— I'll take you home — Bella denied and replied to her.

— Don't worry, I came in my car and... — she pointed to the door and without knowing why she left without even saying goodbye to Anthony, who quickly left the room and went into the kitchen, where strangely was Eleonora. Anthony stopped abruptly and turned to run away from the heron.

— Do I look so bad to you that you don't want to go into the same room as I do? — she said, forcing Anthony to stop. She knew the brat was an educated dwarf and could not refuse her.

— I'm sorry — said the boy politely. Eleonora smiled and shrugged, trying to look casual.

— Do you want to sit down?

Anthony sighed and reluctantly entered the room, sitting as far away from the heron as he could, who stood up and took a cup, offering him milk and coffee. Anthony took a sip and Eleonora smiled.

— It's relaxing milk with some coffee, isn't it?

Anthony nodded and took another big drink before getting up, for he began to feel sick. Eleonora smiled and got up to clean up before seeing the boy fall in the middle of the corridor.

It was done and it was so easy.

Bella arrived at her apartment and locked herself in, not knowing what to think and suddenly a smell caught her eye. Her stomach growled at the possibility of eating fried chicken and looking for distraction began to prepare it.

Edward came out of his studio, needing a glass of water, and then he saw him. His son was on the floor, white as a sheet.

— Rosalie! Mom! Dad! Help me! — he cried out in desperation, taking his son in his hands. — Anthony! Anthony! — he called out to him and as if it were a deja-vu he felt helpless.

The doors of the Los Angeles Family Medical Center burst open. The paramedics were talking to the doctor who had just arrived, and he was giving orders all over the place, trying to save the boy's life. The Cullens were running after the stretcher and it was Emmett who stopped Edward this time. Edward just dropped to the ground and felt Esme's delicate arms holding him.

— Everything will be all right, honey — she whispered in a soft voice, trying to calm him down.

But Edward wouldn't listen to her. For his heart was on the other side of the waiting room with his son.

Bella looked at the result of the blood test she had in her hands, while the doctor explained the care she should take, but she was too busy to understand. She had felt bad after eating half a chicken and after vomiting almost everything she forced herself to go to the doctor.

— Miss Swan? — Bella reacted when she heard the doctor call her. The doctor cleared his throat uncomfortably and said — Your cellphone is ringing.

Bella ran through the hospital corridors and without seeing Edward, she ran to Alice, who cried and explained what had happened.

— Anthony Cullen's relatives? — Edward looked up, prompted by the doctor's voice.

— How's my son? — Edward asked. The doctor passed the sheet from the clipboard he was carrying and answered:

— It's a delicate situation, Mr Cullen.

Garrett Guest, the man who had introduced himself as the police officer, appeared behind the doctor, took off his glasses and said:

— Mr Cullen, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

— What's going on, Sherlock? I'm the idiot's lawyer here — said Emmett, reaching out to him.

— They just handed me the kid's health report. Apparently, he suffered a severe case of poisoning.

The gasps of astonishment were heard in unison, and Bella was driven by an unknown force, shouting:

— Tell me my baby's okay! — Garrett looked at Bella with a scowl and replied:

— He's had his stomach pumped and we're waiting for the drugs to take effect, -I'm sorry but I had no information that the boy's mother was alive.

— She's not his mother — said Edward, turning to look at Bella with hatred. — She's just his teacher — he said, forcing Bella to step back with her eyes full of tears. Garrett cleared his throat and said:

— Can I ask then what your interest is in the child? — Bella breathed and with a broken voice whispered:

— Anthony… — Alice's voice stopped her.

— Isabella has every right to ask, she's part of the family.

Edward grunted and turned to Garrett, disappearing with him down the hall. Bella let herself fall prey to too much feeling. There was so much to say, and it wasn't the right time to say it. She was lonely and so afraid. Her cell phone made her raise her head and she answered without looking at the ID.

— Yes?

— Bella, are you okay? — Nikki asked from the other side.

Bella got up and walked away from the Cullens, sitting far away from them, who kept looking at her with compassion and pity. Edward was hurting her too much, so much so that she would turn away from him at any moment. They knew and understood.

— No… — Bella whispered in a broken voice.

— Oh, honey, I've been calling you at the apartment and you didn't answer. What's wrong? — Nikki asked. Bella sighed so as not to break and answered:

— It's Anthony… he's in the hospital and I need you girls, I need you. Nikki, in London, took her car keys and shouted:

— Haley! — Haley showed up scared and Nikki said: — We're going to L.A. Asterias needs us.

— It's a delicate situation Mr. Cullen — said Garrett sitting in the hospital cafeteria. Edward looked at him and said:

— I didn't poison my son — he was tired, upset. He didn't even know why he was explaining something so incoherent to the police officer when he should be with his son, just looking after him.

— I understand that, but we are going to do the studies that will determine why your son was poisoned, and in the meantime, my men are at your service. No one outside the Cullen family can enter to see your son and you can force out anyone who wants to enter.

Edward nodded and walked back to the waiting room where Eleonora was already there and as soon as she saw Edward she said:

— Oh dear, I noticed recently, how is your son? — Edward breathed in the tranquillity that emanated from Eleonora at that moment. He did not trust anyone else but her.

— They tried to poison my son, first Rosalie and Emmett, then my son Eleonora. What's next? Who's next? My mother? Me?

— Don't be a fatalist Edward, haven't you thought that this started to happen since she showed up? — said Eleonora while looking at Bella, who was talking on the phone.

— Look at her, she's there so that no one can hear who she's talking to… — she whispered smiling when Edward frowned and that's when Eleonora threw the last punch against the rat. — I wouldn't be surprised if she was talking to social services.

Edward stopped listening to Eleonora and furiously walked towards Bella.

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