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My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

Translation: ClaryFlynn98

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Chapter 34: The worst word of all (II)

Edward was furious, too angry to think coherently, so the moment he approached Bella, he took her by the arm, forcing her to throw her phone to the ground out of fright.

— This is your fault. Anthony is here because of you. You're nothing but trouble! — Edward snarled. Bella denied a couple of times and said with a thread of her voice:

— You're not aware of what you're saying. I wouldn't hurt Anthony, ever, and you know it.

Edward took her by the arm, making her moan in pain and said:

— You want to take my son away from me, don't you?

— You're hurting me, Edward, I... — started to say Bella with her heart pounding in her throat. Edward could not be doing this; he could not be doing so much damage.

— I want you to stay away from my son. I want you to leave my family alone — he said as he looked into her eyes. Bella without understanding what happened, denied several times saying:

— What are you…?

— You heard right, I don't want you near my family and I even less want you near Anthony.

Bella was going to speak but Eleonora interrupted them.

— Edward has been clear with you, child. You'd better go.

— Anthony is my son too — said Bella, with the results of her test clenched in her hands. She squeezed them even tighter, feeling the pain through her when Edward laughed humorlessly in her face and said:

— Make no mistake, Isabella. The child is my son and Andrea Marie Davis, the real Mrs Cullen, not some stupid little girl with enough imagination to think she can handle me. The child was born out of the love my wife and I had for each other. A love that not even you, with your damn dramas, could erase. You want me to be honest with you?

Bella's heart was squeezed. The air began to lack and was too dizzy but could hear loud and clear the worst of the words from the mouth of Edward.

— I can't love you, I didn't, and I never will. You were nothing but a stupid game...

Edward fell to the ground, touching his chin when Emmett hit him, but he was so upset he didn't even feel any pain.

— Enough! — snarled Emmett in anger. Without thinking, Edward laughed and got up without stopping laughing, he began to clap his hands saying:

— Wow, she's your bitch, isn't she? That's why you defend her so much.

Emmett lunged at Edward, but Jasper and Carlisle stopped him. Several police officers approached, and Bella felt even worse, hating the spectacle that was being put on because of her.

— Bella? — she heard Alice calling her in the distance, but she couldn't go on like that. She pressed the results of the test she had taken close to her heart and breathed, but Edward looked at her and said:

— Get her out of the hospital. I want her away from my son.

Two men stood one on each side of Bella, who with her crystalline eyes asked Edward, who had turned his back on her and walked to the waiting room:

— Do you really want me to go?

Edward stopped and shouted even backwards:

— Didn't you hear me? Get her out of here!

Bella turned, and followed by the two men began to walk. She felt her legs faint and her heart squeeze. She was alone again. She held on to a chair as she nearly fell, and one of the men with her helped her.

— Are you all right, miss? I can call a doctor... — he suggested. Bella denied it and said:

— Just give me a moment.

She breathed in and thousands of needles went through her heart, tearing it apart. She breathed again and let go of the policeman's grip, walking with her head held high to the exit. She had learned to be strong; she was strong and something as simple as what had just happened was not going to finish her. As she walked down the road to her car, she dropped her keys and grabbed the first thing she saw.

Dizziness clouded her eyes, causing her to breathe heavily. Suddenly she felt nauseous, forcing her to fall to the ground. She took a couple of deep breaths and felt someone help her up, putting her in the car.

She didn't know any more, unconsciousness held her down.

Gradually, she woke up, realizing that she was in a bed. She looked around carefully and noticed that it was her room. She was in her apartment and staring out the window was Dimitri.

— You're pregnant — he affirmed, making Bella's face pale with fear. She knew, she knew she was pregnant, she was just too scared to really understand what was going on, she hadn't even had enough time to take in the news.

— How…? — she started to say but the blond man turned and responded naturally.

— The tests say so.

Bella looked at her stomach and then looked up scared and happy at the same time.

A child.

A child of Edward.

She closed her eyes when the pain his name brought her lacerated her heart. A little sibling for Anthony, her little Mozart. She got up quickly and was dizzy again. She had to see Anthony; her little boy needed her.

— God! — she exclaimed taking her head off.

— Scratchy turns are dangerous for you and the child — said Dimitri with a thick Russian accent.

— Why are you looking after me? — Dimitri turned and answered looking at Bella's neck where she was wearing her mother's necklace, the one she never took off.

— It's a beautiful necklace.

Bella took one hand to her chest and pressed it with a smile.

— It was my mother's — she whispered and looked up when Dimitri approached her and wiped away a tear that had escaped her treacherous eyes.

— Easy — whispered Dimitri.

— I have to see Anthony — said Bella, tightening her collar. Dimitri sighed heavily and stood up saying:

— Years ago someone very wise told me that freedom is something that is mine by right but that it is also a responsibility. I am a bad man by nature, but she told me that I could choose to be good, so I gave her the necklace that you wear around your neck today: Asterias, in Greek, starfish. I choose to be good; I choose to help in what I can, but you can't stay in Los Angeles if you want to live and I think you will want to, now more and especially for the little baby you are carrying in your belly.

Bella opened her eyes and a blurred memory attacked her.

- London 1995 | 6 months before Renée's death -

— Why are you giving me your necklace, Mommy?

— I want you to always have it with you. Asterias, that necklace is a gift from a very valuable person, and it has a very nice history — said Renée without stopping looking at it. Bella smiled and asked in an innocent way:

— What's the name of the story?

— Freedom.

- Present day -

Bella didn't remember anymore but:

— My mother went to Russia to conduct an investigation — she whispered while looking at Dmitri, who smiled and nodded.

— Anthony — he said. — You have to see him before you go.

Bella looked down the corridor in front of her. There were two guards in front of the room that had been assigned to her little boy. She walked to the room safe from what she was about to do but the guards got in the way.

— I'm sorry, miss. We have strict orders not to let anyone in — Bella sighed in defeat, but James' voice made her turn around.

— Let her through — James nodded to Bella and then said, while staring at the guards — I've given an order.

The guards stepped aside, and Bella carefully opened the door to the room. Anthony was connected to several strange machines and her eyes filled with tears when she saw him so pale.

— Hello, my boy — she whispered in a broken voice, touching his cheek delicately. — You have to… — her voice broke but she tried again. — You have to get better.

She sipped her nose and smiled.

— You have to become a great man my little Mozart... — her heart was tightened. She took off her necklace and left a kiss on it. Then, carefully, she put it around his neck. — My spy satellite will take care of you my boy and my heart will always be with you.

She left a kiss on the letter and stuffed it into her little Mozart's jacket. She looked at him for what seemed like an eternity before whispering:

Si può dividere un mare, le stelle possono cadere dal cielo, ma nulla mi impedirà di portarti sempre nel mio cuore (1)

She sighed and with the greatest pain in her heart turned and closed the room to leave before Edward saw her.

Bella was leaning against the wall of the hospital, taking breaths to calm down, she didn't want to cry. She had to be strong. It was time to look forward. Even if Edward did not allow her, she would be aware of her little boy. There would be nothing to stop her, and with that in mind, she headed for her car. She had to get to her apartment, she was very tired and needed to think.

She took the car, turned it on and slowly got into the traffic that filled the city of Los Angeles that morning. She was so focused that she didn't realize a black SUV was following her.

She quickly made it to her house, parked and headed to the trunk to pick up some things she had left there, so she could take them inside. While she was bent over inside the car, a strong arm grabbed her by the waist, pulling her back and with the other hand covered her mouth. She had put a rag or handkerchief in her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

As she tried to breathe, she noticed a very sweet smell coming from the cloth, she didn't know what it was, but she was too scared to think about it.

Bella tried to free herself from her assailant, but little by little she lost her strength, she felt heavy and her eyes closed.

After a few seconds, she lost consciousness.

— I heard that your son is sick, Mr Cullen — Thomas said, looking at the papers he had in his hands. George, one of the partners looked at him carefully and Edward answered, trying to look casual.

— He'll be fine. It was just an accident, indigestion. You know, kids today will eat anything.

— That, no doubt, would be a reality, if my grandson was anything. But he's a Davis — James said as he entered the boardroom. Edward got up in a rage and started screaming.

— You have no business being here! I demand that you leave at once!

James smiled and inwardly apologized to his daughter for what he was about to do when what he wanted most at that moment was to tear the woman in front of him, sitting next to his imbecile son-in-law. Edward wasn't realizing anything.

But all in its own time.

— I can, I want to, and I feel like doing it, and an idiot like you is not going to stop me.

He sat down without waiting for an invitation and threw a folder in front of Edward. He looked at it with disdain and asked James:

— What do you want me to do with this folder? Do your job? — he knew that the folder would have to contain something important, but he didn't intend to let that man get the better of him, so he would show him all the contempt he was capable of.

— Why don't you read it instead? Maybe you'll get to know something about what's going on around you.

The sarcasm in his voice was very clear and hinted at things, although Edward didn't know what it might refer to, but Eleonora's sharp look made it very clear to James that she had indeed noticed that comment.

Edward began to read and the more he read the paler he became. He knew this debt existed, but it had been in a drawer for so long that he had forgotten about it. And it was coming out at the worst possible time.

— I want you to pay me back that debt, or you'll have to give me 85% of all your actions. That was the agreement — James said.

Edward looked up when he noticed that his late wife's father had trapped him. It seemed that everything that had been happening had been orchestrated by a damn evil mind. It was not possible for all these misfortunes to come together. But he had no choice.

He had to hand over his company to his ex-father-in-law.

1) Si può dividere un mare, le stelle possono cadere dal cielo, ma nulla mi impedirà di portarti sempre nel mio cuore: The sea can be divided, the starts can fall from the sky, but nothing will stop me from always carrying you in my heart.

Am I the only one crying around here? God, this chapter has a lot of drama.

Let me explain all:

1) Dimitri is good. He's trying to protect Bella and know who she is. And his life choice is to be good.

2) Edward's company is now James' (?)

3) Anthony is still in the hospital

4) Edward is an idiot who doesn't realize about ANYTHING

5) Bella has been kidnapped

And lastly...

6) Bella IS pregnant and for real

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