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My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

Translation: ClaryFlynn98

Beta: Ritchee the fangirl

Chapter 35: The fulfilment of a promise

— I told you that your pride was going to ruin you — said Eleonora, sitting in front of Edward, who kept reading the documents in the folder he had in his hands. Edward sighed and mumbled:

— Could you just get me a coffee?

Eleonora snorted and got up, leaving the office, upset. Edward frowned; he was missing some documents that Eleonora would probably have on her desk. He got up and walked quickly to his assistant's desk, opening the drawers one by one until he found the file he was looking for.

He moved several papers from Eleonora's desk and a white envelope fell to the floor, attracting his attention. He picked it up and turned it over, finding his son's handwriting.

"I don't know if you're gonna be busy, but I'd really like to invite you to my musical. It's a gift for you.


Edward opened the envelope. It was the invitation to his son's musical. The invitation that had been lost. At that very moment, Eleonora arrived with a coffee in her hands. Edward looked up and asked:

— What are you doing with this?

Eleonora recoiled nervously. How had he discovered the invitation? She had thrown it away, or so she thought. She took a deep breath, trying to look calm and answered:

— I don't know how that got there, but what is it?

Edward's alarms went off, but he'd been working with the woman in front of him for 12 years. She couldn't be evil; he would have found out over the years. Still, he couldn't trust anyone and from now on she was going to be no exception.

She felt herself in a kind of mist that was slowly dissipating and as it dissipated her body began to hurt. She could not distinguish what hurt her most.

She opened her eyes, trying to find out where she was, but closed them again because her world moved under her feet, literally speaking. She looked up and realized that her hands were tied, above her head, in a tube that looked like a pipe. She moved them and moaned in pain. She was hanging about two feet off the ground, held only by her tied hands.

Several tears flooded her eyes. She did not know where she was, she only remembered, perfectly, how someone had taken her off guard and grabbed her, covering her mouth and nose with something she could identify. She felt a strong burning in her legs and heard the buzzing of a whiplash. She groaned as best she could, for she had a gag that prevented her from screaming because of the pain she felt when she was hit.

— It would be so easy to finish you… — a voice from behind mocked. Bella had no difficulty identifying it. That voice would distinguish her in the middle of a thousand people talking. It was certainly Eleonora.

The chill she felt when she heard her speak confirmed it. She tried to see her in the dark room, but it was almost dark. It was cold, there were no windows, as far as she could see, and the only light there was a flickering red light as if it were a room from a horror movie. In front of her she could make out the figure of someone big, but the darkness was such and her eyes were so clouded with tears that it was impossible to tell who it was.

— I told you I was giving you 24 hours to leave, but you preferred to challenge me. Now I will show you why what I say must be done, but I prefer to do it very slowly.

Bella moaned again when Eleonora whipped her again, laughing maniacally. She prayed to heaven, asking for divine help for her and her baby. Her fragile little baby.

Dimitri was looking at the scene before him with a helplessness he was not used to feeling. He knew that he had to be very tactful if he wanted to get Bella out of there alive. He had come too late to prevent the abduction.

To be realistic, it had caught him completely off guard. When he went to meet Irina, she was already in the room, leaving Bella's back raw. At least the blows weren't aimed at her belly.

— If you want to do it slowly, you'd better stop skinning her or you'll kill her in a few minutes — said Dimitri, trying not to let Irina go on. — Come on Irina, give her some time to recover and then go on.

— I told you not to call me Irina anymore. Now I'm Eleonora. Let's see when that gets into your head.

While she was saying that, Dimitri realized that she was leaving the whip on a table behind her and was taking some keys, so she could let go of Bella.

Bella hadn't been able to understand anything they were saying, she didn't even realize who the other person was. She had enough to do with breathing. But she did notice when they opened the handcuffs, on one hand, falling, unconscious on the floor. She saw Eleonora looking down at her from above and leaving the room as if she did that every day. The other person there approached her and whispered in her ear:

— Hold on. Darling, just hold on...

I wish I had the right words to say goodbye, but I can't find one that sounds brave enough to say goodbye, to say how sorry I am, to say that even if I want to stay I can't. There isn't a word that says that and yet lets you know how much I love you. You're my son and even though blood doesn't unite us, music does. Every note, every song that we played together, every beautiful smile that lit up your face and made your beautiful eyes shine, is and will always be my pillar and my strength when I need it.

I'm sorry I can't be there to take care of you, I'm sorry I didn't keep the promises I made to you, but circumstances don't allow me to. There are problems that have no solution, my boy. I fought as much as I could but unfortunately, there is no solution for this. I will understand if you hate me, it would be fair to do so, but I can assure you that you will always be my son to me, and I will always carry you in my heart.

Promise me that you will take care of yourself, that you will be happy, that you will not give up music because it is part of you. Promise me you will take care of your family, your father, because behind that cold and hard shell is a scared man with a big heart and much love to give.

Do not change, always be that educated gentleman you are, that special and sweet being who stole my heart and above all never forget my boy, that the seas may be divided, the stars may fall from the sky but nothing and no one, never ever, will stop me from carrying you always in my heart.

Goodbye Anthony

So long my little Mozart

Isabella Swan

Anthony folded the card in his hands and placed it in his jacket where he was hiding it well. He had seen it when he woke up, but his father was there, so he hadn't asked him for it, as his grandmother had already given him the news that Bella had left, and his father had been clear that he didn't want to hear her name anywhere.

He looked at the white door of the hospital where he was locked up and tears welled up in his eyes. He squeezed the necklace he had found around his neck into his hands and sobbed in pain, unable to help himself.

She was gone.

She was gone and he was alone again.

The alarms of the machines he was connected to were set off when he started kicking in bed.

Furiously he pulled out the wires that kept him connected and screamed, screamed because he wanted all the pain, he was feeling to come out of him. He screamed and cried so hard that when the doctors and nurses came in scared, he didn't care, he didn't care that his uncles, his godfather, his grandparents and his father saw him destroyed, he didn't care about crying, he didn't care about the pain in his throat and he didn't even feel when a nurse injected him, forcing him to fall into unconsciousness.

— Come back, Mommy, don't go. Come back Bella, don't leave me alone…

Those were the words Edward heard before he saw his son being sedated by a nurse.

Rosalie hugged Emmett, Alice hugged Jasper and Esme... Esme sobbed loudly, making herself heard, even hugging Carlisle. None of them had ever seen the little boy cry like that and it broke their hearts. Edward… he just breathed and walked out of the room, looking to get away from what was happening.

Bella woke up out of the blue when a large amount of icy water fell on her.

— Come on, rat, snap out of it. I feel like having a little more fun.

Eleonora was approaching her, and Bella just wanted to get as far away from there as she could. She crawled, with her arms, as far as she could, while Eleonora laughed hysterically.

— Where do you think you're going to be able to go? — Eleonora kept on laughing, with one hand at her side, as if she had given her a cold shoulder. — You're very funny, rat. But, look, I'll tell you a secret that I think you'll like.

Eleonora's look gave her the creeps. She had that look you see in the movies. The one of the maniacs or psychopaths.

— I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart. First you, and then I'm going to get the brat — and with that, she turned around so she could leave again.

Bella was hysterical. She was going to hurt her child and she was locked up there, with no strength at all. She was very hungry and knew that was not good, as she had to be strong for her baby.

She lay on her stomach again, as her back hurt too much to lean on it.

"Forgive me, my boy, for not being there to protect you."

She didn't know how long she was lying there; she was only aware that she had fallen asleep and woke up when Eleonora sprayed her with cold water again.

— Wake up, rat — she said, approaching her at last and removing the gag that covered her mouth.

Bella sucked hard. She had not been able to remove the gag, as she did not even have the strength to do so.

— You will be glad to know that the brat is worse off. The doctors say he won't live long — Bella closed her eyes when Eleonora threw more water on her.

— Y...You're crazy — she said in a whisper, Bella. Eleonora laughed and responded, covering her mouth again.

— It's fun to watch someone die slowly.

Bella began to cry and looked around to escape, but all she could see was a table and a chair, which were out of her reach. She didn't have the strength to reach them. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her strength.

She was cold and her body hurt too much. Her wrists were swollen and injured from being hung up with handcuffs. Her stomach was roaring with hunger and her baby, her small, fragile baby, was in danger. She was short of breath, and so, amidst the crying, she fell asleep again.

— The doctor says you'll be out of the hospital tomorrow. Sue said that she has everything ready for you to feel comfortable — said Rosalie looking for Anthony's attention, who didn't even look at her. Edward stopped what he was doing and said:

— Your aunt is talking to you, Anthony.

Anthony didn't move. He stood there, lost, looking out at nothing in silence. Rosalie sighed and took her little boy's hand, squeezing it, but Anthony broke loose from his grip, throwing his aunt's hand away from him and said:

— Could you leave?

Rosalie opened her eyes, impressed by her nephew's words, and Edward looked up from his laptop. His son had been in the hospital for more than three weeks and in those three weeks, he had refused to speak. He had lost weight and was pale. The little food he ate he threw up, rejecting it.

Rosalie turned to leave. She didn't want Anthony to have another nervous breakdown, so she headed out. But her nephew's voice stopped her before she reached the door.

— Not you, Aunt Rose. You — said Anthony, looking at his father, then he snarled at him. — Go away.

Edward sighed and saw his son looking at him with his crystal eyes so he silently got up and left the room to avoid another nervous breakdown.

The doctor had been clear in saying that the little one needed more care than he appeared to. They could not leave him alone, they had to be patient and, above all, not provoke another crisis. So he went out under the watchful eye of Rosalie, who, instead of feeling sorry for her brother-in-law, felt more at ease.

Anthony sighed with relief, drawing his aunt's attention and saying without hesitation:

— I want to live with you — Rosalie was surprised, but still asked:

— Are you sure? — Rosalie asked. Anthony nodded and said with a broken voice:

— Bella's gone and I'm sure it was Dad who threw her out. He has taken my mother away from me and I made a promise to my father, a promise that I will keep. I want to live with you, I'm more than sure.

— I'm not going to let him go with you, Rosalie — said Edward angrily, looking at nothing, breathing as if he were short of breath because that's how he felt. He felt as if he was short of breath.

— He's my nephew Edward, I'm no stranger. Besides, I think it's for the best — argued Rosalie.

— What do you mean you think it's for the best? — Edward spat.

— Edward, have you seen your son lately? He's had three nervous breakdowns in two weeks. He doesn't eat, he doesn't even sleep if the nurse doesn't give him tranquillizers. He's about to go crazy! — Rosalie was trying to reason with him.

— But I can't let you take him away from me. Not after everything that's happened.

— Edward was running his hands through his hair. He was desperate. He knew that things with his son would be worse because of Bella, but he never would have imagined that they would get to this point.

— Edward, Anthony blames you for Bella leaving, and rightly so.

— She wanted to take my son away from me!

— Bella never sought to take your son from you! She just wanted Anthony to be happy. She was the only person who could get close enough for him to start opening up. Damn it, Edward! If you didn't even realize the child existed until she made you open your eyes!

Rosalie had already lost her patience.

— I'm not going to look for that woman — Edward said stubbornly. He didn't know what to think about her. He was confused.

— Alice went to look for her last week — Edward feigned indifference but something in his heart forced him to listen. Rosalie sighed and said — She's gone, it's as if she never existed. At the Academy, there is already a new music teacher, and no one knows where she is. All her things are still in her apartment, but she just disappeared.

— She is a millionaire; she doesn't need those things. It was her decision, not mine. I just told her to stay away from Anthony — Edward snarled angrily, without turning around.

— What woman in her right mind would stay by your side after all that you said to that poor girl? — asked Rosalie, seeing how Edward's back was tightening. — Tell me, Edward. What's it like to be alone? — said Rosalie, hitting Edward's ego, who did not answer her.

She turned to go back into her nephew's room but before that she stopped and said firmly:

— Anthony is leaving with me. It's his decision and you're going to respect it whether you like it or not. For his health, he's going with me.

— Bella? Bella? Wake up, please wake up — Bella opened her eyes and saw Dimitri in front of her. Dimitri sighed with relief, saying — I've got to get you out of here.

Bella didn't even have the strength to cry. She didn't know how long she'd been locked up in there. Occasionally Eleonora would give her some water, but she hadn't received any food since she was locked up.

— Can I know what you're doing here? — asked Eleonora angrily. Dimitri changed at once. His features hardened and he was no longer the man who had saved Bella, the man who was trying to save her.

— I thought I'd come and watch her die. I didn't think you'd keep her that long — argued Dimitri with a blade in his hands. Eleonora smiled and answered:

— She has to pay for getting in my way.

— The girl is almost dead. Kill her now and be done with it. It's getting boring and this place stinks — said Dimitri while playing with the blade in his hands.

— Do you want to play target practice? — asked Eleonora. Dimitri laughed and looking at Bella he spat:

— No. Leave her like that. She doesn't have much time left before this place stinks of death, more than it already does.

Eleonora shrugged and said:

— As you wish — and with that, she turned to leave.

Dimitri knew that she was behind the door listening to what he was doing. He had known her too long not to know what she would do. Dimitri walked towards Bella and put the knife he was holding in his hands into Bella's breasts and then said in a scary voice:

— What is it that Eleonora sees in you so much? Why do you draw her attention so much? You're just an insignificant girl.

Bella understood what was happening when Dimitri put a finger in his mouth and then pointed at the door, warning her. Dimitri put a finger in her ear and then said denying:

— I'm sure you'll be dead by tomorrow.

And then he came to her ear and said in a whisper that it was impossible for Eleonora to hear:

— Next time we come, don't move, don't do anything. You have to pretend to be dead. If you don't do this, it'll be impossible for me to get you out of here. You're too weak, you won't last much longer.

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