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My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

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Chapter 44: Family

- Los Angeles -

— Alice — said Edward surprised to see his sister at the door with Emily, his new assistant.

She was blushing and gasping for air, trying to say something. Alice was looking at him annoyed and stomping her feet in a funny way, making her heels clatter.

— Emily, you may go — Edward said to the poor creature.

Emily seemed grateful to be able to leave. She was a short girl, with huge glasses and scary skirts, because they were so long, but he had investigated her and she was not a criminal with the intention of stealing his company and breaking up his family, or with hidden intentions of making him his slave, or so the investigations showed.

Alice walked over to her brother and hit him in the face with the palm of her hand as wide as she could. Edward only looked at her in amazement, but Alice spoke before he could say anything.

— I should kick your ass until it looks as red as a tomato. You're an idiot, stupid, and I don't keep going because then I'd have to kick you.

Edward got up from his chair and hugged his sister so tightly that he left her breathless. He had been out of sight for so long that all he wanted at that moment was that, to hold her. Alice hugged him too and sobbed to him:

— I missed you so much, dear brother.

Edward sighed and let her go. Alice's eyes shone with the tears she had collected. She was still beautiful, as always, only her hair was longer.

— Stop looking at me as if I were a ghost — whispered Alice, banging her head. Edward laughed and stirred her hair, making her complain like when they were children.

— How is everyone? — he asked, wanting to know about his family. Alice let go of him and looked at him intently. She hadn't been with him for too long.

— Emmett is working with Jasper at a law firm. Rosalie is devoting all her time to Nahuel and Esme and Carlisle are planning a trip to England in a few weeks. They want to surprise Anthony.

Edward nodded uncomfortably and sat down again. Alice sat down on his desk and said in a restrained voice:

— Why don't you come for lunch on Sunday? — Edward denied a couple of times before he babbled:

— I'm not welcome. Not anymore, little sister. Not after all the damage I've done to the family.

Alice slowly got up and walked over to him. She kissed him on the cheek and turned to leave. She had given up on Edward, who looked more and more lonely and sad, but before she left, she said:

— It doesn't always have to be us who take the first step, Edward. Get your family back. Come back older brother.

And with that she left, leaving a very confused Edward.

- London -

Bella opened the terrace and sat down with a cup of coffee in her hands. The nights in London were beautiful at that time of year. She sighed, trying to relax. She had had a hard day at work.

Things were different since Anthony had appeared in their lives again to stay. At the Academy, he had been granted permission to live with his mother, although it had been Marco who suggested it and Anthony had been happy.

She vividly remembered the conversation she and Anthony had on his birthday after she had recovered.


Anthony and Bella were standing next to each other without speaking. Every now and then, really every second, they would look at their side to see that the person they loved hadn't vanished.

Little Anddie had left with her aunts, because as she said, "her brother and her mommy had to talk to be happy" and with that she had taken her aunts and they had gone to the park next to their house.

The silence was really uncomfortable, but neither of them knew how to break the ice. In the end, it was Anthony, who, desperate for answers, began.

— Why Bella? Why haven't I heard from you over the years? — he didn't dare call her mom. He didn't know how things were after three years.

Bella stared at him. What did she answer to that? That she was afraid of his rejection? That she was terrified that the heron would be watching him and discover that she was alive? She took a deep breath and set out to open her heart to the one who was rightfully her son.

— The situation in Los Angeles got out of hand, as I think you can remember. After you were hospitalized, your father and I had a big fight...

— I know my dad kicked you out, so please don't want to pretend that it's not all his fault. — Anthony's voice was pure steel when he referred to his father.

Bella didn't like what she heard. Her little boy was full of resentment towards his father, and although she understood the reason very well, it was not good. Her child should only have positive feelings towards those who were close to him. Still, that issue would have to wait.

— Anthony, please don't interrupt me — Bella half scolded him.

Anthony looked up in shame. It had been a long time since he had seen Bella and the last thing, he wanted was to start off badly.

— As I was saying, after the fight I had with your father... — She knew this couldn't be hidden from her child, although it would soften it up. — Eleonora threatened me.

Anthony's eyes opened like saucers. He didn't expect that.

— If it hadn't been for a friend, neither my little girl nor I would be here today.

— What did that witch do to you? — Poor Anthony was white as lime, but he quickly turned a raging red.

— What happened, happened. It's not even worth remembering —. As she said that, a chill ran down Bella's spine, remembering how the whip felt on her skin. — But one of the reasons I didn't come near you, was out of fear. Fear that she was watching you and discovered that I was still alive.

Anthony didn't know what to say. That woman, the heron, had destroyed his life. She had stopped his mother from coming to him. He wanted to grab her by the neck and twist it until it broke his neck. That scared him. He'd never had that kind of thought before.

Bella was looking at her child, who was saying nothing, who was staring into nothingness. She was more afraid to say the following, but she couldn't keep him.

— But the real reason I didn't go near you, was... I was afraid, Anthony. I was afraid that you would reject me. - A tear ran down Bella's cheek.

Anthony was staring at his mom. He didn't understand anything. Afraid that he'd reject her? Never that. She was his mother at heart.

He went over to her and held her as tightly as he could and said in her ear:

— I love you, Mom. I would never reject you. Never that.

End of Flashback

She was in her memories when Anthony knocked on the door as if it were closed. Bella smiled at him, patting a chair next to her and he quickly sat down next to her. He loved every moment he had with his mother since he found her. Then he asked:

— Are you okay? — Bella drank her coffee and responded:

— It's just been a long day, don't worry.

Anthony looked at her for a long time, not convinced by the explanation his mother had given him. He let it go and continued with what had come.

— Grandma and Grandpa are coming to see me. — Bella got stiff and the cup almost fell out of her hands.

— What? — She babbled in fear. Anthony sighed in frustration and said:

— I haven't been back to Los Angeles since August three years ago, Mom, and they've only come a few times.

Bella scolded herself internally and felt selfish. She knew she had to share Anthony with his family, but that wasn't all. She was sure Edward hated her. He had yelled it in her face. He had asked her to stay away from them.

She closed her eyes tightly when the painful memories lacerated her heart. It was hard not to remember Edward when her daughter had his eyes and was as capricious as he was, because Anddie was as capricious as her father and as pure as she had been before Eleonora played with her mind and body like a psychopath.

Anthony hugged her when he saw the tears fall from her eyes and fill her cheeks. He had understood that there were times when his mother would get lost. Painful moments in her life. He felt angry trying to imagine what his father must have said to make her look so sad now.

Bella denied a couple of times before she let go of Anthony and wiped her cheeks laughing her head off. Anthony sighed back to reality and said:

— Can I ask you something? — Bella smiled at him and nodded, looking at him intently. Anthony plucked up his courage and asked — What did Dad say to you that day?

Bella tensed up and looked away, saying:

— Nothing that matters, honey.

Anthony hit the table with his closed fist and Bella closed her eyes trying to control her heartbeat because she was starting to get dizzy. Hitting things when they were angry ran in the family. Both Edward, Anthony and little by little her daughter were doing it. Anthony frowned when he saw Bella shivering beside him:

— Why won't anyone tell me what really happened between you that day? Why won't you tell me what exactly that woman did to you? — He muttered. Bella cleared her throat and answered.

— Anthony, there are things that you're better off not knowing for now.

— I'm not a child anymore, damn it! — said Anthony, mumbling to himself, getting up in annoyance, but Bella's words forced him to stop.

— I know honey, but not even an adult is ready to hear what happened to me —. Anthony turned around and saw his mother's eyes full of tears. Bella sobbed and Anthony said:

— I hate that woman. Good thing she's already behind bars. And I hate my father — Bella denied and wiped away the tears that had escaped her and then said:

— I don't hate him.

- Los Angeles -

— And then the idiot said something like "I'm innocent, see?"

Everyone at the table looked at Emmett as if he had two heads and Emmett snorted when Nahuel said, looking at him with a scowl:

— You suck, Daddy.

The table broke into laughter. Everyone laughing at what the Hulk Jr. had said.

Esme got up when she heard the bell. Laughing, she opened the door and the cup she was holding fell to the floor, drawing everyone's attention.

Edward gladly received the hug from his mother, who sobbed and squeezed him as if she would never let him go.

— Oh, Edward! — she said. She let him go and squeezed his cheeks while Alice smiled openly, seeing her brother come back as the prodigal son.

Everyone greeted Edward. No one said anything uncomfortable that afternoon, and for the first time in many years Edward allowed himself to smile again.

He knew he was taking a big step. Returning to his family after all the shenanigans and these last three hellish years. But even so, there was still the most difficult step of all: ANTHONY.

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