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My son's teacher

By: Ann Arston Ara

Translation: ClaryFlynn98

Beta: Ritchee the fangirl

Epilogue: A true and eternal feeling

"There are things in life that are rarely said. I thank my life for giving me my daughter, Andrea. When she was born, she became my reason for being and then I was told that I not only had one daughter but two. Together with Rosalie, I loved them both, even though I was hard on Rosalie because I am a bastard to a certain extent, and I accept that. I was afraid, yet I recognised my daughter.

The lawyer is going to give her some papers that will give her a choice, the choice to accept me as her father, even though I don't deserve it. You have that choice Anthony; do you want to be my grandson? Because I always wanted to be your grandfather. I did bad things in my life. I collected a debt and became your father's enemy as soon as he stole my daughter from me. You will know how I felt when you have your children and they are your world.

I know, I'm bad, but my intentions, had wonderful fruits, and that woman left you alone, forever. My letter is not very important. In fact I made it to tell you to live as I once told you the life I always dreamed of for your mother.

I give you the shares of the company. You can sell them or do whatever you want with them. To your Aunt Rosalie, didn't pass on anything to her but one of my accounts at the bank. That's mostly for Nahuel, my other grandson.

I'm going to see your mother at least once before hell claims me. I'm sure of that and in my own way, I'm happy. Your mother was magic, so you are part of that magic too. Don't forget that. Goodbye son.

James Davis''

- Six years later -

— The flowers there — the woman looked at Bella and nodded in agreement.

White ribbons, roses and freesias flooding the room. Children running around the house laughing, the family reunited. Bella smiled and felt happy and blissful. Six wonderful years had passed. Anthony had become a man of twenty-two. Anddie was a beautiful and intelligent girl of nine. Life had smiled upon them. Bella had been married to Edward for six years and both were as happy as Anthony and Claire would soon be.

— Bella — called her Alice coming down the stairs looking worried.

— Did something bad happen?

Alice sighed heavily and then answered.

— Anthony wants to talk to you

Bella nodded and walked to the room where Anthony was. When she opened the door Anthony twisted his jacket and Bella smiled.

— There are habits that are not lost. Stop playing with your jacket like that, you'll wrinkle it, honey.

Anthony turned to look at her and left his jacket alone. There was fear in his eyes. Bella walked through the old room of her big little Mozart and hugged him.

— What's going on, honey? — she took his face trying to measure his temperature as if he were still a child. Anthony smiled and squeezed her hands saying

— I'm going to get married.

Bella smiled and fixed his tie and then looked up. Her little Mozart had become quite a man, a man who owned a million-dollar company that his father had handed over to him as soon as he came of age, as his grandfather had stipulated. A company that Anthony, after his father, had innovated, although that did not mean that he had given up his love of the piano, as he always played in his spare time and Edward was his guide in matters of the company.

— Is it that you don't love Claire? Is that it?

Anthony opened his eyes to Bella's question and quickly responded:

— Of course

— Then don't hesitate, honey. You'll do great — she said, patting him on the cheek. Then she turned to leave, but Anthony called her and said:

— Mum, will you walk down the aisle with me?

Bella turned and her eyes automatically filled with tears. She was proud of her boy. She would always see him as her little Mozart, that little boy who had stolen her attention and her heart.

— Me? — she asked, still doubting that she had heard wrong. Anthony nodded and said:

— You.

Bella laughed nervously and responded:

— It would be an honour, dear.

Anthony smiled proudly, walking beside his mother, his Bella. Edward, who was standing at the beginning of the aisle waiting for his daughter-in-law so he could give her away at the altar, was happy and proud to see his wife walking beside their son, and saw her kiss him on the cheek before walking away from him. There was nothing more beautiful, or so he thought until he saw the bride coming down the stairs. No doubt his son had chosen his future wife well. He was a Cullen and that made him proud and happy. Claire was smiling and her beautiful grey eyes were shining with an incomparable love.

Claire never got to meet Aro, her biological father. He decided not to get involved in her life, as all he could bring was a lot of drama and danger. It was not safe for Claire to be known as his daughter, so, with all the pain in the world, he walked away from her and only watched her from afar. This was how Aro was watching his daughter's wedding, from afar, giving his little girl the security she needed and letting her be happy.

Everyone stepped aside when the groom asked the bride to dance. There was love and joy in their eyes. Bella moved her head from side to side humming the song next to Edward making him smile. He stood up and then turned in a funny way calling everyone's attention, even his son, who stopped and looked at them smiling while Claire did the same. Edward winked at them and then looked at his wife saying

— Would you do me, Mrs. Cullen, the honour of giving me this piece?

Bella smiled and stood up saying:

— It would be an honour, Mr. Cullen.

He took her in his arms and whispered to her all the love he felt for her, that eternal and incomparable feeling.

— Are you okay?

Edward looked up from the painting that was now the most valuable thing in his personal studio and office. The party had been over for an hour and he had felt the need to hide in his studio, alone. Bella smiled at him, waiting for an answer at the doorway. Her eyes shone and Edward never saw her more beautiful. A small lump was rising in her stomach, five months pregnant. Her third child. A boy. They were not expecting it as it had been impossible for Bella to get pregnant again after she had had a fertility test and it had turned out that she could no longer have children. It had been a difficult time in their life and their marriage, but they had overcome it together. The screams, the fights and the beautiful reconciliations that went hand in hand in their marriage. They were happy and joyful.

Bella had been so scared. She had believed that this baby was in danger because she had been told that she could not, that it was not likely to have another baby because of all her health problems and the medicines she had stopped taking

— You're beautiful — he admitted without ceasing to look at her. Bella blushed and walked over to Edward to sit on his lap. She left a short kiss on his lips and asked looking into his eyes

— What's wrong, honey? Are you okay?

Edward leaned back in the chair to make Bella more comfortable and looked at the picture of his family before stroking his wife's back. The scars were still there and were a living reminder that in the end the suffering, all the pain had been worth it. She had not wanted to remove them, she said they were her war scars. Even though her health was improving day by day, she was still afraid that the pregnancy would hurt her, but Ben had assured them that everything would be fine as there were no more worries, no more sadness, nothing that could hurt them.

— My son got married today — whispered Edward wistfully and then added — I'm getting old.

Bella laughed and then looked at the photograph that was on her husband's desk. Her children were there smiling next to their father, who had touched her butt when they took that picture making her blush and look at him furiously for ruining the picture like that, although she wasn't going to deny that she was more than happy that Edward had such outbursts from time to time.

— I've never seen Anthony so happy — she said in a whisper as she looked at Edward, who also smiled and said:

— Hmmm.

Bella looked at him with a raised eyebrow and Edward continued

— In fact, I had seen our son so happy.

Bella frowned and Edward stroked her face, undoing the wrinkle between her eyebrows with the greatest of care, being tender.

— What...? — she began to ask but Edward interrupted her saying.

— You made Anthony happy. His eyes lit up when he talked about you. I came to believe that he was having that crush that we all have on our teachers at some point in our lives and that scared me too.

— My bond with Anthony is something magical. He stole my heart. When I saw him crying for you in my music room it was a difficult phase of his life — Bella said confidently looking at him. Edward smiled and admitted:

— It was you who helped him get through that phase and I will always be indebted to you for that.

Bella kissed him with the greatest love she had for her husband and Edward stroked her stomach, proud to finally be the father he would have wanted to be for his first two children, from the very beginning. He had a third and last chance that he had to take, and he was going to do it.

The baby moved and made Bella smile. Edward instead opened his eyes and looked at her in fear. The baby moved again, and Bella wrinkled her nose saying:

— I think I have to go to the bathroom.

— Are you okay?

Bella nodded pale and covered her mouth, running to the bathroom. She knew she shouldn't have eaten all that tasty tomato juice with sugar and strawberries. Strange fucking cravings.

Edward ran after her and rubbed her back as she returned everything to the bathroom. Anddie, who had just entered, frowned and looked at her mother bent over in the bathroom

— Mommy?

Edward turned and saw his daughter Andrea next to Alec. He grunted but Bella looked up and squinted at him. The boy was annoying. He looked at his daughter as he had looked at his first wife once. He hoped that his partner Laurent would one day send him to the North Pole to count polar bears or penguins, but in the meantime, he was forbidden to snarl at the brat as Bella always smiled when the dwarf-robber- Martianite-daughters- gave her daughter flowers, who blushed.

How come his daughter was no longer afraid of monsters?

— I'm fine, honey, it's just that your little brother Charles is restless today.

Edward smiled. He had been the one who had suggested his father-in-law's name for his son and Bella had cried and kissed him thanking him for doing such a thing.




Ethan Charles Cullen Swan was born four months later, strong and healthy. Bella smiled happily, Edward fainted in childbirth and Emmett didn't let him forget it, ever.



- Meanwhile, the same day, on the other side of the ocean -

Dimitri smiled, walking in New York City's park. There were people who could not enjoy the time that he, for the moment, had to spare. He looked up at the sunny sky and when he looked down a woman was petting his dog. Ty barked and filled her with spittle but that was not what caught his attention. The girl laughed and her laugh was beautiful, her hair was brown and when she looked up her blue eyes were transfixed with his.

— I have a weakness for animals, I'm sorry — she said in a silky voice. Dmitri's heart pounded with rage. Was that what it felt like?

— Ty is a seducer

Dimitri smiled and the girl blushed.



Love has no end, love prevails, always as an eternal and true feeling.


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