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Chapter 1:

The Beginning of the End.

Humanity has seen several instances of violence and loss of life in the past. These include; wars, famine, and disease. All things that have brought misery to mankind, and all other forms of sentient life in the universe. However there was nothing that could top the horrors of what had just recently occurred. An event full of brutality, hatred, death, and hopelessness. For millennia, the universe and its inhabitants have always lived their lives freely and sometimes selfishly, with no regard to the consequences that would befall them. Some would get away with the things they've done, with no punishment ever being received. Others would keep doing the things they've done, believing that it was the right thing. People enforcing their wills on others, believing that their philosophy was something everyone should follow. As time went on hate and oppression was something that all sentient life would force on each other. It was something that's been going on since the dawn of the universe. If everyone knew the consequences of their actions, then a lot of bloodshed could have been avoided. In the end all of the negative emotions that they brought into this world would leave them at the mercy of one particular being. In the end, the universe would be forced to witness families being split apart, the guilty receiving their punishment, innocents being caused in the crossfire, and all social hierarchies being destroyed. The events that followed would bring an apocalypse that no sane person would wish on anyone.

"The universe will never be the same."

These were the thoughts that were going through Clockwork's head. As the ghost of time, he had been given the duty of watching over the time stream. To make sure that time will keep on going. To bring a brighter future for the world. He sees not only the path that the time stream will take, but all the twists and turns it may take. Or not take.

However, despite the millions of years watching over the timeline, he has never encountered an individual quite like Danny Phantom. Once, he was nothing, but a simple teenager named Danny Fenton. That all changed when he turned fourteen. What happened was that Daniel's parents were ghost hunters. They spent their entire career on building inventions to aid them in their quest to dissect a ghost. To learn the secrets of those who died and came back. Their newest invention was a portal that would lead to the Ghost Zone. When it came time to activate it, the portal could only spark, let alone tear a hole in the spirit dimension.

While the two ectologists sulked at their apparent failure, Danny explored the portal. His life changed forever when he pressed the on button while inside the portal. From there, he wasn't human nor was he a ghost. He was a human-ghost hybrid, a being that was neither dead nor alive. He had the ability to transform into two forms, his human form and ghost form. He could turn invisible, walk through walls, fire beams of ectoplasmic energy, and fly. Struggling with his powers at first, the young poltergeist would later master his abilities. Clockwork saw this boy grow to use his powers to protect his hometown from any malevolent spirit that wished it any harm.

A boy who became a hero that protected the innocent. He gave it his all to make sure no one would get harmed by the ghosts that infested the town. He sacrificed his personal life, his free time, his grades, and his health to make sure that the citizens of Amity Park could sleep well at night. Danny was a guy who had so much potential and could have been another example of the heroes that this world offers. After all, there were hundreds of superheroes that existed in the world. Heroes like Superman, Spider-man, and Captain America. Like them, Danny would have had his time to shine and show the world what he was capable of. Sadly, the hybrid's potential was destroyed by society. To be cast out by others who were scared of his powers to understand him. To be seen by others as a threat to their own existence. Even other superheroes such as the Avengers and the Justice League grew wary of his power. He was potentially the most dangerous thing on the planet. Despite all the good he did for the world, he was an outcast to everyone around him.

A good chunk of the superhero community had a distrust towards the ghoul because of what he was. As a ghost he was seen as unpredictable and potentially dangerous to those he encountered. He recalled all the things that were said about Daniel and what he was. Thanks to Jack and Maddie being the first scientists that studied ghosts, their hypothesis that ghosts were creatures that couldn't feel was seen as fact by the rest of the world. The Fentons would always prattle on about how ghosts were to be destroyed at all costs to protect the human race. While some superheroes associated with the supernatural and magic believed that ghosts were creatures that could easily be led astray. However, all of this distrust became meaningless after what had happened to young Daniel at the hands of those he once called friends. Clockwork closed his eyes in sadness at the fate that fell on Danny. He knew that what they did to the heroic phantom would live with him for the rest of his life.

The ancient spirit's thoughts were soon interrupted by a persistent banging that was echoing throughout the tower. With a sigh, Clockwork turned to a thermos that was for a lack of a better term obliterated. It was littered with dents that pretty much covered the entire surface. One would assume from looking at it that something tried to punch its way out. An imprint of a face that looked like it came straight out of hell was also present on the device. The smile on its face screamed malice and pain for anyone that got its attention. This was Dan, a version of Danny from an alternate timeline. A version, where he just gave up on being a hero because of all the pain he endured. Losing his friends and family to an explosion, and scarring him for life. He would then eradicate his human half and go on to terrorize all who opposed him. All life would've gone extinct if Clockwork hadn't interfered. He was able to bring the past Daniel to see the future. Horrified at what he saw, Daniel tried to change it, but Dan wouldn't allow himself to be erased. A battle occured between the two and in the end Dan was trapped in the fenton thermos, a device that was used to contain ghosts. Daniel was able to change the future and erase all of the destruction Dan caused. Unfortunately, Dan was able to exist outside of time thanks to one of Clockwork's medallions. This left Clockwork with the task of watching over the thermos and keeping Dan contained.

"You know this thing won't hold me for long." Clockwork looked at the thermos that was the source of the voice. "I'll get out, and when I do, I'll kill everything that's in my path."

Clockwork sighed with a face full of resignation. "I know and the mortals will be forced to watch as you unleash a Hell on Earth."

"You're saying that like you don't care what happens to the mortal world."

"They brought it on themselves with their betrayal, bigotry, arrogance, and desire to have everything under their control."

"Now they will be forced to watch as I bring the apocalypse. I can't wait to see the look of despair on their faces, as I take away everything that they hold dear. All of them will face my wrath."

"Even if you do, you know that in the end you still won't win."

"Nobody has the power to stop me and you know that."

"What about your past self?"

"After everything those parasites put him through, I doubt that he would come to defend them." Clockwork nodded at what Dan had said. It would be extremely unlikely that Daniel would come through for the world. However, he knew what paths the future would take. "Maybe, maybe not, but now it's almost time for judgement day, the beginning of the end." Clockwork knew he wouldn't be able to stop Dan. Even locked up, he was still able to grow stronger. Even Clockwork was shocked to discover the amount of power that Dan had gained. Although it was inevitable.

Through looking at the time stream, Clockwork gazed in horror at the amount of powers that Dan had gained and would unlock. It was as if, the vengeful phantom somehow ascended into a higher state of being. Like he became a primordial being like Clockwork himself. Now he could ultimately take on the entire universe by himself. The heroes of the world wouldn't be able to handle something like him.

Dan would need to be killed if one wanted to stop him. However, most heroes refuse to kill their enemies, because they think that it makes them no better. Despite the fact that by locking them up, they would only escape and cause more deaths and misery. There would be those who would try to kill Dan regardless, but they would be too weak to stop him. Some would be too consumed by their arrogance to see that they would stand no chance against Dan. Without Daniel, the universe was doomed.

Now all sentient life would be at Dan's mercy. Or lack of.

Suddenly, a huge explosion came from the thermos. As the blast ended, Clockwork looked at the bits and pieces that were left of the thermos. He then turned to the time portal and saw everyone go on with their day, unaware of the horrors that await them.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The sagely ghost soon turned his attention to the now free Dan Phantom. With a bloodthirsty smile, Dan fired an ectoblast at the time master. Clockwork got out of its path and fired his own. Only to be blocked by an ectoshield from the demon phantom who rolled his eyes at the attack. The Dark Phantom charged at his adversary with a punch that sent him through the walls.

Despite the pain, Clockwork managed to get up and glare at his opponent. He then summoned a group of other clockworks. All wearing different clothing from different eras in time. Dan snorted at this and split himself into four phantoms. The two groups charged at each other and what happened next was a series of ectoblasts firing everywhere, punches and kicks being exchanged, duplicates being thrown all around the tower.

One version of Clockwork would have its head ripped off, another would be incinerated by Dan's ectoblasts. Clockwork was trying to use his time staff to protect himself from any of the ectoplasms. The time ghost screamed in pain as Dan put his palm on the primordial's face, using his ecto energy to burn it, as steam began to rise from Clockwork's face. He then sent an underhanded punch straight towards Clockwork's jaw. His scepter was then snatched by Dan, who proceeded to start beating him with it.

Clockwork tried in vain to take the blows, but Dan's strength made them too much to bear. Every time he received a punch, it felt like someone was dropping an anvil on him. Although his nerves were nonexistent, it was like someone was setting them on fire. He was then grabbed by his ghostly tail and was thrown right into his bookshelves, smashing it to pieces. Over time he started to bleed out ectoplasm, as the assault continued.

Fortunately, a caveman duplicate of Clockwork smacked Dan away with his club. The Time Master got up and glared at his opponent. "Time out." he said with a push of a button on his scepter. Expecting Dan to freeze in time he was shocked to discover Dan still standing there.

"I thought you said you knew everything Clockwork, even the part about me being immune to your chronokinesis thanks to your medallion," Dan jeered. "You shouldn't keep something like that around it comes back to haunt you." A glow of blue energy began to appear around his body. Growing brighter and brighter like a supernova, Clockwork was channeling all of his power to form until Clockwork fired it out of his hands towards the fallen hero.

This attack would be pointless, as Dan summoned a ghost shield to protect him. "Is this the best the so-called Master of Time can offer?" Dan questioned. "Pathetic, your losing your touch Clockwork." Advancing towards Clockwork like a lion about to devour its prey, when he reached him, he gazed down at the Time Master. He then took a breath in and unleashed his ghostly wail.

Waves and waves of energy were upon Clockwork as he tried in vain, to get up. The vibrations started to cause most of the tower to fall apart. Clocks and gears were breaking all over the place. His duplicates were also fading away from the sonic scream. Only the main chamber was still standing. Clockwork was severely injured, sporting cuts and bruises all over his face, sporting matching black eyes, he was even struggling with floating.

"It's over Clockwork, it's only a matter of time before I beat you, and go on to destroy everything," Dan mocked. All the duplicates were defeated, leaving the two ghosts alone. Clockwork knew that deep down Dan was right. He wasn't a ghost that was known for combat. He would only end up being destroyed. Looking at Dan with a serious stare Clockwork stated, "You're right, I can't beat you and my attempts will just be in vain, but if you keep this up your time will eventually run out." Saying his last thoughts, Clockwork soon vanished into the wind.

Satisfied that his opponent had fled, Dan turned to the time portal and began to observe what was going on. The time portal showed a middle aged man at a podium in front of a huge audience. Dan could see that the crowd was cheering at what the man was saying.

"Mutant registration is the only way that we can sleep easy at night with all of those mutants out there. If I'm elected president I will make sure that the American people won't have to deal with the mutant menace that's going on." The man smiled as the audience's cheering became even louder. This was Senator Kelly, a man who believed that mutants should be forced to register to protect the rest of humanity. Even though mutants were still human, they just had powers and other gifts. Looking at the crowd, Dan could see some people holding signs like "Send the Muties to the moon" or "Mutants are a disease". The Specter could only snort at how narrow-minded humans could be. Automatically hating something different just because they're out of the norm. Dan would relish in seeing the life leave their eyes after he gave each and every one of them an excruciating death. He would rip the flesh from their bones and hear them whimper in agony. It wouldn't just be the earth, the entire universe will be annihilated. All living things will come to know Dan as the harbinger of death. He then gave a sadistic smile at the man he was looking at.

"Lets have some fun."