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Hermione sat in a far off corner of the library, staring out at the soft glow of untouched snow in the moonlight. She had just finished her transfiguration essay and was enjoying the calm quiet of the library. Over the past six years she had found that this time of night was her favorite to be here. Madam Pince liked Hermione well enough to allow her to stay after closing time. So it was quiet, allowing her to breath and think clearly without the hustle and bustle of the school around her.

Harry and Ron she knew were most likely in the common room by this point, determined to find the culprit behind the happenings of the last week. She loved her boys, really she did, but found their exuberance to be exhausting at times. She wished, not for the first time, that they wouldn't jump head first into situations. But knew it wouldn't happen just yet. Thus she had once again sought out the peace and solace of her little corner in the library.

She sat there alone, continuing to stare at the snow. Thinking to herself about the last week or so. Hermione didn't know why, but she had a feeling as though Hogwarts herself was waiting for something to happen. She didn't know how long she sat there letting this feeling sit inside her, but let it do so for a little longer.

Slowly Hermione stood stretching out her stiff joints and shaking out the pins and needles in her limbs before gathering her things to leave. Assuming no one else was in the library, not even Madam Pince, Hermione didn't worry much as she sharply turned a corner around a bookcase headed towards the entrance.

Hermione let out a small gasp as she bumped into another person, so caught off guard that she lost her balance and started to fall backwards. As she fell, a distinctly soft but strong male hand reached out and caught her hand. He was just as surprised as she, but was all the same thankful that he had the reflexes to catch her. Just as quickly as he had caught her he pulled her slightly closer to him as she tried to steady herself, keeping her hand in his and putting a light hand on her back.

"I-I'm so sorry… I was lost in thought and didn't realize anyone else was here." He said as he helped her re-balance.

'Wait,' she thought, 'I… no, it can't be. I recognize that voice.' Her head shot up as she slowly realized who's voice had spoken to her. Surprised at hearing such a kind warm tone coming from the one whose voice usually carried an air of coldness when speaking to her. And sure enough, she was looking at non-other than Draco Malfoy. Who had yet to see exactly whom he was holding.

"I-I…. huh?" She stammered out, not sure of how to respond.

As he heard the girl in his arms stammer Draco raised his head slightly to see exactly whom he had run into.

'What?' he thought as his steel-gray eyes met with the warm chocolate-brown orbs staring at him widely in disbelief. Suddenly realization hit him, 'Granger?' he thought, 'What's she doing here at this time of night?'

He sat for a second in slight disbelief, and was about to voice his question when both were struck even more speechless as a bright warm glow emanated from their still entwined hands. The light enveloped them in a cocoon that pulsed with their heartbeats leaving them in awe at the display surrounding them.

As the light faded they slowly stared into each other's eyes, although now in confusion rather than disbelief.

In a rare display of unity they both asked, "What…. Was that?"

Hermione looked around, thankful once again that Madam Pince trusted her enough to be left alone in the library at this time of night.

" I…. don't know." She said

She watched as amusement crept its way onto Draco's face. An expression she noticed was rarely seen on the boy's face. Especially after the incident with Katie Bell this last week.

"What?" she asked with a hint of testiness "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing. Just….. Well, you usually always seem to know what's going on." He stated matter of factly, once again throwing Hermione off guard with how civil he was being towards her.

She wondered what had changed in him. He seemed tired and distracted, but the fact that him being so nice to her wasn't making her uncomfortable threw her for a loop. And Vice Versa he was pleasantly surprised with how easy going and comfortable he was around her at this moment.

"Anyways…." he said interrupting Hermione's thoughts on this new situation, "As much as I would like to know why you're here so late. I'll assume you were only studying, as usual. And seeing how late it is... I believe that I am going to head back to my dorm to get some rest, as should you." As he finished speaking to her, he turned and sauntered off around the corner of the next bookcase.

Hermione sat for a moment staring out the window next to her trying to figure out exactly what had just happened between her and Draco. 'When did I start calling him Draco?' she wondered before her thoughts were interrupted again.

"Oh, and Hermione." He said popping his head back around the corner, " I think it goes without saying, but until we figure out what that light was. This little accidental meeting… should stay between the two of us." He watched as she thought about what he had just said, himself wondering when he had started to refer to her as Hermione rather than Granger when her soft voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Alright Draco." she replied. She knew full well they needed to figure out what had happened and that by keeping it a secret would help them in the long run. Having given her agreement Draco nodded and once again made his way out of the library leaving Hermione to follow shortly after.

Soon enough the both of them were in their dorms and getting ready for bed. Neither of them knowing of the sleepless nights they were in for, and the amount of change their lives were about to go through. For tonight they dreamt of memories long ago lived, telling the story of a tragedy yet to be mended.