Moving On and Goodbyes

Reaction to The Wheel (Finale)

This chapter is not written from the point of view of my original character. It is more of a thank you letter to the PTA.

"You just keep rowing, growing, changing and moving on."

~The Wheel Tuck Everlasting

No pun intended here but this lyric definitely struck a chord with me, As mentioned in the introduction Tuck Everlasting is going to be my last show with the Amherst PTA and this was a tough decision for me to make. Maybe it's because I have felt at home with this group for the past nine years.. Goodbyes are hard. and even more so for me due to the strong bonds and connections I have formed. I first started working with the PTA when Alan Kaplan asked me to help up with the publicity for Children Of Eden in 2010. Since then I have had many hats in these productions actor, publicist, stage hand and assistant sound designer. Having gone through the Amherst School system I watched the PTA Plays all through out middle school and high school supporting my classmates, my mother and my sister. In 2018 my family moved to Portland Maine. That was a rough transition for me. Matt and I have lived in Nashua since May of 2012. My parents were my main connection to Amherst once they moved away I figured that transitioning to doing more theatre and music in Nashua was the more sensible choice. I wanted to take this moment to not only thank the cast of Tuck Everlasting but also the casts of previous productions for being so amazing over the past several years. Your support has really meant a lot me in my growth as a performer and technician. I have not yet decided if I am going to continue acting or not as Matt and I are trying come up with ideas for more hobbies we can do together. His work schedule does not really allow him to act in plays anymore which is why he not been in any shows since 2016 when we did Shrek. Zac, I just wanted to say you're amazing. Your talent knows no bounds. I am going to miss doing plays with you but have no doubt you are going to be successful in the future. Michelle. I wanted to thank you especially for being such an amazing mentor over the years. You have always been so supportive of me.

Thanks to everyone in the PTA for embracing me and accepting me. Dancing may not be my forte and singing may not be either. Thanks also for all the great memories. There are so many fond ones that I will always cherish.