(Korea. 1950. US military HQ, Seoul).

The CIA room. A room in headquarters meant only for officials of the Central Intelligence Agency. Sitting at a desk in that room. . Was the man in charge of all CIA personnel in Korea.

A tall man, about seven or eight feet tall. Dressed in the US Army uniform. He had short brown hair with streaks of gray. He wrote glasses over his brown eyes.

This General Dusty Wolford. Chief assistant director of the CIA.

He said, in a thick Texas accent"Dumbass Flagg. Always engaging in stupidity." He hit a buzzer on the desk, "Jean are you out there?"

A voice on the intercom said, "Yes sir."

Dusty said, "Call up Captain Francis, I want to speak to him. Immediately."

Jean said, "He's already out here. I'll send him in."

Into Dusty's office came a young man, dressed in another uniform . This was Francis Epsilon. Captain of the CIA. Assigned to keep an eye on Colonel Flagg.

Francis said, "General. I have already sent you my report for the week. Flagg has already exceeded the CIA stupidity limit."

Dusty said, "I am well aware of that Captain. But I want you to keep an eye on a few. . Other people for me." He laid down a file, "What was the dumbest thing Flagg is known for doing?"

Francis answered, "Illegally drafting over 40 to serve in the Second World War. Half of whom were WELL under the age of eighteen. And ten of whom are now deceased. It was illegal, as the CIA does not have conscription authority. "

Dusty said, "Good memory. Now. . Flagg is at it again. He has Illegally drafted seven groups of people into the Korean War."

Francis said, sarcastically, "Medicine has Come a long way, Sir. . But they can't cure stupidity and that is a damn shame."

Dusty said, "Yep." He handed over the file, "I want you. . To keep an eye on these groups. Gather some other CIA personnel. . And send them to the selected units."

Francis said, "Simple enough. Anything else?"

Dusty said, "Everything you need to know. . Is in that file. Dismissed."

Francis grabbed the file and said, "Yes Sir."

As he walked out. . Dusty muttered, "Flagg. . One of these days I will find The tallest tree in Asia. . And I'm going to hang you from it."

(For those curious. . Francis is from the show, Secret Saturdays)