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Laying on his bed was Steven Universe. His opening to his room with the sun shining in.

He got up and looked out his balcony, a view of the beach with the sun rising and shining. He really never had a chance to really admire it and made him smile from the beauty of it.

The memories of the roller rink came to his mind and made him much more happier having to finally have a break from his pink outbursts.

The happy memory though was interrupted by his memories of Cactus Steven with the Gems knowing his problems, even with his situation that happened with Peridot. The more he thinks, the more it just clutters his mind.

A pink glow starts to form on his body again, as it did when he became emotional, but immediately shakes it off.

"I just need to clear my head and to stay calm", he muttered to himself. "It's not going to get any better if I keep thinking about it".

He breathed in and out to calm himself and looked out to the sunrise. It seemed to calm him down.

Steven then sighed, now that he quieted Little Homeschool he really didn't have anything to do. He then decided to have some time to clear his head again.

He changed into his attire and walked downstairs. He was then greeted by Garnet sitting on the couch watching television.

"Where are you heading Steven?", Garnet asked.

"Oh, hey Garnet", Steven replied, "Just gonna go on a short drive... Ya know to relax me."

She turned her head to him, "Well remember to drive safe and to not run over anything."

Steven chuckled, "Will do", he headed to the door. "Alright bye, I'll see you all in a bit".

"Bye Steven, take care".

Steven gets in his van and shuts the door. He puts the key into the ignition and begins his drive.

With music filling his ears, he parked to an opened treeline and parked.

It was the after,noon with the sun gleaming down. Steven got out and started to trek through the forest.

Instead of looking at the nature around him, Steven was still in thoughts, from his past and feeling rather useless and unneeded.

Although he had a great time with Connie, Pearl, and Bismuth, he felt everyone drifting away. Everything was going fast and he was having a difficult time just catching up.

"Why?". He muttered, "Why am I always the problem". Steven sighed, "I try to fix things but make it worse, especially on myself... Just why?".

Steven then fell and rolled down a steep hill. He landed to a small pond with dense forest around it with sun shining through the trees above, the water reflecting the bright sunlight.

He awed at the beauty of it, he not only felt at awed but also felt safe.

He sat on one of the trees and just relaxed. His mind finally cleared from everything and closed his eyes.

"Okay this is nice, finally some alone time".

It was then interrupted by a splash in the small pond. Steven stood up to face the pond, activating his pink shield.

"Okay, happy moment gone!". He exclaimed.

Nothing, Steven kept his eye on the pond. He looked away for a second before the splashing happened again. The splash itself sounded like a small fish jumping out and diving back in. He looked at the pond and began to approach it.

The splash happened again at the edge of the pond. He looked and saw a something strange.

At the edge of the pond he saw a strange eel-like creature the size of a water bottle. It was a beige color with blood red colors on it's back and gills. It had a long tail and small stubby legs with even smaller stubby appendages that were its arms. Its face was scrunched up with small teeth and fish eyes.

"Okay, you are weird looking". Steven deactivated his shield and inspected the creature.

Steven looked at squirming around the edge with it being the only soul in the pound. He looked around and frowned.

Steven then extended his arms to hold but the creature squirmed in response.

"Hey, hey it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you". Steven holds it as gently as possible.

The creature then starts to ease up on Steven's hands and looks right at him.

He looks at it and chuckles at its strange face.

"Man I just want to know why such a strange yet, kinda adorable thing doing in this amazing place, all by yourself... all... alone". Steven's smile forms into a frown as remembering the reason why he, himself is in the forest alone.

He looks back at the eel creature in his palms, still looking at him with a smile.

"Maybe I should bring you back with me so you won't be all alone here, and so I won't waste gas money coming here and going back, but so you won't have to be alone, whaddya say."

The creature only blankly stares at him with its fish eyes.

"Well I don't hear a no..."

Steven dipped the creature in the pond and bubbled it, big enough for it to swim around in.

Steven then flew up and it was already beginning dusk. He then went back on himself from where he came from to the van.

At the van he got in and plopped the bubbled creature on the passenger seat

"There nice and comfy you stubby little thing, hey how about that, Stubs, I'll call you Stubs".

By the time Steven parked his van at the house, the sun was already setting. He looked at his new friend, still bubbled, but was unsure on how the gems would react to it.

"Well Stubs, time to meet my friends", Steven said in a rather nervous tone.

He grabbed the bubble and got out the van, but something about Stubs looked off. Steven looked at it and could have sworn something was a little different.

"What the... weren't you smaller before... you know what nevermind let's get inside."

Steven opened the door and was greeted to Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl at the dining room table chatting.

"Oh hey Steven, how was your drive?" Pearl asked.

"Yea". Amethyst chimed in, "And what's that?". She pointed at the pink bubble.

"It went pretty great and, uh this". Steven looked at the pink bubble. "This is... Stubs".

"Stubs?". The three responded.

Steven brought the bubble to the table, "Yea my new umm... pet Stubs".

The three gems inspected the contents and saw the creature Steven called "Stubs".

"It's weird looking thing I've ever seen". Amethyst said.

"Where did you find this creature Steven?" Pearl asked

"Well I was hiking the forest and fell into to an area that looked really amazing with a pond and dense yet nice trees that covered the place, and found Stubs alone in the pond".

They looked over at the creature, it still swimming in the pink bubble.

"Oh poor thing". Pearl said ,"It must've been lonely and starving".

Amethyst looked at it with a confused expression, "Yea but what does it eat?".

Steven never thought on what it ate or in fact, how it could've lived there.

"Judging from its form, it seems to be a carnivore that eats things like a snake". Garnet commented.

"Oh no". Immediately Steven thought of it eating something small like a mouse and knew exactly who would have that.

Pearl looked concerned from Steven's comment, "What is it Steven?"

Steven looked at her worryingly, "I think I know exactly who would have the type of meal Stubs would most likely like."

"Well who it be Steven?". Amethyst asked

"Well he has a snake and takes my food when he doesn't even eat it-".

"Onion". The gems said simultaneously.

Steven sighed, "Yep that will be him".

Pearl shuttered at his name, remembering the time she and Steven babysat him.

"Are you sure there isn't an alternative food source for it?". Pearl asked

"Well is there anything else?". Steven responded.

Garnet got up held the bubble with Stubs still in, "Well first things first, you need to put this little guy in something bigger and breathable.

Steven almost forgotten to get a place to put Stubs in.

"Oh right, were is a good place to put him?" Steven asked.

Amethyst chimed in, "Put it in a fish bowl".

"I would but it seems to small for it". Steven replied.

"Hold on". Garnet answered.

She went to the kitchen cabinets and pulled out a large pot. She placed to bubble in the pot and popped the pink bubble, released Stubs into the large pot.

"And there you go". Garnet said with a smile.

Steven smiled and sighed, "Thank you Garnet, now all I really need to worry about is feeding it and potentially cleaning after it".

Steven walked up to Garnet and grabbed the pot. He then noticed a slight heft to it, not from the pot but from the thing swimming in it though didn't think it was to abnormal.

"Well I'm going to bed so I will see you all in the morning". Steven said.

He went to the stairs, carrying the pot in hand, "Alright goodnight guys".

"Goodnight Steven". The gems said simultaneously.

"Well what a day am I right Stubs?". Steven commented.

Stubs only splashed in response.

"Alright, here's a good spot for you". He plopped the pot on the floor next to his bed.

"Alright goodnight Stubs". Steven then lied down in his bed now with his thoughts now starting to drift into slumber.

Morning came around with the sun shining through Steven's windows. He opened his eyes and got up.

"Alright time to get you that food". Steven groaned.

He looked over to the pot and saw Stubs looking out the pot, to , but his neck was a bit longer than when he was yesterday.

"Morning buddy, you changed a bit". He said.

Stubs looked over at Steven with its same fish eyes but had a more linear snout. In fact it looked more reptilian form than it's flat face.

Steven got up and put on his attire. He looked over at his fish-like friend in the pot looking at him back.

"Alright I'll be right back, I'm going to get you some food for you, ok?".

Stubs only tilted its head in response. Steven only chucked from it's big fish eyes.

"Ok, now don't cause any problems when I'm gone".

Steven drove to Onion's house to hopefully have something to feed.

At the house he first knocked on their door in hopes that he was home or atleast his mother.

The door opened to Onion's mom with Onion behind her.

"Oh what brings you here Steven?". She asked.

"Oh hey Vidalia, I'm just here for Onion". He responded.

She looked to Onion, "Why did he do something wrong?".

"No no, well not yet, but I do need something that he has".

"Well ask him". Vidalia nudged Onion gently to Steven.

"Hey buddy, wouldn't you mind if I got some of those mice that you feed to your snake?". He asked.

Onion didn't say anything, he only nodded and went into his house.

"Okay" Steven muttered.

Vidalia looked back at Steven, "Why do you need em, got a snake of your own?".

"Sorta". He responded.

Onion came back with a small bag of mice and handed it to Steven.

"Oh thank you Onion". Steven said.

Onion then opened his mouth to reveal a live mouse.

Steven Looked at him nervously, "Okay that's weird".

Steven walked to the van with the mice in hand feeling rather disgusted from the dead animals in the bag.

"Hopefully it likes this". Steven muttered to himself.

His phone then suddenly vibrated. He checked his phone to see it was Pearl calling.

He pressed answered and was immediately bombarded by Pearl's screaming his name.

"STEVEN!". Pearl yelled in distress.

"Calm down Pearl what is it?". Steven asked.


"Why what happened, is there something wrong!?". Steven was now in distress of something bad happening.

"JUST GET OVER HEAR PLEASE!". She then hung up.

Steven immediately ran to the van. Once there he put the keys in and raced home.

During the drive Steven kept thinking, "What can be wrong now."