Chapter 1: The Other Icarus

(Skyworld 1,000 years ago)

Palutena's Sky Palace was mostly on fire as numerous creatures were trying to storm the palace. Many of Skyworld's Centurions were doing their best to hold them back. At the roof of the Sky Palace, an angel who looked similar to Pit was fighting a large god and trying to keep him from reaching Palutena. The angel was equipped with the Three Sacred Treasures that Pit used to use in the Kid Icarus games.

Angel who looked like Pit- Kronos, leader of the Titans, I will never let you lay a finger of Lady Palutena!

Dark god- I see Palutena knows how to pick her loyal lapdogs. You think the Three Sacred Treasure will be able to stop me, Icarus?

Angel who looked like Pit- Even your darkness can't hide from the light, Kronos! I'll strike you down in the name of Palutena! Even if I have to give my life for it!

Palutena- Icarus…

Dark god- He…HAHAHAHAHA! I admire your spirit, Icarus…but you are also a fool. Palutena, you should be ashamed, sending this poor boy to meet his end for a worthless cause.

Angel who looked like Pit- I'll show you a worthless cause!

The angel who looked like Pit fired an arrow of light from the Three Sacred Treasures at the dark god, but he caught the arrow before it could hit him.

Dark god- It is true that the Three Sacred Treasures are Dyntos' greatest masterpieces yet and they have the power to destroy me…

The dark god shattered the light arrow in his grip and it turned to dust.

Dark god- But you'll need more than the right weapon to defeat the king of the Titans, the original ruler of the gods, the mighty Kronos!

The dark god smacked the angel who looked like Pit and knocked him to the ground.

Dark god- And not even a fool like you, Icarus, can save Palutena from me…

The angel tried to reach for his bow, but the dark god stepped on his hand and wrist and was causing the angel some pain. But before the angel who looked like Pit could react, the dark god punched the angel in the chest and the angel coughed up some blood.

Palutena- Icarus!

Angel who looked like Pit- ****…you…I will…never abandon…Lady Palutena…

Suddenly, a large fireball came out of nowhere and hit the dark god and knocked him away from the angel who looked like Pit.

Palutena- A red and green fireball? But don't those powers belong to…

Then the angel who looked like Pit saw a hand being extended to offer him help back up. The angel looked up and saw a man who looked like Fire Mario standing above him.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Need a hand there, Icarus?

Angel who looked like Pit- Marco?

The man who looked like Fire Mario helped the angel who looked like Pit back up and there was a man who looked like Fire Luigi standing behind the man who looked like Fire Mario.

Palutena- Marco and Loewy Mario? I thought Kyrin brought you both back to the Mushroom Kingdom like I requested, since this isn't your affair.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- He was…but Loewy and I managed to convince Kyrin to let us stay in Skyworld a little bit longer.

Man who looked like Fire Luigi- We? I was suggesting we take Kyrin and Palutena's offer to return back home to the Mushroom Kingdom! You were the one who kept pestering Kyrin to let us stay in the Mushroom Kingdom to help defend Skyworld from the Titans and dragged me into this!

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Icarus is our friend, Loewy! And after all he did for us after you got lost in the sky when trying that magic cape powerup, we can't just leave him in Skyworld's time of need.

Man who looked like Fire Luigi- But why is Icarus wearing those ridicules heavy looking items?

Angel who looked like Pit- Careful what you call ridicules. These are the Three Sacred Treasures. A legendary weapon equipment set of the gods. Lady Palutena gave it to me to help me protect Skyworld from Kronos and his army.

Then the dark god got himself back up after being hit with that large red and green fireball.

Dark god- So you two are Kyrin's mustached pets I keep hearing everyone in the Crystal Monastery talking about.

Man who looked like Fire Mario- You were right that it takes more than the right weapon to win a fight. It also takes the right friends too!

The dark god was about to charge for the man who looked like Fire Mario, the man who looked like Fire Luigi, and the angel who looked like Pit.

(Pit's room 1,000 years later)

Pit suddenly wakes up screaming after having a rash dream.

Pit- Damn! What the hell was that dream all about…?

Suddenly, Palutena rushed into the room, except she was wearing a nightgown instead of her usual outfit.

Palutena- Pit, are you alright?! I heard you screaming and…

Palutena saw the pajamas Pit was wearing and her expression changed.

Palutena- Pit…I thought I told you that you are too old for those pajamas with feet…

Pit- What? I think they're comfy, Lady Palutena.

Palutena put his hand over her face for a moment.

Palutena- Anyway, I heard you screaming…again! You've been having these bad dreams every night since you and Mario rescued Pyrrhon from Tabuu. What are these dreams even about?

Pit- I'm not sure. But I think in my dreams…I see you in them. Except, I'm a different angel. I also remember this angel trying to protect you from this other god, but I also remember seeing two men who look like the Mario Brothers.

Palutena's expression changed again after hearing what Pit just said.

Palutena- And…does this angel have a name…?

Pit- I think he was referred to as…Icarus…I think…

Palutena- (GASP)

Pit- Lady Palutena…do you…know this angel?

Palutena- It's a long story, Pit…let's discuss this in the morning…good night, Pit.

Palutena closes the door behind her. Pit gets back into bed and tries to fall back asleep.

Pit- Lady Palutena seemed to act a bit odd just there. I hope this isn't an omen of bad news.


There was a huge ocean full of nothing but waters too deep to see, monsters, and storm clouds. Standing on the shore to this horrible sea were Hades and Star Dream.

Star Dream- Ok, using your DNA, Hades, I believe I found where in this dark ocean your father is located.

Hades- Who ****ing cares, Star Dream! I say my father is better off rotting in his cell at the bottom of Tartarus!

Star Dream- You really resent your father that much?

Hades pressed his face to Star Dream's mechanical eye with an unhappy look on his face.

Hades- Let me tell you the story of how me and my brothers came to power. A fortune teller told my father, Kronos, that one of his children would overthrow him one day. My father's solution to that problem? He ate his kids! Literally! After one of his wife's had a baby, he would pop them into his mouth and swallow them whole. The only reason he didn't eat me was because my mother hid me, Zeus, and Poseidon from him before he could know we had been born. Eventually, I reunited with my long-lost brothers and we cut our father's stomach wide open so the rest of his children were freed from his belly. Oh…how I hate that man! And now, Tabuu wants me to release him from his cage?! Imprisoning my father within the depths of Tartarus was one of the few decisions that Palutena has done that I actually approve of!

Star Dream- You do remember we're all still suffering after Master Tabuu punished all of us for that attack on Smash City behind his back. You even made things worse for us by challenging him to an arm-wrestling match. You won, all of Tabuu's followers who went with you to Smash City get off scot free…and if you lost, the punishment would be doubled…and it was doubled. The table you two were arm-wrestling on even shattered to pieces after Master Tabuu pinned your arm to it.

Hades- Don't remind me of that. I've only recently begun feeling the blood circulating through my wrist after I lost to Tabuu in arm-wrestling. Maybe I should've tried thumb wrestling instead.

Star Dream- Actually, I think you should have not attacked the author during the season 5 halfway story. The author has been making your life miserable ever since you whacked him with that mallet to plan that ambush that went horribly wrong.

Hades- I prefer that I be the only one to break the fourth wall constantly, Star Dream. Let's just find my retarded father and get this over with! The sooner we get this done, the better.