Chapter 6: Kronos' Big Spoiler

(Back in Skyworld)

The once peaceful place of Skyworld was now a battlefield. Titans were storming the place as Palutena's Centurions were struggling to slow them down even by a little. Suddenly, a large blast of energy in the form of a light arrow was fired and blew away some of the Titans away from some of the Centurions. The Centurions turned around and saw Pit wearing the Neo Sacred Treasures before he landed in front of them.

Centurion Strongarm- Captain, glad you've shown when you did! We got a problem on our hands!

Pit- I know. Where's Lady Palutena?

Second Centurion Strongarm- In her palace…with Kronos…

Pit- What the ****?!

Centurion Strongarm- Kronos already got through and is battling Palutena as we speak. Which is probably why she isn't talking to you right now.

Pit- I need to get to her palace right away then!

Second Centurion Strongarm- But captain, what about the Titans already doing damage to Skyworld out here?

Then a large stream of fire was shot from the sky and burned some of the Titans. That flame was fired by Pyrrhon who was flying just above the battlefield.

Pyrrhon- And here comes a fiery hero who burns as bright as the sun to save the day!

Little did Pyrrhon know, a Titan was about to attack him from behind. But luckily for Pyrrhon, Susie was in a mech armor similar to Kirby's Robobot and fired an electric shock to the Titan before it could attack Pyrrhon.

Susie- You need to be more careful there, hothead. Maybe if you were more careful, you wouldn't have been found out by Tabuu a few stories ago.

Pyrrhon- Hey! Is was Fawful who blew my cover! Not me!

Then Dark Pit flew in while piloting the Neo Great Treasure.

Dark Pit- Less talk and more Titan stomping!

Then Dark Pit fired a powered-up version of the Mega Laser power from the Neo Great Sacred Treasure and blew a path to Palutena's Skypalace through the crowd of Titans blocking the path.

Pit- Show off…But now I can get to Lady Palutena! You three help the Centurions protect Skyworld!

Pit rushed to reach Palutena's Skypalace, but more Titans tried to get in his way. One wrapped a tentacle around Pit's ankle as he flew by, but Pit chopped off the tentacle with the Neo Arrow of Light Bow in its two daggers form. More Titans continued get in Pit's way in any way they could. Some of the Titans grabbed Pit, threw him to the ground, and began dogpiling on top of Pit. But to Pit's surprise, a bolt of lightning was fired and blew the Titans off of Pit. Then Pit saw Phosphora extend her hand to help Pit up.

Pit- Phosphora…?

Phosphora- You called?

Pit took Phosphora's hand and she helped Pit back up.

Pit- Why are you here?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Isn't it obvious, Pit? I decided to call in my troops.

Pit looked behind Phosphora and saw several of Viridi's Forces of Nature troops standing behind her, including Cragalanche and Arlon.

Arlon- Mistress Viridi deployed the Forces of Nature not long after Dyntos gave you the Neo Sacred Treasures.

Phosphora- And I must say, you look good wearing those new weapons.

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- You and Palutena owe me for this. But for now, promise me you'll slay Kronos like you did to his son at the end of "Kid Icarus: Uprising!"

Pit- That won't be a problem! Especially with the Neo Sacred Treasures!

Pyrrhon- Then go! We've got Kronos' cronies!

Pit continued to flew towards Palutena's temple. More Titans tried to get in his way, but some of Viridi's troops got in their way to stop Pit's advance. Eventually, Pit saw Dark Pit in the Neo Great Treasure flying next to him.

Pit- Pittoo?

Dark Pit- How many ****ing times do I have to tell you to not call me that?!

Pit- I told you to help the Centurions while I deal with Kronos.

Dark Pit- I've got a score to settle with Kronos too after he humiliated us earlier. Like it or not, I'm coming too!

(Palutena's Skypalace)

Palutena was battling with Kronos, but Kronos was easily overpowering Palutena. Kronos made a shockwave out of his energy and it knocked Palutena against the wall and left a huge crater in the wall as well.

Kronos- Pathetic, Pretty Palutena! Even after 1,000 years, you're still no match for me!

Palutena struggled to get back up as she used her staff to keep her balance while she tried to get stand back up. She had blood dripping from her mouth on one side and there were several wounds all over her body.

Kronos- We both know it's pointless to fight me. Make it easier on yourself and surrender.

Palutena- Never…the light of hope…will always…find a way…

Kronos- Optimistic until the end…

Kronos was about to finish Palutena off, but Kronos noticed a large light arrow being shot at him from behind. He quickly turned around and tried to catch the light arrow, but this light arrow exploded in his face and knocked him to the ground.

Kronos got up and saw Pit wearing the Neo Sacred Treasures.

Kronos- Pitty Pat…I see you've returned and with a shiny new toy none the less. No doubt thanks to Kyrin.

Pit- How dare you attack Palutena, you bastard! And that light arrow was just a taste of what the Neo Sacred Treasures can do!

Kronos- Neo Sacred Treasures? Guess that explains why they look like the Three Sacred Treasures I heard Hades destroyed. Must say, I like that futuristic gloss and shine on this model.

Palutena- …Pit…

Pit- Lady Palutena!

Pit rushed to Palutena.

Pit- Lady Palutena…why were you letting him beat you like that? You should be strong enough to…

Kronos- HAHAHAHA! Let me tell you something, Pit. I'm not only stronger than my son, Hades…but I'm stronger than either Palutena or Viridi. I might be A Ranked, but I sit at the borderline between A Ranked and S Ranked gods. I did tell you before, I once held the title of Lord of the Universe before Arkness. Speaking of Arkness…I do intend on reclaiming that title from him someday! I'm not strong enough to beat him right now, but I can beat Palutena…and…I can beat you, Pitty Pat!

Pit- Dream on, you bastard!

Pit fired another light arrow at Kronos, but he dodged this time.

Kronos- I won't fall for the same trick twice, Pitty. You'll have to think outside the box if you want to stand a chance against me.

Dark Pit- Then how's this?

Kronos turned around and saw the Neo Great Treasure swing its fist before knocking Kronos through the wall behind him. However, it wasn't long before Kronos got back up.

Kronos- The Three Sacred Treasures and the Great Sacred Treasure all remade to fight me…I wonder if I should bring this up in the Season 5 finale when doing my fourth wall breaking jokes?

Pit- You'll be gone by the end of this fanfiction! You won't be around for the season 5 finale!

Kronos- Oh, I beg to differ, Pitty. You see, the readers got a sneak peek of my scene in the season 5 finale during your dream segments. In fact, all the dream segments that you and the other members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team have been having throughout the entire fifth season have been brief parts of the finale for this season.

Viridi (telepathically to Kronos)- Wait…did Kronos just…

Kronos- Spoil something the author has planned…YEP!

Viridi (telepathically to Kronos)- Kronos, you idiot! Why'd you have to make a huge spoiler like that?!

Kronos- Oh please. The author has been hinting about what the finale for his fifth season ever since the season began. And I'm sure those who've been following on this series probably already put the pieces together. Why else would the author be revealing each member of the original team one by one with each story in this season.

Viridi (telepathically to Kronos)- There are those who haven't been following all the stories in the series and this is still a spoiler that was completely uncalled for, you asshole!

Kronos- Just sit back and enjoy the show, Viridi. Because once I'm done here with Palutena, Pitty Pat, and Pittoo, you'll be next.

Dark Pit- I hate being called that!

Pit- How about you channel all that anger out on Kronos? I'm sure that will help you hit harder.

Kronos- Funny, Pitty…but leave the wiseass jokes to those that know what they're doing.