Chapter 7: No Longer A Kid Icarus

(Outside the Skypalace)

Both Skyworld's Centurions and the Forces of Nature were still fighting back against the Titans from invading Skyworld. Pyrrhon was flying above the area, avoiding blasts of ice from a Titan that looked like a golem made out of ice.

Pyrrhon- You think you're so cool, but Pyrrhon is blazing HOT BABY!

The ice Titan spat out more ice at Pyrrhon and Pyrrhon countered with a stream of fire. Meanwhile, a Titan that looked like a tornado with a face was trying to suck Phosphora into its vacuum.

Phosphora- No way some airhead is going to get the best of me!

Phosphora fired some lightning into the tornado Titan, but it sucked up the lightning and spat it back at her. Phosphora dodged and backed up into Pyrrhon's back, making them back to back.

Pyrrhon- Looks like the living tornado can use your lighting against you.

Phosphora- And it looks like your fire isn't doing much damage against the ice guy either. I thought fire was supposed to melt ice.

Pyrrhon- Ice and water can also put out flames. But this guy has enough ice to spare.

Meanwhile, a Titan who looked like a giant mountain was trying to drop his foot down on Susie and Cragalanche. Susie was still in her mech armor and she and Cragalanche were trying to keep the Titan's foot from crushing them. Susie pulled out a laser gun and fired it at the mountain Titan's face. This stunned the mountain Titan long enough for Cragalance to throw the Titan to the ground and away from him and Susie.

Susie- Shit! Some of the arm parts took some damage holding that big guy's weight up!

Arlon- Interesting, both that and you are machines, yet you're both sentient.

Susie- It's a long story and I don't have time to explain right now with the Titans on the loose.

Arlon- Fair enough, mistress Susie. By the way, you might want to duck.

Two orbs appeared next to Arlon, one on each side of him, and they fired an energy beam. Susie and Cragalanche ducked in time at the energy beam hit a Titan that was about to attack Susie from behind.

(Back in Palutena's Skypalace)

Pit had the Neo Arrow of Light bow in its buzz saw form and swung it at Kronos. Kronos took one step back to avoid the attack and countered by punching Pit in the gut. Kronos tried to punch Pit again, but Pit managed to dodge. However, he noticed that a burn status effect had been inflicted on him.

Kronos- My attacks can inflict harmful status conditions like your weapons can.

Palutena- Power of…(groan)…

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Power of Status recovery!

Then a bright light shined over Pit briefly before the burn effect was gone.

Viridi (telepathically to Palutena)- Better let me handle casting the magic powers for Pit and Dark Pit. You're in no shape to try anything after the beating Kronos gave you. Especially with that crushed heart there after he punched you in the chest. And Pit, just because you have the Neo Sacred Treasures doesn't mean Kronos will be a pushover. I don't know if I can keep saving your asses if you don't try to be careful.

Pit- I got it, Viridi! No need to repeat yourself!

Pit fired three arrows at Kronos. Kronos dodged two, but the third cut his left arm.

Kronos- GHAA! Curse you, Pitty!

While Kronos was distracted with that wound on his arm, Dark Pit got up close behind him and punched Kronos in the head again and almost knocked him to the ground.

Dark Pit- That all the ruler of the Titans' got?

Dark Pit had the Neo Great Treasure throw another punch at Kronos, but Kronos caught the Neo Great Treasure's fist this time. Kronos lifted his head to look at Dark Pit, although Kronos had a trail of blood coming from the left side of his mouth.

Kronos- Not even close, Pittoo…

Dark Pit had the Neo Great Treasure punch with its other fist, but Kronos caught that one as well. Then he began pushing Dark Pit back.

Dark Pit- How is he…

Kronos- I told you I was a very strong god. I can even match the Great Sacred Treasure in strength and then some…

Kronos fired a laser from his eyes and fired them at Dark Pit. Dark Pit manage to have the arms of the Neo Great Treasure crossed over to try and shield him, but he was blasted into the wall behind him. Then Kronos turned around just in time to see Pit stab the Arrow of Light bow in its two daggers form into his chest, both daggers.

Pit- You think it's funny to crush Lady Palutena's heart like that? Let's see how you like it when I split yours open!

Kronos managed to summon the strength to punch Pit in the face and knocked him into the wall, but the two daggers were still in his chest and they were burning like crazy in his body. Kronos managed to pull them out, but there was noticeable smoke coming from his open wound on his chest where Pit stabbed him.

Kronos- What…a ****ing best you are…Pitty Pat…almost as much…(wheeze)…as Icarus…

Kronos threw the two daggers of the Neo Arrow of Light bow to the floor. Pit quickly picked them back up.

Pit- What's up with that smoke?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Like any demon or creature of the Underworld, anything holy, like the Neo Sacred Treasures, will burn him like acid. Even more so on his innards like what you just did when you stabbed him.

Pit- Then will it have the same result on other bad guys like Hades or even Tabuu?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Hades, yes. Tabuu…unfortunately no. He's a god, not a being of darkness or unholiness.

Kronos fired another laser from his eyes and Pit blocked with the Neo Mirror Shield. It stopped the attack, but wasn't reflecting it back.

Pit- Viridi, can you use the power of reflect?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Uh…maybe if Kyrin cast the power of reflect, it would be strong enough to work on Kronos…but like how Tabuu's power shatters it reflection wall under me or Palutena…

Pit- Shit!

Then Dark Pit got himself back up and had the Neo Great Treasure fire a large laser at Kronos from behind. But Pit was in the line of fire and he barely managed to dodge.

Pit- What's the big idea, Pittoo?! You almost shot me there!

Dark Pit- Will you quit calling me that!

When the smoke cleared, Kronos was still standing. He looked like he was in just as much of a rough shape as Palutena was.

Kronos- This is starting to become more troubles than it's ****ing worth! I haven't been this pissed off since Icarus and the Mario Brothers defeated me 1,000 years ago! You might think I'm down, but I have one last surprise up my little sleeve…

Then Kronos pulls out a piece of glowing black energy.

Viridi (telepathically to Kronos)- Is that…

Kronos- It sure is! A tiny piece of Tabuu's own power. Pit pocketed off of Hades after he and Star Dream set me free. I'm sure Hades won't mind if his dear old dad uses it when he's not using it. Not enough to give me a boost for an entire fight, but its enough to power up one last attack!

Then Kronos swallowed the sample of Tabuu's energy and a black aura surrounded Kronos' body.

Kronos- And this is where we say goodbye to both of you Pit's! HAHAHAHAHA!

Then Kronos fired a large laser from his eyes at Pit and Dark Pit. Pit tried to shoot a fully charged light arrow, but it wasn't holding back Kronos' attack in the slightest. Dark Pit fired a laser from the Neo Great Treasure to try and push the attack back, but neither were making any head weight.

Pit- No! This isn't how it ends! I won't let it!

Kronos- No uses in trying! The two of you are as good as plucked! HAHAHAHAHA…huh…

Then Kronos noticed something in the background. Only visible by the blue glow of Pit's light arrow was a shadowy silhouette of an angel who had a strong resemblance to Pit.

Kronos- I-I-Icarus…

Shadowy silhouette of an angel (mouths to Kronos)- In the name of the Goddess, Palutena, your darkness comes to an end, Kronos!

Kronos- How can this be…I know that Icarus was…

Suddenly, the Neo Sacred Treasures and the Neo Great Treasure began to glow with a bright blue light.

Pit- What's happening?!

Dark Pit- Not sure, but I feel stronger than ever now!

Pit- Me too!

Dark Pit- Whatever this is, let's use it to finish this once and for all!

Pit- I couldn't agree with you more, Pittoo!

Then Pit put more energy into his light arrow and Dark Pit put more energy into his laser beam and they pushed back Kronos' energy beam back. Not only that, pushed the attack back all the way until it blasted Kronos as well.

Kronos- GWAAAAAAAA! (Gasp)…Not once…but twice you got me…Icarus…the nerve of you…

As Kronos' body was disappearing in that explosion, Pit and Dark Pit were also engulfed in the explosion.

(In Pit's dream)

Pit and Dark Pit were lying on the ground in an unknown area. When they opened their eyes, they saw nothing but what looks like outer space from all directions.

Pit- Huh…? What happened to Kronos? Pittoo, what is this place?

Dark Pit- How the hell should I know? And don't call me Pittoo!

As soon as Pit and Dark Pit stood up, they saw an angel who looked similar to Pit standing in front of them.

Pit- Wait…there are three of us?!

Dark Pit- He looks more like you than me, but who is he?

Angel who looked like Pit- Please…protect Lady Palutena in a way…that I never could…

Then the angel who looked like Pit burst into lights that scattered all over.

(Back in Palutena's Skypalace)

Pit's eyes slowly opened and as his vision was clearing up, he saw Kyrin casting a healing spell on his body with Viridi standing behind him.

Kyrin- There! He's waking up now.

Viridi- While you're at it, Kyrin, maybe you should fix his brain as well as his injuries.

Pit- Very funny…Viridi…

Pit tried to stand from the couch he was lying on, but Kyrin stopped him.

Kyrin- I wouldn't try to get up, if I were you, Pit. I barely had enough healing magic to fix you and Dark Pit after I fixed Palutena.

Dark Pit could be seen sitting on another couch in the room.

Dark Pit- Don't call…wait…You called me Dark Pit?

Kyrin- What? I thought you didn't like being called Pittoo.

Dark Pit- Uh…sorry…just not used to that…

Pit- What about…Lady Palutena…

Kyrin pointed to what looked like a medical bed behind him and Viridi. In it was Palutena who was out cold and looked like she had a respirator on her.

Kyrin- I'll tell you, if she wasn't a goddess, those wounds Kronos inflicted on her would've been fatal. Which is why I tended to her injuries before yours and Dark Pit's. And I would insist the three of you remain in bedrest until the next fanfiction where the author crosses over Kid Icarus with another story.

Pit- What happened to the other Titans?

Viridi- They all vanished into thin air after you destroyed Kronos.

Pit- Kyrin…can you tell me more about Icarus?

Kyrin- Wish I could, but I need to speak with Shantae. I'm afraid she the last member of the team to be having these dreams and she could be next.

Then Kyrin snapped his fingers and vanished in a cloud of smoke.

Viridi- What's to know about Icarus, Pit? He was an angel who served Palutena as her captain, just like you. He was just as dedicated at his job as you and just as thickheaded as well. And sure, he was part of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team 1,000 years ago, but I don't see any more to know than that.

Pit- I think I saw him in a dream earlier…

Dark Pit- You too?!

Pit- So you had it as well, Pittoo? I did see you there as well.

Dark Pit- Please stop calling me that.

Pit- I saw an angel who looked similar to me…and he told me to protect Palutena in a way he never could…I have a feeling there's more to those words then I'm led to believe.

Viridi turned her head away from Pit and frowned a bit.

Viridi (thinks)- Better from Palutena than from me…or I would tell you…

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Hades and Star Dream hand Tabuu the piece of his soul they got from Kronos.

Hades- Here you go…hope you choke, Tabuu!

Tabuu- Don't be like that, Hades. Be happy. Pit destroyed your father and now you'll never have to see him again.

Hades- Still didn't have to involve me in setting my father free! And I'm still not happy about it! (Mutters) …jerk…

Star Dream- Please don't make Master Tabuu angry again, Hades!

Tabuu- That's ok. Delivering another of my missing pieces has put me in a very good mood.

Tabuu absorbs the piece of his soul and begins to look more human.

Tabuu- 97%. Just about there. Hades, Star Dream, dismissed for now.

After Hades and Star Dream left the room, Tabuu pulls out that book again.

Tabuu- Now then…who's next?

Tabuu cast a seeker spell and the book began flipping its pages. It stopped at an image of a young genie girl who looked very similar to Shantae.

Tabuu- I guess it's true what they say…like mother like daughter. The Guardian Genie, Azra assisted Marco and the others in getting in my way…and so does Shantae who is Scuttle Town's Guardian Genie like her mother was. And I think I know just fellow for this job…Pirate Master!

Then the Pirate Master entered the room.

Pirate Master- You called for me, Tabuu?

Tabuu- Yes, now that you've been put back together, I think I have a job for you. You remember the genie, Azra? Yes?

Pirate Master- How could I forget? She led that assault where all the genies in Sequin Land destroyed my dark magic! And her daughter is apparently just as annoying.

Tabuu- I know. But what if I told you that Azra had a twin sister?

Pirate Master- What are you suggesting…?