H Hakey Peirce

B BJ Hunnicutt

P Sherman Potter

R Radar O'Reilly

In a dark room on a hot summer night in Korea members of 4077 M*A*S*H are deep in a game of poker. This night corporal Radar O'Reilly is on one hell of a winning streak and his opponents Hawkeye Pierce, Colonel Potter, and B.J Hunnicut are simply stumped on where his sudden luck came from.

H: "Let's see you beat this"

hawkeyes lay down 4 of a kind with a huge grin on his face thinking he finally beat the little fink.

B"Four of a kind?! That's showing him hawk"

BJ examines patting his friend on his back.

P: Better than I can do

Potter sighs laying down a 2 of a kind.

"Pretty good sir"

Radar says with a smile

R: but not good enough

laying down a straight flush.

H: A straight flush?!

Hawkeye leans back in frustration while Potter and Hunnicutt throw their cards on the table. B: You draw 3 cards and you pull a straight flush?

P: Be straight us son how are you doing it

R: A magician never reveals his secrets' ' "You sires want to try winning your money back?"

BJ leans forward and cocks his head a little

B: radar while I'd love to do that I've already lost everything to you including the box of homemade cookies Peg sent me"

Hawkeye lean towards Potter and whispers

H: glad i lost that one

Potter smiles and nods in agreement

P: face it son you bleed us dry we got folk is post-op who had better luck against the Chinese then we did with you.

H: hey maybe we can charge some of them, you know to tell them it covers a bill.

P: Peirceā€¦

H: I'm only kidding Colonel.

P: well I'm heading to bed and you should to son your gonna have a lot to do tomorrow

R; yes sir

Potter and Radar leave Hawk and BJ alone in the officers club

B: well I'm heading back to the swamp got a letter from Arin I've only read about a hundred times today

H: wait isn't Arin like 2 years old how is she writing you

B: well Arin speaks and peg write it down

H: does she get her recipes from Arin too?

B: hey!...

H: look it not my fault your wife can't cook

B: no not that

BJ walks to the wall

B: there's a mirror nailed to this post

H: yeah and another on this post here

The two take a moment to put two and two together and realize what just happened

B: Radar you little creep give me back pegs cookies

BJ run out of the room with hawkeye following him

H: forget your box of rock gives me my money back.