Author's Note: There's no easy way to start this. I know that I haven't released a chapter yet. Finals were a big deal for a while now, but it wasn't the main reason why I haven't written anything yet.

I started writing chapter 27 of this about a week ago, and every possible idea I had for how to move things forward was rejected. I've written myself into a corner and I didn't want to go through the trouble of finding my way around it.

This was the first big story and my first passion project that I've written, and I never expected it to go perfectly. Especially since I started writing a Fate crossover with the extreme amount of lore and details involved. So there were gonna be a ton of mistakes that I simply had to live with if I wanted to get anywhere with what I had.

But my problem is that even though I know how I want my story to go in the broad strokes, the little details are impossible for me to figure out executing.

Simply put, I have a ton of reasons why I don't find this as fulfilling as when I first started. So I regret to inform everyone that I am officially dropping this story.

The good news?

I'm planning on doing a rewrite. Rin Tohsaka still has another story for her, and I plan on figuring out how my new story idea will go over the next few weeks. The last nine months writing this story will not go to waste, as I plan on hopefully writing something that takes into account all the mistakes I've previously made.

I guess that's all I've got to say. This is a sad farewell to E-Rin and her story in Vale. Thanks so much for everyone supporting me until now, and I'm sorry I couldn't end this on a proper note.

Signing off - Mister PurpleBook.