So this is my first fanfiction ever. I have created OCs for pretty much everything I watch and I have finally gained the courage to bring imagination to paper. This is also practice for me because I am writing a book, so any constructive criticism is welcome.


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Chapter one:7 years ago

Mando was sitting in his favorite corner of his favorite tavern on a small planet that had miraculously gone unnoticed by the Empire. It was a welcome calm to his otherwise turbulent life of bounty hunting. It also wasn't bad that the bartender was exceptionally pretty and despite the count less times she was asked out or proposed to, she turned them down. Why, because she had a man and his name was Din Djarin.

Their relationship started with a bounty. A nobleman's son had skipped bail and decided this low key planet was the perfect hideout. There wasn't much data on the planet besides that it was covered in dense forests and large oceans. It had settlements scattered around and what seemed to be a central hub. Mando had followed the tracking fob to a small village town, that despite the limited information, seemed to be thriving. So this is how it is when gone unnoticed by the Imps, Mando thought as he walked though the town center. As he strolled through town he would get curious stares and vendors attempted and failed to sell him products. Mando was on a mission and that meant no distractions. Right now he needed information and the best place for information is always at a tavern. Bartenders tended to talk, especially if you spent enough money. As if on cue, he spotted a busy tavern towards the middle of the town. Mando headed in.

The first thing he noticed, well the first person he noticed, was the bartender. She stood out, not because she was strange but because of how beautiful she was. She was young with caramel colored skin and long curls that flowed down like an ebony waterfall down her back. Her eyes would turn a golden brown everytime the light would hit them. Her body was proportioned as if she was hand sculpted from the maker. And when those brown eyes landed on him and she smiled at him, Mando nearly lost his mind. But he had to focus, information first, fun later.

As Mando approached an empty seat at the bar, he noticed that the other seats were mainly occupied by men. And they must have noticed that she looked at him because he was receiving some looks that could kill. The bartender must of noticed because she smiled and said, " Now now boys. Is this anyway to welcome a guest to our humble abode?" She looked at him and brought him a glass of Spotchka with a straw inside. "My name is Star. Welcome to Terra," she cocked her head towards the other partitioners "dont mind them. Their pretty nice guys til you give em a reason not to be."

Mando gave a nod and took a sip of his drink. Star started mixing another guest's drink when she spoke again,"You need information right? About that fancy fella that arrived about two weeks ago right?"

Mando nearly choked on his drink at just how so matter of factly she said that, "How did you know?"

Star smiled and said "Well we dont get a lot of strangers in these parts and your a Mandalorian." she paused as she gave a very large man a drink."When that guy came into town he immediately demanded special accommodations and such. We put up with it because he had the money but he's turned into quite the nuisance. He's starting to drive away business with all of his bullshit."

Mando looked around him, "Your busy for a girl losing business." Star then leaned against the counter, dragging another glass of Spotchka to him, her face was mere inches from where his helmet covered ear was. She said in a low voice," Come back by at midnight. I'll give you some information away from prying eyes and ears." She gave a quick nod to a group of not-so-friendly looking guys. Mando gave a nod and went to pay for his drinks when she put her hand out stopping him, "First drinks on me Mando. Come back soon." And with that Mando stood and exited the bar and headed for the Razor crest.

A few hours later...

Despite how bustling the town center was earlier it now was nearly deserted as Mando crept back towards the tavern. He didn't like the look of those guys Star had pointed out earlier and he had to be cautious just in case they got suspicious. Even though he just met Star, and she seemed to be genuine, he did not completely trust her. She could be leading him into a trap. So, before he headed into the tavern he observed from a vantage point across from the tavern. The tavern was empty save for four individuals: Star, a large older man, a passed out guy at the bar, and a child that didn't look older than 5.

" Come on Big Ted. You dont have to go home but you can't stay here." Star said as she gently shook him awake. Big Ted groaned and slurred "I'll leave if you give me a kiss." He made a move but the large, muscular guy stepped in between the two, " Sorry Ted but my daughter is off we are closed and I am tired. Now, either you can walk your ass out or I can throw your ass out." Big Ted seemed to choose the former and stumbled out the bar.

Star let out a breath she seemed to be holding. "Okay Papa, Leon you guys head upstairs. I'll finish cleaning up here." The child yawned "but I'm not tired. I can stay up." He gave another yawn and Star smiled and ruffled up his hair. "How about this? You go upstairs and get ready for bed and I will read you your favorite story huh?" Leon seemed to like that option because he started yanking on Papa's hand, " come on dad. We have to go to bed."

Papa sighed, "Are you sure your alright down here by yourself?" Star nodded towards something Mando could not see. "Dont worry. I got my laser rifle and I'll give a shout if something goes down." Papa seemed satisfied and picked up his son and headed for what Mando assumed to be upstairs. When he was certain Star was by herself and the coast was clear, he headed in.

Mando had entered so silently that when he said "Hey." Star nearly stabbed him with the knife she was cleaning, fortunately for Mando, he was a skilled warrior. He quickly disarmed her, "Careful." Her cheeks turned red as she let out a sigh of relief. "Sorry about that Mando. I get a little jumpy when I'm down here alone." She walked past him and locked the door and windows."I usually have these locked by now but I wasn't sure how you stealthy Mandalorians enter into a place."

Mando let out a sigh, did she really think that he was going to climb through the window? "You have information for me."

Star gave a quick nod and motioned towards the bar and offered him a seat. He took the offer and sat and she sat in the seat directly across from him. "Okay the guy your looking for is currently occupying a cabin in the woods about 3 miles north of here. He always has three very big, very mean body guards. The guys I pointed out earlier. They always stop by around 8 pm for drink and food. Their boss comes here every Friday 8pm, and that's gonna be the only time you will see him outside of the cabin."

Mando took in the information but something bothered him. If he was cautious enough not to leave the cabin, why risk it all just for a couple of drinks.

"Why does he come here when he can just have his guards bring the drinks to him? Or have his servants mix him a drink?"

Star looked at him and Mando could swear she was looking him in the eye. "To see me." Star let out an exasperated sigh, "That bastard thinks he can have whatever the hell he wants because he's rich. You dont know how many times he's asked me to go to his place or I've caught him staring at me. Frankly, he's a creep." Her expression suddenly went from frustration to angry determination."He threatened my 5 year old brother Mando."Star pulled out a pouch and put it on the table. "I am putting my family's life at risk by conversing with you. This is 3000 imperial credits Mando. I want your help to take him out. I know in your line of work, things get messy, taking him out could just be another casualty."

Mando considered this, the puck did say dead or alive. Targets were always easier to deal with once they were dead anyway. Plus this asshole threatened a child and no one deserved to be creeped on. He took the credits. "I'm in."

Star beamed and she pulled out a pair of keys. "I set up some lodging for you upstairs. Its private with a private bathroom so you dont have to worry about someone seeing you without your helmet. And dont worry about the bill. It's on me."

When Star smiled at him, Mando felt his heart clinch. Mando took the keys. "Thank you."

Star smiled at him again "Dont worry about it. My father and I will accompany you to your ship tomorrow morning to help you bring anything you need."Mando nodded and followed her upstairs and he couldn't help but notice how her butt bounced as she climbed the stairs. Mando thanked the maker for his helmet and armor to hide what Star was doing to him.

The next morning

Mando had to admit that being able to sleep in a real bed and take a hot shower was refreshing. Plus he didn't have to worry about the constant threat of the Empire here. As he pulled on his helmet he heard a knock on his door. "Come in."

Star came in with a tray of sausage, eggs, meat, and fruit and her sleepy little brother glued to her side. Mando had to use all of his might not to drool. The food smelled delicious. Star put the tray down on a small table that was in the room. "I know it must be hard to eat and keep your helmet on at the same time. So, I brought the breakfast to you." She gave her brother a small squeeze."and my little brother wanted to meet a real mandalorian before he went to his school. He always loves it when I tell him the stories of Mandalore."

Mando snapped his attention to her, "You know the stories of Mandalore? How."

Star answered bluntly, "My mother used tell me the stories, before she passed."Mando immediately regretted asking her, "I'm sorry."

Star shrugged, "Its been five years. It doesn't bother me that much anymore. Well, we will leave you to eat. Come downstairs when your ready." And with that Star and her brother left and shut the door behind them.

As soon as they were gone, Mando took off his helmet and proceeded to eat his breakfast. When he was done he brought his dishes down and was greeted with a 6 foot 5 behemoth of a man. He was bald but had a heavy dark beard. He had muscles that Mando was sure could crush him in seconds. The man towered over Mando and then said, "I'll take that." He then took the dishes from him and disappeared into the kitchen and reemerged moments later. "So your the guy my daughter has looked twice at. The one that's supposed to save us from that rich asshole?" The man looked him up and down but Mando stood his ground. Mando had a feeling this dad was challenging him and he wasn't backing down. Luckily Star enter the room to ease the tension. " Okay break it up. Papa why must you be mean to the guy who is trying to help us?"

Papa's intimidating nature seemed to completely disappear at the sight of his daughter as he let out a hearty laugh. "I was just messing with him sweetheart." Papa then gave Mando a smack on the back that nearly sent him flying."I had to make sure he measured up."

Star let out a sigh and shook her head, "This is why I'm still single. Can you please just bring the speeder around so we can go?" Papa put his hands up and surrendered to his daughter's commands. Star faced Mando, "I'm so sorry about my Papa. He tries to be scary but he really is just a big teddy bear."

A few moments later Papa, Mando, and Star headed to the Razor Crest. When they arrived at the Razor Crest they set to work. Papa and Star helped Mando unload weapons and other devices that may be important for the mission. As they rode back through the forest, the small group discussed their plan.

"So I think we have two options here. Fancy fella has bought out a local gang to protect him and his property. So infiltrating the cabin to kill him should be an all else fails alternative. He has guards patrolling his place around the clock plus his own personal guard. Lucky for us, a good friend of mine gave me the layout to the cabin and the guard and staff rotation schedule. " Star gave a small smirk as she patted her bag."My friend got me both physical and digital copies."

Mando turned his head to look at her, "And the other option?"

Star leaned against her side of the speeder, " We can kill him at the tavern when he comes by on Friday which will be in five moons. We wait til he gets a little too much drink in him and I'll lure him out and we kill him."

"We? I will kill him, this is my mission." Mando said, putting emphasis on the I part.

Star smirked, "Aw you dont have to worry about me Mando. I can handle myself. Plus your gonna need some help taking down those body guards. I understand your a Mandalorian and all, but your not immortal. Like it or not, your stuck with me partner."

Mando let a sigh and an exasperated

"fine." Then a thought crossed his mind he couldn't help the smirk that spread across his helmet face. "You can be my partner. If you can take me down."

Star grinned and looked at him with fire in here eyes, "Deal. I hope your prepared Mando. I'm not just a pretty bartender from a backwater planet."

Papa let out a hearty laugh from the drivers and said, "Theres a clearing not far from here. Why dont we have ourselves a brawl right now."

Mando nodded and Papa changed direction and the clearing came into view.

Star leapt out of the speeder and made a beeline for the clearing, tying her up in the process. Mando followed suit and headed to the opposite side. Mando tightened his armor and "I won't go easy on you."

Star smirked, "You better not. I want you to get rough with me Mando."

Papa walked up and bellowed out, "I want a clean fight. Whoever stays down for 10 whole seconds or yells for mercy first. Loses." He looked at his daughter and smirked, "Everything goes?"

Star smirked back and nodded, "Everything. I'm gonna show this Mandalorian what I can do." With that Papa raised his arm and three seconds later he dropped it and got the hell out of dodge.

So they brawled and both Star and Mando got a few hits in. As they fought, Mando couldn't help to be impressed by how swift and cunning Star was. Star kept him on his toes and had been awhile since someone had done that. Star had somehow managed to pin Mando underneath her. Before Mando could even figure out how she did it, she had his own cape around his throat. Star used all her strength and Mando knew if he didn't call mercy, he was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen. He patted her arm and let a modulate , Mercy. Satisfied, Star let him go and got off him. She helped him up and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Sorry about the extreme measures mando but I knew you wouldn't surrender unless your life was in real danger. But dont worry, I'll let you kill him. Just consider me a secret weapon."

Mando wouldn't figure this out til later, but this was the moment he fell in love with her.