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Chapter 13: The Wedding

As Star noticed that the children were beginning to stir, she touched Mando on the arm,"Hey, I'm going to help Kaelyn with breakfast."

"Are you sure? You have barely rested and I can tell your still stressed from the vision." Din said, drowsiness evident in his voice. He started to get up when Star gently rubbed his arm.

Star stood from her seat and said, "I'm fine and I'll feel a lot better the further we get from the Unknown Regions." Star shivered as she looked out the cockpit at the lights of hyperspace, pieces of the vision flashing into the front of her mind. "I just have this overwhelming feeling that something dark is stirring there." Star turned and headed for the ladder. "Well, anyway, the kids are going to be starving when they get up so I better get down there. Plus I need a distraction from my thoughts."

"Okay. Just. Let kaelyn or myself know if you need a rest."

"I will, I promise." Star then descended down the ladder.

Kaelyn had already begun breakfast and was currently flipping some Terran pancakes when he heard Star climb down. He without looking up from his craftsmanship, asked "Why are we turning around? We were almost past the halfway point and you two seemed excited to get to Ilum this morning."

Star grabbed some granger bacon and put it on the cooker they brought from home. "I had a vision, a horrible vision. So, there has been a change of plans. We are going back to Terra and refocusing the search to find other Mandalorians."

Kaelyn put the finished pancakes on a platter and walked over to Star, a look of concern on his face. "Are you okay? I can tell that whatever you saw in that vision terrified you. Hows your stress level? We have to be careful Star, this pregnancy, it's high risk."

Star sighed and flipped the meat, "I'm fine Kaelyn. I'm well aware of my high risk pregnancy so I dont need you reminding me every time something happens." Once the bacon was crispy, Star put it on the platter next to the pancakes.

Kaelyn started placing plates on a makeshift dining table made of storage containers. "I'm just concerned. This pregnancy is especially dangerous considering what they did to you."

Star felt her grip tighten and threaten to bend the metal handles of the platter she was carrying. "I told you to never bring that up ever again." She snapped at him as she nearly slammed the platter on the table. She could not believe he was bringing up this topic now, especially with the chance that the kids and Din could overhear. "Kaelyn, I'm already stressed out from the vision. The last thing I need is you bringing up memories from that time."

Kaelyn crossed his arms over his chest and said, "You will have to discuss this with Mando eventually." Kaelyn walked over to her, his expression softened as he softly placed both of her hands in his. "Listen, bottling this stuff up is not going to help. Eventually all of that pressure will explode out and we both know what your capable of when that happens. Until you find the strength to talk about that time with Mando, I will be here. I promise not to bring it up again."

Star gave him a small smile and squeezed his hands as she calmed herself. "Thank you Kaelyn. I don't know what I would do without you."

Kaelyn let go of her hands and shrugged, "Probably starve or have an emotional breakdown."

Star laughed and said, "Yeah probably." At that moment Mando jumped down from the cockpit with Aksel in his arms. Followed by Amelia and DJ who practically ran to the table once they saw the food. Mando placed Aksel next to DJ.

"Smells great, looks good too." Mando said as he tried not to drool through his helmet as the delicious smell of freshly cooked Granger bacon hit his nostrils.

"Go ahead and dig in, we made plenty for everyone." Star brought Din some tea with a straw in it, "Dont worry love, I made you a plate to eat in private."

Thank you." Mando accepted the tea and sat down next to Star at the head of their makeshift table. "So Amelia, DJ, we have something to tell you so I need you to pay attention okay." The twins stopped devouring their plates and gave their attention to their father. "We are no longer headed for the Unknown Region. We are going back to Terra."

Amelia nearly spit out her water, "What!?"she exclaimed, "But what about our adventure!"

"I know you guys were looking forward to exploring new worlds and systems but plans change. Now, this does not mean that you guys won't see new worlds it just means that these new worlds will be a little closer to home." Star said.

Amelia pouted and let out a huff, "but it's not fair Mommy."

"I know it's not fair but that's life Amelia. Sometimes, things get in the way of what we want and we have to deal with it. Do you understand?"

Amelia was still pouting when she said, with disappointment dripping from her tone, "Yes but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

DJ placed his hand on Amelia's shoulder, "Its not that bad Lia. Mommy said we still get to see worlds we have never seen before. So it's still an adventure." DJ said even though Star and Din could tell he was disappointed about not going to the Unknown Regions too.

"Your brother is right Amelia. There is still tons of adventure to be had in our own region of the galaxy." Mando said reassuringly. At that moment, Aksel, who thought that not enough attention was focused on him, "accidentally" flipped a bowl full of jam all over himself.

Star was on her feet in seconds with a rag in her hand. "Your supposed to eat the jam Aksel, not wear it." Aksel didn't care, as long as he could keep eating the jam off of his little claws.

"See. I told you guys there was still adventures to be had. "Mando said jokingly which won him two very annoyed looks from the twins.

From the moment the Razor Crest landed on Terra, the focus shifted to the upcoming wedding. The wedding was set for Life Day and they had only a couple of months to prepare before Star's belly would begin to show. Fortunately for Star and Din Djarin, this wasn't the first wedding Papa and Delta had planned. Both being married once before and now both widows, they knew a thing or two about weddings.

It has been about a month and a half since their return to Terra. During this time, the Djarin family moved into a cabin in the woods that overlooked the lake. The cabin was a wedding gift from Star's mother who had it left to her after her death. The wedding was a mere two weeks away and Star and the kids are whisked away by Delta and her daughter Andrina. While Papa led Mando and Kaelyn back to his flat above the Tavern. Once inside they were greeted by the same Ugnaught that helped Mando with Star's engagement ring all those years ago.

Papa gave them one of his signature grins and grasped the ugnaught's shoulder, "This is my good friend Phil. Now Mando, you might know him as a jeweler but he is also a seamster. I know that you Mandalorians dont take your armor off but he can at least fix or make you a new cape fitting for a wedding. As for you, Mr. Kaelyn, since you are one the groom's men, along side your brothers and Greef Karga, you need to be fitted. We already have everyone fitted but you two and we do not have a lot of time. So, lets get to work."

Meanwhile on the other side of town...

Delta, Andrina, Star, and the kids were eating lunch and going over the finishing touches of some table center pieces. Delta looked up from her center piece and said, "So, as you know, you will be wearing your mother's wedding dress down the alter. Fortunately, before you left, we got a lot of the alterations done and your veil is absolutely gorgeous. I cant wait for you to see it."

Star cleaned up Aksel's face, which was covered in broth, as he squeaked in protest. "How about the bridesmaids dresses and Amelia's flower girl dress? Aksel and DJ's robes? Is that done?"

Delta placed her hand gently on Star's shoulder, "Dont worry. Andrina and myself have it covered. All you and Mando have to worry about is the rehearsal and getting married." Star smiled and sighed with relief, "Thank you Delta."

Star put down the napkin and put Delta's hands in her own, "Delta. I would not be able to get through this without you or Andrina. With you with me, it is almost like my mother is here helping me plan my wedding, pick out my wedding dress, and helping me through my pregnancy." Star had to hold back tears as she said, "I want you to be my mother of the bride. I want you to walk me down the aisle along with my father."

Delta gasped and said, "Star, I dont know what to say. Are you sure? I am not Nova."

Star nodded and said, "I know you arent my mom but you have always been like a second mom to me. You were always there for me, even after you lost your best friend."

Delta smiled and said with tears in her eyes, "Yes. I would love to walk you down the aisle."

As Delta reached for a tissue a light blue, Twilek female walked in holding Star's wedding dress and veil. Once Star's eyes fell upon the gown, she felt tears approaching as memories of her mother flooded her mind. The Twilek placed the dress and veil gently on a chair before exiting the room. Delta placed her hand on Star's shoulder and said, "Go on. Go try it on. Andrina will help you put it on." Star stood and took the dress and veil upstairs with Andrina following close behind.

A few minutes later, Andrina reappeared at the top of the stairs. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I would like to present to you the stunning, the beautiful, the bride-to-be..." pause for dramatic effect, "Mrs. Star Djarin!" Andrina began to clap which prompted Delta and the kids to clap as well, with Aksel trying his best to clap. At the sound of the clapping, Star appeared at the top of the stairs.

"How do I look?"

The room fell silent as they took in how beautiful Star looked in her wedding dress. The dress was a long sleeved, mermaid style dress with a five foot long train, a deep v neckline, and the whole dress was covered in intricate lace and hugged her figure. The veil was adorned with floral lace and fell down her shoulders and back till it fell elegantly to the floor. The veil was held in place by a beskar circlet that was crafted into an elegant design with floral elements (something similar to a flower crown) and a purple moonstone rested in the middle.

"You look like a princess mommy!"Amelia exclaimed.

"No Amelia. She looks like a queen, just like her mother. A beautiful queen." Delta said as memories of her old friend came flooding back.

Delta was breastfeeding a baby Andrina when Nova emerged from her closet wearing the same dress that Star wore today. The only difference was the opening in the back that stopped right above her bottom. Nova gave a little spin, a big smile plastered on her face. "How do I look Delta?"

Delta smiled and said, "Like a beautiful queen." Andrina was done breastfeeding so Delta readjusted herself and started burping her. As she gently patted Andrina on her small back, she got up and walked over to Nova. "Xander is going to pass out when he sees you in this dress, I can't believe this dress also belonged to your mother."

Nova let out a laugh, "Well good thing I'll be there to catch him. Oh and you think this is sexy now, you should have seen it when my mom originally had it made."

Delta laughed and said, "Wait, are you serious?"

"Yes I'm serious. My mom was a bad bitch and according to certain sources, my mom did not hide it especially in her first two centuries."

"Oh of course. Because being 200 years old is so young." Delta said, humor evident in her voice.

"Hey! Its young for a Fyrstan."

"Says the 284 year old."

"That's 284 years young, Delta." Nova laughed again and Delta could still hear her laughter ringing in her ears as the memory faded away.

"Hey mom. Are you okay?" Andrina asked, a look of concern on her face as she touched Delta's arm.

"I'm fine, I just got lost in some old memories that's all."

The Wedding Day

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as everyone began to get ready for the wedding ceremony and actual ceremony would be in a clearing in the woods that led down to the lake. It would happen right before sunset and afterwards, the guest will be led to the party down by the lake. The guests had either flown in a few days before or the morning of the wedding. The wedding party included Papa, Delta, Andrina, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and Kaelyn and his brothers. The guests were only close family and friends that had earned their trust and respect. Everyone who had flown in for the ceremony was currently staying in the Djarin house.

Star had gotten up early so she could prepare breakfast for everyone so that everyone would have a hot meal ready for them for when they woke up. As she was whisking the gravy, she felt strong arms wrap around her waist. A gruff good morning greeted her ears as she leaned into Din's embrace.

"Good morning darling."

Din absent-mindedly rubbed on her stomach then asked, "What are you doing up so early? It's our wedding, you should be sleeping in."

"Well, I would have liked to sleep in but our baby had other plans. Morning sickness is one thing I did not miss about being pregnant." Star could feel how Din's body tensed.

"You should have woke me up, Kaelyn and I could have done this. Are you sure your okay?"

Star turned around in his embrace and looked up at him, "Im fine Din, morning sickness is normal. Plus, you were up so late last night helping to set up the wedding. I thought you deserved some extra sleep." Star unwrapped her arms from around Din to move the gravy off the heat. "But since your up, you can start on the meat."

Shortly after their private embrace, the delicious smells of food enticed the house guests out of their beds. The first one down was Greef Karga, carrying little Aksel in one arm. "Theres the happy couple!" he exclaimed as he came into the kitchen. "It looks and smells delicious Star, can't wait to dig in." Greef chuckled as Aksel made small gurgling noises and out stretched his little claws towards the food. "And it looks like I'm not alone."

Star chuckled too at Aksel's antics, for a little guy he sure could eat. She handed Aksel a small grape which he took with glee. "Well, you guys help yourselves. I've made plenty. " Shortly after Greef made a plate for himself and Aksel, a line started to form for the buffet style breakfast. Guests either took their food to the dining table or stood in various locations, carrying on conversations. Star and Din, after making plates for the twins, chose the dining table as the most suitable place. Din had to admit that sitting here surrounded by friends and family that he could trust, was nice.

After breakfast, Din, along with most of the men, were shoved out the cabin so that Star and her bridesmaids could get ready. Din was in charge of caring for Aksel and DJ while also helping with the remaining set up for the wedding. He didn't know how it happened but he was somehow appointed leader of set up though he can probably blame Papa for it. Even though the wedding it self will be extremely small and intimate, the party afterwards involved the whole town. I guess that's what happens when you save the town from a tyrant and then marry the town's favorite bar tender.

The Wedding Ceremony

Star and Din had two different, large tents set up on either side of the clearing to ensure that Din would not see Star in her dress. At the center of the clearing stood the wedding alter made from the stomp of a long fallen tree. Behind the alter, there was a small tent where Din and Star would kiss in private. A dark purple silk runway led from the two tents to the alter. On either side of the runway, there were five rows of wooden chairs that had a purple bow on their backs. The purple represented the royal family Revna of Fyrsta.

As guests filled their seats, Star's wedding party was lining up for their own appearance. Amelia was in front and would be the first to go since she was the flower girl. Then Star, with Delta and Papa on either side of her, followed behind by the bridesmaids who will be holding her train. Star looked over herself and Amelia one more time to make sure everything was perfect. "You look beautiful." Delta said as she gently squeezed Star's hand.

"Well, ill stay beautiful if Papa would stop crying because if this keeps up, I'm going to cry and walk out with masquera all over my face.

Papa quickly dried his tears, "Well I can't help it dammit! I'm giving my beautiful daughter away today."

Star smiled softly at him and rubbed his back, "I love you too Papa."

Meanwhile, in Din's tent, his wedding party was doing the same thing. Din checked himself one more time in the mirror to make sure that not even a speck of dust landed on his newly polished armor. He adjusted his new black fur cape that was custom made for the wedding. Din looked down at Aksel, who was sporting a silver grey robe that was lined with black fur with black fur cuffs, "So how do I look?"

Aksel tilted his head and babbled something then made his grabby hands. Din sighed and picked up Aksel, "I'll take that as a compliment."

DJ appeared at the moment and said, "He said you look great." Din would have been shocked but this wasn't the first time this had happened. Aksel and the twins have been communicating through the "force",wordlessly partaking in conversation.

Din bent down to adjust DJ's robes, which matched Aksel's robes. " Remember, when your mother and I are done with our vows, you and Aksel will present us with the rings. I'm counting on you guys." DJ saluted his dad, "Dont worry, we got this." "Alright is everyone ready?" Din asked as he straightened up. Greef Karga gave him an affirmed nod of his head and the rest of his small wedding party followed suit. His wedding party lined up at the entrance in the following order: Greef Karga, Din Djarin, DJ and Aksel(in his pram), Cara Dune, Leon, and Kaelyn and his brothers.

Din Djarin took a deep breath and stepped onto the smooth silk runway. He and his party made their way to the alter. Greef Karga took his place behind the alter in the center. Din Djarin stood on the right side of the alter. His sons and grooms men and woman stood slightly behind him.

From the narrow opening of her tent, Star watched as Din made his way to the alter. Once she saw Din reach the alter and his party take their place, she cued the musicians. Din straightened himself as sound of the beginnings of "For the Dancing and the Dreaming" reached his ears. Star took a deep breath and wrapped her free arm into her father's. Her bridesmaids took hold of her train. She used the Force to open the entrance of the tent all the way, revealing herself to her husband and her guests.

When the tent opened and revealed Star in her dress, Din Djarin's breath left him. She looked beautiful. Din Djarin rarely cried but this was one of those times. They had gone through so much together and now they would finally be wed. He was grateful for the helmet because these emotions were private and only for his bride. Amelia went out first, spreading white moon lily petals. As Star made her way to the alter, she had to fight back the happy tears threatened to spill onto her face. Once they reached the edge of the alter, Star gave Papa and Delta each a hug before taking her place. Amelia and Star's bridesmaids stood slightly behind her. The music drifted off once Star took her place before the alter, Papa and Delta on either side of her.

"We have gathered here today to witness the unification of Din Djarin and Star Revna. It is my greatest honor to officiate this ceremony for two of my dearest friends. Now, who will be giving our bride away today?" Greef Karga stated.

"I, Alexander Revna,"

"and I, Delta Walker,"

" give Star Revna away." They ended together. They hugged Star before taking their seats in the front row. Star moved to stand on the left side of the alter.

"Now if anyone is against this beautiful couple's marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace." Greef waited a few seconds but he was met with silence. He continued, "Moving on to the vows. Star and Din have written their own vows. Star?" he gestured for her to start.

Star reached her hand over the alter and Din reached over and grasped her hand in his."The moment I saw you from across the Tavern seven years ago, I knew. There was this amazingly warm feeling that filled my heart and as we grew closer, the warmth turned into an inferno. Every moment you let me in was so precious because I know that those moments were only for us. I love you and I will keep loving you even when we are old and brittle." Star quickly wiped her tears away with her free hand, unwilling to let go of his hand.

Mando squeezed her hand softly and took a deep breath before starting his vows. "Star, before I met you, I was a hollow man moving from one bounty to the next. My motto was that it would be easier, safer to be alone. That the life I chose held no place for another but you changed that. You were so patient with me and so kind to me. You never asked to see what lied underneath my armor and you never pried into history. You let me come to you. Star, I love you, I respect you, and I cherish you and will continue to til the day I pass from this world." Soft cries and sniffles could be heard throughout the wedding at Din's vows. They may not have sound profound to others, but to those closest to them knew that this was a rare moment for Din. Star smiled gently, fresh tears falling down her face.

"Beautiful vows you two." Greef said as DJ presented the rings and placed them in the center of the alter. " Do you, Star Revna, take Din Djarin as your lawfully wedded husband and to love him through sickness and health, til the day you die?"

"I do." Star placed his wedding band on Din's finger.

"And do you, Din Djarin, take Star Revna as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and health, til the day you die?"

"I do." Din placed her wedding ring on Star's finger.

"It is my absolute pleasure and honor to pronounce you husband and wife!" Greef Karga declared. The guests and wedding party cheered. Once everything calmed down, he continued "The couple has requested that their kiss be private do to Mando's religion. So, their first kiss as husband and wife will be in the tent behind me. Everyone, let's please head down to the lake shore to start the celebrations!" Everyone cheered again and started heading down to the shore. Papa had one twin hanging off each arm with Aksel's pram following close behind him.

Star couldn't help but giggle at the sight before facing her husband. "Are you ready for this?" Din only nodded before leading his wife to the tent and shutting the opening behind them. Inside the tent there was a small table and two chairs. The two chairs had their party clothes, well cape in Din's case, draped neatly upon them.

Din faced Star who was holding both his hands and rubbing reassuring circles into his gloved palms. Star waited patiently, this was a momentous occasion, it would be the first time that Din would be showing his face to her. He took what felt like the 100th deep breath of the day as he let go of Star's hand to remove his helmet. His helmet lifted with a hiss and he took it off and placed it upon the table. Star slowly reached up to cup his cheek.


"No, your beautiful Din." Star closed the distance between them. Din wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Let me show you how much I love you." With that, Star brought his face to hers and kissed him lightly on the lips. As the hold around her tightened, she deepened the kiss, pouring her love into it. The world around them disappeared and there was only their love.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, Star had to cut them both off as Din began to kiss down her neck. "Din, my darling, we mustn't keep our guests waiting." She giggled as she heard him let out one of his signature sighs.

"Its our wedding, we can make them wait." Din said.

"Mmm, yes, it is tempting but the sooner we get down to them the faster the party will end. And do you know what happens after the party?" Star reached up and whispered seductively in his ear, "our honeymoon." That got Din's attention in more ways than one.

"Your right, as always."

"I know. Now can you help me get out of this dress?"

Din smirked, "With pleasure."

The rest of the night was filled with celebration and merriment. Everyone drank and ate to their hearts content while sharing stories of the old times and the good times. Once the children were squared away and the party dissipated, the newly wedded Djarin couple headed off to their honeymoon.

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