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I just wanted a happy seventh birthday.

After Auntie Ying died, I have been having scary nightmares now. When I fall asleep, that mean lady with the bone mask was chasing me through the halls with her sword. And she kept screaming at me! I just kept running and running until I was in my room. I thought I was safe, but she kicked it down! I thought I was going to die!

And then her head fell off.

Standing in the door was Jien holding his red-colored sword. I wanted to cry but nothing would come out. He had a big cut over his right eye and his face was white like a ghost.

I had to make sure he's okay! I run up to hug him, but I pass through him like he's made out of snow!

Gasping, I sit up. I'm in my room?

I want to sleep with big brother tonight.

I slip out of bed and grab my pillow to hold on to. The shadows look like hands coming to grab me. Running to Jien's room, I open the door slowly.

I sneak over to the right of the bed where he's facing. I don't want to wake him up, but I don't want to go back.

"Big brother, can I sleep with you tonight? I had a bad dream." I whispered, trying to keep my voice soft.

Shuffling out of bed, he looks so silly with his horse ears folded.

"Leo? Is that you?" he asks sleepily

I wonder who that is? Is it a cousin that he knows?

Rubbing the sleepy sand out of his eyes, they go wide when I look him in the face.

"Weiss? It's you?" he asks with an upset voice.

"Of course it's me, dummy! Who else would it be?"

"Oh… Is there something you need Weiss-cream?" asking with a smile that mommy wears sometimes.

"I just told you! I had a nightmare and I… wanted to sleep with you tonight."

"A nightmare? I think there might be something to help you with that." slipping out of his bed, I hold onto his hand.

"Come on, let's get you something to drink, and then we can go lay down. How's that sound?"

"It sounds good."

Taking a long time, we finally reach the kitchen, where Jien moved like a blur across the kitchen.

"Hmm, let's see. Some whole milk should do the trick. Oh! Mistrialian honey, it'll pair well with a pinch of cinnamon." Mixing all the ingredients together, Jien soon came back with a steaming cup and set it on the dining table.

"This is an old family recipe. Whenever I couldn't sleep, mom would make this so that it would be easier to do so. I think you'll like it, I added extra honey so that it's sweeter. Be careful though, it's kinda hot."

Setting the mug on the table with a clink, I carefully grab the handle so I don't burn myself. I raise it to my lips and take a sip.

So good!

I have to drink it all so nobody can know how good this is! Maybe if I ask him.

"Be my butler!"


"You heard me! Could you please be my butler?" I make sure to use my puppy-dog eyes, then there's no way he'll say no!

"Sure, I'll be sure to ask Klein If I could be one in the morning."


We started to head back after Jien cleaned up the kitchen. But there was a question that was burning in the back of my head.

"Jien? I have a question."

"Yeah? What is it Weiss-cream?"

"Who's Leo?"

I bumped into Jien's back as he stopped suddenly.

"Where did you hear that name?"

"When I went to wake you up, you asked if it was Leo."

I look up at Jien's face, his eyes look so… tired, what's going on?

"He… was someone very close to me. Someone, I probably won't be able to see again."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"For making you sad. I'm sorry."

I feel arms wrap around my back, feeling warm, I look up into Jien's smiling face.

"It's fine silly. You didn't do anything wrong so there's no reason to cry. Come on, let go back to bed."

Big brother's chest is really comfy.

I hope he's okay.


Staring up at the ceiling with Weiss on my chest, I can't help but smile as she snores lightly. It's almost exactly like whenever Leo used to get a nightmare. He would sneak into my room and place himself on my arm. The offending limb that was slept on would feel like a million little needles sticking into my arm in the morning. It would hurt like hell for a good hour after I woke up, but the pain is worth it to see my little brother happy whenever I see him.

I miss him so much that it hurts to think about it.

I wonder what he's he's doing right now. I've been gone for around… seven years now? So he would be starting middle school now. I wonder if he's enjoying it so far and if he's made friends yet. I hope mom and dad are okay, with how long it's been. Maybe if I kill Salem I can go back? Would it even be possible? Would those bastards even let me go back? I hope-


Don't go down that line of thought, you'll only give yourself false hope. I probably wouldn't even be possible to go anyways, not when there are still people that I need to save.

I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not dreaming.

You know, I always wanted to be a hero. When I was around five, my mother fell ill. Dad was always busy with work, so I helped whenever I could, from helping around the house to preparing breakfast and dinner for her. I would always shoulder the burden whenever I could, just so that she hurt less. She eventually got better after years of medication.

This is around the age I started to indulge in various stories about heroes. Shirou Emiya of Fate/stay night who would help anyone in need and try to save everyone in front of him, Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars whos moniker is The Hero With No Fear, to Percy Jackson who would risk his life for his friends and family. I would always try to emulate these characters in day to day life, helping whoever I can, especially friends in need. Hell, my original goal in life was to become a firefighter so that I could save people, and since it's a well-paying job, help my parents financially.

And then I went through middle and high school.

It was an extremely turbulent seven years for me. I just moved after finishing elementary, so anyone I knew was out of my life. It was a rough neighborhood and being weak was a bad thing, so I used my height to my advantage, hardening myself to those that would want to hurt me. It was difficult to stomach the news as well, with the war escalating in the east and the rising acts of terrorism that would happen home and abroad.

From the Boston Marathon bombings to the Orlando Nightclub Massacre and even in my hometown of Las Vegas, listed as the deadliest shooting in US history. These are just a few examples that I've listed that I could remember off the top of my head. All of this lead to a deep-seated hatred for terrorists that would hurt others for their own gain.

The White Fang had so much potential to do good, to implement better laws for those disenfranchised due to racism. And then they went down the steep slope of violence. From protests to stealing dust, attacking SDC refineries, and finally to Season Three, by bringing Grimm into Vale, destroying Beacon and killing students and staff. We mainly saw the destruction of the school, but if I had to guess, those terrorists killed hundreds, if not thousands, by bringing those monsters and military gear into the city.

This recent attack only reinforced my hate for the Faunus organization. While I was somewhat distant to my second set of parents due to remembering my own on Earth, it doesn't change the fact that I still loved them. And that losing them is a gut punch to what I hold dear. If I want to secure a brighter future for those I hold dear, then I'm going to have to get my hands dirty. Even though I don't want to bloody them, I already have.

I still sometimes wake up in cold sweat thinking about those lifeless eyes behind that bone-white mask.


Being a mother is sometimes a blessing and a curse.

It warms my heart to see my youngest daughter get along with my friend's son. She was always quiet when she was younger. I was starting to worry, most children her age are usually chatterboxes. Jien really brought her out of her shell, much to my relief. Though some aren't very happy about this, specifically Winter. She's only recently turned eleven, and with it brings complicated emotions like jealousy and greed. Weiss always looked up to her when she was in diapers, seeking her attention constantly. but that has changed recently with Jien inadvertently playing the role of the older brother. Maybe I can change that before it's too late. Maybe I can arrange a playdate between the three of them?

Unfortunately, I've seen what envy can do to the hearts and minds of good men. It twists and distorts them into nothing more than shadows of their former selves. It's prominent in the business and home life. My good friend Morgan is a prominent example of this. Her younger sister Artoria always received more attention from their father, the more successful one, the prettier one. Eventually, resentment changed her over the years into a bitter woman who looked at her sister with a sort of cold hate in her eyes. During a drunken stupor, she swore vengeance to make her little sister's life as miserable as possible.

At that point, I tried to distance myself as far as I could from her.

Was it the right choice? I honestly don't know, and it's one of the many regrets that I still hold with me. I still check on her sister from time to time, and last I checked she's happily married to a Shirou… Ashton? I'm just glad that they're happy in Vale.

Now onto more pressing matters.

Jien isn't a normal boy. His mother and I knew that for the longest time. He has so much potential to do good, but it has to be refined before he can make a lasting difference for the better. He's always been protective towards his siblings, I'm just letting him have that power to do so. And what better way than to have James teach the boy? He owes me a favor after all.

"Hello, James? I'm calling in regards to a proposition for you."


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Regarding heroes. I actually do try to base my life on trying to help others. My main goal at the moment is to become a firefighter to save lives. It sounds cheesy, but it's what I wanted to do since I was five.

High School graduation has me messed up at the moment. From paying fines to shopping for gowns that I wore for a duration of five minutes, last month has been hectic. Now that it's out of the way, I (hopefully) have more time to work on this story.

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