Authors Note: This story is really sad, even writing this brought me to tears.

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This is a parody of my little dashie.

This is a AU Fanfic.

I don't own Sonic Boom and/or the characters.

I don't own Mulan and/or the characters.

BTW I forgot to mention that Shadow is transgender in this story, not gender fluid that was a typo while I was writing the summary.

Shadow is also a hedgehog-human hybrid in this universe.

Ling is half elf in this universe.

Pls relax, read, and enjoy the story.

Chapter 2 Our prayer got answered!

Ling's P.O.V

Mulan and i heard hard knocking at the door! Mulan and I looked at each other before walking slowly to the door. As we approached the door the knocking got the hard knocking got even louder. ("Who on earth could that be when everyone else is asleep already?") i thought in my head while unlocking the door and carefully opening it. I turned on the porch light and looking around until i saw a basket on our door step. I heard sobbing and crying coming from the basket, i knew what was inside the basket but i wanted Mulan too say it.

Mulan's P.O.V

"Look there's a basket on our door step and..." Ling said before looking at me while i bent down and slowly lowered the sun-protector of the basket. I saw what was inside the basket I gasped in happiness, shock, and surprise of what i saw. "And there's a baby in it!?" I said while the baby continued to cry. I gently picked up the baby and carefully cradled him in my arms, when i did that the baby stopped his crying while i stood back up. "Ling he's half-hedgehog, isn't that just adorable thing you ever saw?" I replied while the baby began to suck his thumb.

Ling's P.O.V

I looked at the baby until a brilliant idea popped in my head, i saw Mulan standing up and i stood next to her taking a deep breath with my arms behind my back. "Mulan we've been a couple for a year now and i know that we're not married, but i think that we know?" I asked before i put my hand on Mulan's shoulder and also giving her a reassuring smile. I saw Mulan looked at me then back at the baby before giving her reply. " Raise this baby as if he was ours, like if he was our own biological child... i love that idea!" Mulan answered before i bent down to pick up the basket until a little note falls out of it and I picked it up from the ground. "Mulan there's a little note that was in the basket." I said while standing up and holding it in my left hand. "What does the note say?" Mulan asked me before soothing the baby in her arms. I took a deep breath before reading the note.

What the note says:

"Dear couple, Please take care of my baby his name is Shadow he was born last month March 13th and 2000 of this year. Shadow is a human-hedgehog hybrid. I'm to young and too sick to take care of him. When Shadow turns 19 i want him and you two to read the back of this note so that he knows the truth,

From Anonymous."