[Rebooting Key Systems.]


[System Reboot Complete.]

"Onyx Three Respond."


[Perform Wide Platform Analysis?] [Y/N]



"0.1.8. Status?"


[Results… ]

[Sensor Optics Integrity...92%]

[Exterior Limb integrity… 57%]

[Armor Plate Integrity… 39%]

[Indo Structural Integrity… 51%]

[Coolant Levels… 87% ]

"Hunter to Walker. Crook Signal Confirmed. Enroute to assist, Hold on Brother."


[Synthskin… 49%]

[Higher Hydraulic Systems… 84%]

[CPU Core Integrity… 98% Genesis Protocol Active.]

[Primary Power Cell… 92%]

[Secondary Power Cell… 100%]


"Troy! I lost your you hear me?! By Odin's Throne if you're Mo-" Bang!

[GPS Location… Error.]

[SOS Marker…Deactive]

[Lower Hydraulic Systems… Error.]

[Primary Weapon Status… Error.]

[Secondary Weapon Status… Error.]


[Primary: Find Onyx One.]

[Secondary: Confirm Parasite Extermination.]

[Tertiary: Hungry as Hell. Find food.]

The man acknowledged the first rays of daylight as his vision came back to him. The soft rain falling against his flesh with the trees bristling to the dance of the wind was the second thing he registered about his environment. The third thing he realized is that something was on his armored chest and it was poking a stick in his nose. Looking around he finds a small blonde hair child in an all black coat with a red pointy ear crown on her head. She was barely a toddler holding a hilariously large metal rod just an inch from the man's face. Though her feet were pointed towards the sky at the ground...

He looked "down" and saw he was hanging in a tree by some branches and a mangled of vines holding him above the ground by three or so feet. He looked at the child again only to receive a swing to the face.


With strength far greater than any soldier, let alone a child has the right to wield the blow connected to his nose and spun him around to hit the tree. Blood flows freely down his forehead and the machine sees that there is a chunk of flesh and bone marrow resting on his right eye. Now the man was annoyed and struggled for a second before breaking free, startling the child as the cyborg hit the ground with a hard thud with a puff of dirt forming around him. The man tried to bring himself to a sitting position and felt something odd. Try as he might he just couldn't get his legs to move, looking down he sees why.

"W-Where are my legs?" The man asks himself in disbelief, looking at the two stumps he has for legs. He lifts a stump to look at the damage and sees burnt flesh and scorched armor plating in a near perfect cut as if a giant pair of hot scissors had cut off his legs mid thigh at a angle. He has more left leg then he does right.


Something hits him at the back of the head. Hard. He's head snaps forward and something lands on his lap. A human nose.

His nose.

He looks back and sees the toddler again but she isn't alone. She is riding on top of a small metal boxy dog thing with a giant glass eye. The box shakes, gives a adorable little electrical growl then barks as something bounces off his shoulder.

"You're shooting me?!" The man cries out as he tries to pull himself to cover. Faster than what he thought was possible he grabbed a hold of the tree hurled himself behind it and into a large rock with enough force to crack it.


He heard an electric bark and metal on metal clashing as he hid behind the tree before tiny feet scurrying away with a distinctive dragging noise fading further and further away. Looking back over he sees the blonde toddler and her dog gone but a large imprint was left like they dragged a rock through the dried dirt. With nothing to do and nowhere to go the man decides to follow them. His metallic eye glowing red under his flesh as he sets his course after them.