"Turul Steel with some Spartan Titanium."

SV-98 snapped her head to the source of the speaker and screamed at what she saw. The man's head was partially covered by a damaged helmet that is missing most of its frontal components. The flesh that was visible is burnt black with thick, bright red blood oozing out of whatever was left of his pores. His skull was visible but instead of being pink, white and fleshy it was a metallic dark grey. His eye was an optic that glowed a menacing red. His body was much of the same where pieces of armor where blackened, bent and warped beyond use where he had the left side of chest is missing its outer armor and chunks of burned flesh hang on with patches of dirt, leaves and grass clinging on.

"Uhh… Hello there, [AAHHHH] I'm a bit lost and don't quite remember… anything really." The half burnt metallic man calmly said as SV-98 frantically pointed her rifle at him. He actually replayed a recording of her screaming as he spoke.

"Who...What… How are you… you?" SV-98 stumbled out as she tried to process what on earth is in front of her. The man in front of her raised a bloodied, flesh torn arm to scratch the back of his head.

"You would know more than me. I don't even remember my own name, much less how I got into this sorry state." The man not man replied.

"Hey how did you get that sword in your gut?" He pointed at her injury.

"It's been a long night. How did you lose your legs?" SV-98 replies. Her stance relaxes a little as this… thing doesn't seem to want to cause her or her charge harm.

"I think I got drunk because I don't remember, remember?." The man shot back.

SV-98 scoffed. "So is this overweight pea shooter yours then?" The Doll pointed to the mini gun next to her. The man looks at the weapon and freezes as still as a statue. The lenses he has for an eye zooms in and out as he looks at the weapon. He says nothing but pulls himself closer and effortlessly lifts the weapon with one hand as he rests against the tree. Inspecting the weapon as he spoke as if in a trance.

"Reaches Augmented Weapon System Model. AIE 486S Portable Magnetic Accelerated Canon Gatling Cannon. Used by Spartans and Renegades as a portable mounted weapon in areas where heavy fire support is needed but are not possible due to battlefield conditions and environments. Firing a 2.4 mm chipped off slug at 18% of the speed of light with a standard ammunition block the MACGC is able to lay down 6,000 rounds at 720 RPM before reloading. Despite its caliber's small size the speed of- " The man was interrupted when Jr just slaps him across the face.

The man looks left then right before shaking his head. "Right so I don't know where that came from. Maybe it's my memory coming back but I digress. How can I help you miss…" the man holds out his hand towards the Doll.

"Oh sorry. I'm Griffin and Kryuger T-Doll model SV-98. That bundle of headaches is Jr and her degenerate. I guess I have them to thank for you as they were supposed to bring me scrap metal for repairs." The Doll explained. The man looked at Jr and said.

"So you were trying to scrap me for parts" He said in a tone so flat it could have been used for a leveling stick. The mini just ducks and hides behind a large rock a few feet away.

"Well 98 I don't know much about what makes you tick but you could tell me how to fix you." The

man said as he positioned himself to assist with her repairs.

"98?" The doll asked. Confusion clearly displayed across her face.

The man looked her dead in the eye and said. "[Griffin and Kryuger T-Doll model SV-98] is a bit of a pain to say quickly so I'm gonna call you 98 unless you want me to call you bed head." Once again replaying a voice recording of her speaking, much to her annoyance.

"98 is fine…Walker." She said bitterly. It is the man not man turn to be confused as he looks at the Doll before looking at his stumps for legs then back to the doll.

"I'm gonna pull this out now." He said with a deadpan expression as he grabbed the blade. The doll's eyes widened as wide as saucers as she tried to stop him.

"WaitwaitwaitwaAHHHH." She screams in agony as the blade is removed very suddenly.

"That's the name on YOUR GUN you big crippled half burnt tin can!" She screamed at the 'tin can' holding the blade. The man looks at the weapon again and spots the plaque stating 0.1.8. Walker. The man cringes as he looks back to the doll.

"Riiiight. Call me 18 then." 18 said as he set about to work.

It took some time but the two were able to fix the necessary parts and components to allow 98 to move her left leg using 18's armor plates and circuitry from his helmet but the hydraulic tubes for her right leg that act as "nerves" are cut and spilled out hours ago.

"So where are we going?" 18 asks as they prepared to move out of their hiding spot. It is well into the afternoon with the sun reaching its peak.

"Try and get into contact with Griffin's forces." 98 replied as she set up her rifle to act as a crutch with vines and sticks.

"Soo… where do we find them?" The tin man asks trying to get a sense of where they were going.

"Honestly I don't know. I haven't picked up any friendly signals since we escaped and we were kinda lost when you found us." 98 replied soberly.

"Well… ummm… Innie. meany. spite thee foe… let's go that way." 18 said pointing in the direction of the wood that they had their backs to for the most part. 98 just shrugs and brings herself to her feet, using the butt of her rifle like a crutch to stabilize herself. 18 locks the MAC onto a weapons mag lock on his back and pulls himself along the ground effortlessly. Jr and her steed just sit on either side of the weapon on the tin man's back as he pulls himself along.

The group head deeper into the woods to face the troubles ahead.