Billy had just been thrown out and Marlon felt relieved but sad at the same time, he grown to both Ellis and Billy like his own.

Walking through to the lounge he sat on the sofa a mere second because he had to go and pick April up.

Jumping in the car he saw Paddy drive up but didn't stop

In Paddy's car

Paddy said to himself "did he just drive past me" taking a U turn he followed Marlon's car

Over in the village Billy walked in the pub with his bag

Ellis:" no did he chuck you out too?" he asked

Billy nodded

"for sticking up for me, you shouldn't have… where will you go?" he asked

Billy shrugged

Dawn:" you can stay at ours?" smiling

Harriet looked at Dawn and didn't disagree

Dawn:" on the couch mind" she clarified

Over at the School

Marlon pulled up and got out the car just after so did Paddy.

April came out of school not her usual happy self

Marlon:" hey Sweetheart, you ok?" taking April's hand

April just nodded

"where's Billy? He said he would be picking me up and we could go to the park" smiling

Marlon:" he couldn't make it but when we get home we have to talk ok" he said with a small smile

Paddy:" Marlon did you not see me?" he asked "I waved you down" he said

Marlon:" Paddy I don't want to talk to you, its been a hell of time for me and I just can't right now so please just leave me alone … us" he told Paddy and got in his car and drove off

In the car ride home

April: " so are you going to tell me now why Billy didn't pick me up?" she asked again

Already annoyed with Paddy following him he turned and snapped

Marlon:" no April im not, not yet because im driving and it can wait till we get home now be quiet please"

April just looked out the window

Marlon:" April" he said " look at me"

April looked at him

Marlon:" im sorry for snapping, I will when we get home ok"

April just nodded