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Chapter 1: Walk of Shame

Bellamys P.O.V (3pm):

We did it. We rescued the 47 from Mount Weather. Something finally went our way. It was extremely quiet as we all made our way through the forest back to Camp Jaha. All that could be heard were the sounds of the sticks and rocks crunching under everyone's shoes around me. I was near the front of our calmly marching army with Dr. Griffin just ahead of me being carried on a stretcher by two guards. My eyes wandered over to Clarke looking straight down at her feet as she walked. The gun in my hands started feeling heavier as I watched her try not to break down. We won, but at what cost? We killed probably over three HUNDRED people to save our own. What a victory… no. I'm glad we aren't celebrating. It isn't a celebration. 18th birthdays or newborn babies are celebrations. Ending 300 lives was not something to party about. Get drunk? Maybe. But no reason to be happy.

I picked up my pace until I made it next to Clarke and matched her speed. I didn't say anything. I just didn't want her to be alone. Her hair was covering the sides of her face because she was looking down. I don't know how to explain it but all I wanted to do in that moment was wrap my arm around her so she knew I was there for her. So that's just what I did. She looked over and up at me and gave the quickest, and most pathetic excuse for a smile I have ever seen. God.. What is going on inside your head Clarke Griffin?

Clarkes P.O.V:

I can't even look up… the faces of all these people would just remind me of what I had to do to get them here. Bellamy walking behind me doesn't seem phased at all, but that's Bellamy. As strong on the inside as he is on the outside. Me, however? I honestly don't know how I haven't cracked already. I can feel Jaspers's eyes on me every now and then. What's wrong with me? That's the second person in a happy relationship that I have taken away. At least Finn's sacrifice helped us. With enough time I'm sure we could have figured out a way to keep Maya alive. Yeah, Clarke.. Just tell yourself that to feel better… How can I? She's dead and in Jasper's eyes.. I might as well be too.

I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice Bellamy caught up to me and was walking next to me. Gripping his rifle harder than he probably has to. Neither of us said anything. It wasn't right. When I first met Bell he was this power-hungry dickhead who had a parade of girls in and out of his tent constantly. Even then I had to admit... He wasn't a bad leader. Once he got everyone to build the wall he earned a little bit of my respect. But the day trip we took where we found that bunker and guns... That day something happened and I had this sudden feeling and attraction to Bellamy. He wasn't a dick. He was just a man trying to do anything he could to protect his sister. That's the day I realized I NEEDED Bellamy. And it wasn't just because of his fight with Dax and the fact he won. It was everything. I didn't want to be the only one trying to do what was best for everyone. The only leader. Bellamy was the heart, I was the head. Without Bellamy I'm nothing. He proved my point when I felt his big arm wrap around my shoulder. I looked up at him and gave the best attempt at a smile I could give. It was not a smile. It was quite pathetic actually. I looked back down and moved closer to him resting my head on his right peck as we walked. I felt safe.

Bellamy's P.O.V (4pm):

Once I saw Arkadia in the distance, just a few hills separating us, I breathed a sigh of relief. We really did it. We made it. We SAVED it. The gates opened as the people we left behind ran up to us to reunite with their loved ones. Embracing them. God.. they probably thought they would never be able to do that again. I know the feeling. I walked up ahead and waited by the gate watching everyone pass. Clarke was near the back of the line now. Her thoughts weighing her down like weights chained to her ankles, and these thoughts reduced her speed. Through all the reuniting families I saw Wick stop with Raven in his arms bridal style, they stopped in front of Jasper, who looked awful. She gave him his goggles. Guess he didn't lose everything... I saw Clarke give Monty a very meaningful hug before he walked over to enter the gates as I walked over to Clarke. He gave me a nod but I didn't fully register it because I was too wrapped up in my own mind as he walked by. I kept an eye on him until he was safely inside and then I looked in front of me to see Clarke. Her beautiful face, wracked with sadness.

"I think we deserve a drink," I said as I stood next to her, following her gaze to all the people we saved.

"Have one for me," she said, her eyes glued to Camp Jaha.

"Hey... We can get through this.." I said neither of us looking at each other.

"I'm not going in," she said, changing her glance to look at the ground once again.

"Look… if you need forgiveness," I said, finally looking at her, she looked back into my eyes. "I'll give that to you.." At this point, she looked like she was studying every single detail about my face, like she didn't want to forget it. "You're forgiven," I said as my eyes slightly teared up. She moved her sky-blue eyes away from me again. Looking back to the camp.

"Please come inside." I continued

"Take care of them for me." Was all she said as she looked back up to me.


"No. Seeing their faces every day... is just gonna remind me of what I did to get them here."

"What WE did." I was quick to point out. "You don't have to do this alone."

She looked back at the camp briefly and then back to me. "I bear it... So they don't have to." She concluded looking deep into my eyes.

"Where you gonna go?" I said not wanting to accept what she was doing. I don't know why but I felt the strongest urge to protect her, no matter what.

"I don't know." That was all she said. That's when I made my decision.

"I'm coming with you."


"Clarke, you didn't do it alone. You think I'm not feeling guilty? God.. I killed a little boy's father to get this uniform!" I said motioning to my Mount Weather vest.

"What about Octavia?" She asked, shaking her head.

"It's clear to me that she doesn't need me. She has Lincoln. Besides, she doesn't want me around anymore. She made that clear a long time ago." I said, looking at Octavia in the distance talking to Lincoln and Kane. Clarke followed my gaze and then looked back at me.

"Bell.. I'm all for you coming with me but.." she looked back to the camp. "What about our people?"

"I think Kane and your mom are capable enough to watch over them. Clarke… I'm not just doing this for you. I can't be here right now either." That was a lie. It was all for her. Everything I do always has been and always will be for her. I can't explain why. She looked back at me and gave me a smile. A REAL smile this time. I couldn't help but return it.

"Okay," She said. "Let's go." She turned around but I grabbed her arm and turned her around.

"Hold on princess. We might want to get prepared first. Considering we don't know how long we're gonna be gone or where we're going." She pressed her lips together and stared at one of the buttons on my shirt.

I lifted her chin with my finger so she would look into my eyes. I'd never admit it but she has the most beautiful eyes. I could look into them all day.

"I don't want to go in there either Clarke. But we need to be smart about this." She closed her eyes and nodded her head. I turned around and walked through the gates but didn't hear her follow. I looked behind me and frowned seeing her frozen to the ground, her hand grasping her wrist. I sighed and walked over to her and held my hand out with a smile.

"Together," I said. She smiled quickly and then accepted my hand. Her touch made my heart skip a bit. That was new… We walked into the camp hand in hand. Tomorrow we would start our adventure. Hopefully starting a better life.

Murphy's P.O.V (No idea what time):

(make sure to read the bold text at the top of the page! Very important)

I… am going… insane… I'm sick of these walls. Sick of the same dry ass food every single day. Sick of waking up to the same motorbike. Sick of this DAMN bunker…

Sick of being alone.

What I wouldn't give to hear a lecture from the princess or Bellamy call me useless or Raven scream at me and remind me about her damn leg. It's only been two days since me and Jaha split up. I don't miss him. Not one bit. Wait.. do I miss Bellamy and Clarke? They were the closest thing to friends I actually had. They don't feel the same. Nah… I don't miss them. I've been by myself for so long already why would I? I can't help but think that in some way I deserve to rot here. Alone. I've lied. Cheated. Killed. Stolen. Yeah, I make snarky comments but they're funny! No… they're not. If isolation has taught me anything it's that I hate myself. Yup! You heard it. John Murphy hates himself. So why do I only care about myself? Well... it's because I'm all I have. Pushing people away doesn't help, I know. I don't know why I do it. Maybe because I'm afraid I might end up caring about someone and then when they get taken away I'll just be alone again. My parents definitely didn't help with that. I wonder every time I get slapped or punched for something I did or said... What would I be like if my dad never got floated? Would I still have ended up locked in the skybox? Or would I actually be a respectful selfless guy? Like Bellamy. Fuck. I screwed up. I screwed up so bad. Shooting Raven. Hanging Bellamy. Killing the guys who hung me... Okay, they deserved that.

"ARG!" I screamed as I kicked over the bike.

Tell you what... If I get out of this place I'm heading right back to Camp Jaha and I'm gonna try to do better-


I looked up to where the sound came from. It was the door! I ran back down and filled a bag with as many rations as I could. I grabbed a revolver I found and some bullets and hightailed it out the bunker, not looking back. I pushed the boat into the water and jumped in. Paddling as fast as I could. I wouldn't stop until I made it back to the camp. Where my friends were.

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