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Chapter 24: Rich Doomsdayers

Murphy's P.O.V (4:40 pm):

I'll tell you one thing, going through a rotting building full of old food, cigarettes, and condoms with Jasper Jordan was not on my bucket list but alas… here I was. The gas station didn't have many useful items in it so far, except some band-aids and some disinfectant that I managed to find in a first-aid box hanging on the wall behind the counter.

"Hey, does disinfectant expir-" I stopped asking my question when I looked over at Jasper to see him pulling out an extra large condom from its packaging and whipping it around, chuckling. "Jesus… and they say I'm immature…" I shoved the band-aids and disinfectant in Jasper's backpack that was on his back while he fiddled around with the cock sleeve.

"Hey, do you think maybe we should bring some of these with us?" He asked, grabbing a box of them with the word 'Magnum' on it.

"What makes you think you're getting laid?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. "Besides those things will definitely snap the moment you try to put one on your little Jordan. They're over a hundred years old." He just looked at the box and dropped it to the ground.

"Good point… And contreceptive implants…"

I nodded and we continued searching through the medium-sized gas station building. As we did, I remembered what I had seen while I was knocked out after falling… yet again… into the crater back in Chicago. Seeing Wells in the Skybox was like a bad trip off of the strongest shrooms in history. I looked at Jasper, rummaging through an old freezer. What did he see when he was knocked out?

"Jasper," I said getting his attention. "Come here."

"Nuh-uh!" He exclaimed, backing away from me. "I'm not falling for that again! You're gonna kick the back of my knee so that I fall back on my ass and get folded." I chuckled at the memory of doing that to him while we were stopped a few days ago. Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty were not happy… I shook my head, trying to be serious.

"I'm not gonna kick you, Jasper. I promise. Besides there's no audience around so it wouldn't be as funny." I assured him, as I walked over to the tall, skinny, post-alcoholic. "I actually have a serious question to ask…" I said as I leaned on the freezer he was going through moments ago. He studied me for a few seconds before deciding to walk over and trust me. I decided to just get to the point. There are only a few ways this conversation could go and all of them will be weird and awkward. "While you were knocked out after we fell in the crater… Did you see anything?" He raised both of his eyebrows and cocked his head back pretty much giving me my answer.

"Yeah… I saw Maya. She told me to forgive Clarke." He answered that like he had been wanting to tell someone ever since it happened.

"I fuckin KNEW IT!" I exclaimed, happy that I wasn't the only one and that I wasn't losing my marbles.

"What did you see?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"Who said I saw anything?" I replied, walking away to a back room in the gas station that we hadn't checked yet. Jasper's not the worst person in the world and contrary to what you may think, I don't hate the guy. Sure we got into a little scuffle back at the parking garage, but I got over it. The only person I want to talk about this with is Clarke. She's the only one who needs to know since Wells was her friend. I just wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't the only one.

"Well… why did you ask me? You clearly saw something, Murphy…" Jasper prodded, following me to the back room, which was full of shelves with boxes of various items that were around the store.

"I didn't see anything, okay? Drop it before I drop you." I said as I looked into one of the degrading boxes, nothing useful. Jasper put his hands up in surrender and we both heard footsteps running toward the building outside. We shared a look before getting our weapons ready, Jasper with his rifle and me with my Five-Seven that Kane had given me to replace that shitty revolver I found in the bunker. The two of us aimed our weapons up and I took the lead walking toward the exit of the building to where the Charger was parked. I was about the exit when Monty Green walked right in front of me almost causing me to blow his genius brains out. His eyes spread wide at the site of my pistol's barrel inches away from his face and he quickly dropped to the ground.

"Jesus Monty!" Was all I said as I safetied my weapon and tucked it back in the waistband of my pants. Bellamy, Clarke, and Raven all ran up shortly after as Monty got up with help from Jasper.

"We found something," Clarke stated as I wrapped an arm around Raven's waist, pulling her close.

"Really?" I asked, sarcastically. "You coulda fooled me, what, with the frantic running and everything…" Raven gave me a playful slap to my chest which caused me to smirk.

"Is this 'something' good or bad?" Jasper asked with a nervous tone.

"It's better than good if it turns out to be what it looks like," Monty answered with excitement.

"Let's not get our hopes up, guys." Bellamy, the famous pessimist, said. "It could just look good from this angle." I was getting fed up with not knowing what this thing they were talking about was…

"Are you guys gonna tell us what it is? Or are you gonna do that thing where you take an hour to finally show us…"

"It's a house. We're going to check it out right now. But we wanted to bring everyone." Raven answered. "You're going to shit your pants when you see this place."

"I'd rather not… I like these pants." I joked with a smirk that she returned. With that, we headed out of the gas station and across the street to where Warin, Lincoln, Octavia, and the old man were. Yes, I put the wolf's name first. What can I say? I like him the most.

Clarke's P.O.V:

The song "Eastside Racket" by Black Pistol Fire blasted on the Chargers speakers as we made our way over to the mansion. I realized we had all pretty much ignored Bellamy's warning of not getting our hopes up as I looked around at all the excited faces beaming in the car. It was hard not to be excited. This could be a perfect place for us to find supplies and even rest to gain the energy back that we all desperately needed. It's been 11 days since we left Arkadia and started this trip. 11 long, tiring, days.

We found Lincoln, Kane, and Octavia in one of the apartments that they had almost fully searched but we decided that an intact mansion should probably take priority over a broken-down apartment building. Raven drove while Murphy sat in the passenger seat that had pretty much become his personal seat. I sat in the back between Kane on my left side, his rifle going across both of our legs and Bellamy on my right who was nervously tapping the butt of his rifle on the floor of the car and looking out the window. He hides his nervousness well but I always know the signs. I placed my hand on top of one of his that was holding the rifle. He turned and gave me that shy smile that I'll always return.

Monty, Octavia, Lincoln, Jasper, and Warin followed close behind in the buggy. We made our way up a convenient trail to the mansion and watched in awe as we got closer and closer. It was a very modern-looking home with many windows and white walls with wood accents. The driveway had a path that drove around a water fountain that was in pretty rough shape. Raven pulled up right in front of the entrance of the house that had huge double doors. We all peered up at it through the car windows.

"Sheesh, when you said you found a house I was expecting, like, just a regular old house… but I should have guessed you four would find a fucking Playboy mansion…" Murphy said, looking up in awe.

"Keep your weapons ready," Bellamy said as he opened the door and got out, rifle in hand shortly followed by Kane, then the rest of us. "Everyone stay close. We're going to sweep the place before we get too comfortable." Bellamy said once everyone gathered around.

"Put your rifles on semi-auto," Kane added, and the boys complied. Bellamy, Murphy, Jasper, and Kane got their guns ready, as did Lincoln and Octavia with their bladed weapons. We all stopped at the front door of the house and I walked up to be next to Bellamy. He gave me that comforting smile, that will always make my heart jump, before aiming his weapon at the door, taking one hand off of it to carefully start opening the door. The others got ready for whatever, or whoever, we might come across walking into this place.

Upon entering the house, the 10 of us were greeted with a huge open space with marble floors. There was a big kitchen on the left and a living room area on the right with a huge sectional couch aimed at a big TV mounted on the wall. A staircase, next to the front doors, led up to a catwalk on the second floor of the house. A massive panoramic window that acted as a back wall to the house had sliding glass doors that led out to the back yard which was basically a huge deck overlooking the broken North Dakota town we had just come from. The deck had a swimming pool with gross-looking water in it and a barbeque that basically acted as an outdoor kitchen. Most of us looked amazed at the sight before us except for Bellamy, Kane, and Lincoln, who tactically walked in aiming their weapons up and checking their corners. Warin walked in with them, sniffing the ground, his paws making a satisfying clicking noise as he walked on the marble floors.

"Holy crap," Monty said as he took in the home.

"Holy crap's right" Raven agreed.

The rest of us walked in and started admiring the interior of the house. Jasper, Monty, and Murphy made their way over to the kitchen and started digging through the many cupboards and drawers looking for food. Octavia and Raven went over to the living room area to see what they could find. I noticed, now, that there were also hallways on either side of the house. One next to the Kitchen and one next to the living room. Bellamy and Lincoln went down the hall next to the living room, while Kane started making his way upstairs, weapon ready. I followed Kane up the stairs, curious about what could be up there and not wanting him to go alone.

Once we made it up the stairs to the catwalk that hovered over the front entryway, I could see that it led to two hallways on either side. One hallway led to a single door at the end of it and the other hallway led to 4 doors, 2 on either side. At the end of the hall was a tall window looking out the side of the house. Kane and I shared a quick look before coming to a silent agreement of splitting up. With a nod to Kane, I made my way down the hall on the left, the one leading to a single door. When I made it to the door, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and turned around to see Bellamy walking up. He took a look at either side before walking over to me.

"Shall we?" He asked, taking his weapon off safety. I gave him a nod, instantly feeling safer in his presence, and clicked the door open. Once it was open, Bellamy walked in and started checking each corner for anyone… or anything… that could be hiding. I followed him in and realized this was the master bedroom of the house. A huge room with a very comfortable-looking bed that had two windows on either side of it as well as a huge bathroom and a walk-in closet.

"Dibs," Murphy said, appearing in the doorway behind Bellamy and me and scaring the crap out of us.

"Jesus, Murphy! I could have shot you." Bellamy said. Murphy just shrugged and walked in looking around at the massive room.

"How did he walk upstairs without us hearing?" I asked Bellamy.

"If this trip has taught me anything, it's that Murphy's full of secrets that we'll probably never know the answer to." He answered and we both shared an amused look toward the man walking around the room.

"Holy crap, check out this bathroom!" Murphy said as he admired the bath, double sink, and standing shower. He turned the tap on one of the sinks and sure enough, the water worked but it was a yellowish-brown color. "Uh… yeah, I'm not taking a shower in diarrhea, thank you very much…" After he turned the sink off, we all heard Raven shout from downstairs.

"OH MY GOD!" That's all we had to hear before the three of us ran out of the room to see what was wrong. Kane also heard her and was already making his way down the stairs. Murphy sprinted ahead of us passed the kitchen and down the hall next to it to a door at the end, which is where Raven's voice came from. Upon bursting through the door Murphy aimed his pistol up and frantically looked around before sighing. Bellamy, Kane, and I realized why when we entered to find that this was the garage of the house. A huge space with 4 bays and a bunch of toolboxes up against the wall as well as various mechanic equipment all around. There was an older-looking car parked in the very last bay that was missing its hood and looked like it was in the middle of being built.

"Come on, Raven! I thought you were in trouble." Murphy said as he put his pistol away. Everyone else made their way into the garage, probably after hearing her shout.

"Sorry guys, but check it out! A welder!" She said as she walked over to some kind of machine with a hose that attached it to a gun of some sort. She looked like a kid in a candy store and I couldn't help but smile at her excitement. "And a wheel balancer, And-" She gasped before continuing, "A battery charger and jumper!" She walked over to each machine as she saw them. "Everything I could ever need to get the vehicles in tip-top shape is right here. I can get them ready for the rest of the trip to Calgary." Bellamy and I shared a concerned look before turning to her with sorrowful expressions. I decided to be the bearer of bad news this time to save Bellamy from the wrath of Raven Reyes.

"That sounds great and all, Raven. But there's no power in this house." I said and she just turned, deep in thought before we heard something open.

"Uh… Guys?... Come take a look at this." Monty said as he held open a hatch of some sort at the back corner of the garage.

Bellamy's P.O.V (5:20pm):

Everyone made their way over to Monty, who had just found some sort of hatch in the ground of the garage. The whole time we had been in this mansion… Hell, from the moment I laid my eyes on it from the town I had a bad feeling about this place. It was only a matter of time until something went wrong and I could feel that something creeping up on us the deeper we went into the house. This hatch was the last place we had to check, other than the outside, and that feeling of something going wrong was at an all-time high. So, I took the lead and put my arm out to tell the others to stay back. I put my weapon up and aimed down the metal stairs that led down the hatch. I could feel freezing cold air coming up from down the stairs. It was pitch black so I turned on the flashlight I had taped to my rifle. I took my first step down, that all-too-familiar metal sound filled the air as my boot touched the metal. Once I reached the bottom I looked around to see this was a personal bunker of some sort. A freezing cold, personal bunker. So cold I could see my breath. Shelves on either side were decently packed with non-perishable food. A huge generator sat against one of the walls, and not only that… At the very end of this small bunker was a locker full of guns. The owners of this house were doomsdayers. Rich doomsdayers. I looked around more until I saw them. The decayed bodies of a family of four were huddled on a couch facing a radio. A husband, a wife, and their two daughters.

"Oh no…" I heard my sister say from behind me. I turned around to see her holding her sword in her hand and looking at the bodies with pain in her eyes.

"Holy crap! Check out all this food!" Jasper exclaimed as he also made his way down the stairs holding a flashlight.

"Guys…" I said as Clarke, Kane, Lincoln, and Monty started walking down the stairs. They stopped when they got down and I pointed my flashlight toward the bodies. They all shared the same mournful gaze as they looked at the family.

"How did they die before eating all this food?" Lincoln asked. Clarke walked up to the bodies and did a quick inspection of the wife's arm, or… what's left of it, before coming to a conclusion.

"They died of radiation sickness…"

"There must have been a leak in this bunker," Kane stated looking around at the roof with his flashlight.

"All I know is that it's f-freezing down here…" Jasper said, rubbing his arms as he started to walk back up the stairs with his rifle hanging behind him.

"What's going on down there!? You guys see a ghost?" Raven called from up top.

"There's bodies!" Octavia answered. I walked over to Clarke, who was looking at the two young girls in between their parents.

"What do you want to do with them?" I asked, placing a comforting hand on her back. She looked at me then back at them and shook her head.

"Nothing. They knew they were dying and decided to spend their last moments embraced on this couch. They should stay together." She answered and I had to agree.

Murphy and Raven made their way downstairs as Lincoln and Octavia walked back up. Kane and Monty were going through some of the boxes on the shelves. "Jeeeez, my balls are about to freeze off why is it so cold down here?" Murphy asked as he and Raven reached the bottom of the stairs.

"No clue, but these are the perfect conditions that keep food preserved," Monty answered with a beaming smile. "We can probably eat all of this stuff without fear of getting sick."

"You know I don't like when you say probably Mont," Murphy stated, as he inspected one of the cans of food.

"Raven, there's a generator down here. Anyway, we could get power to the house?" I asked pointing my flashlight at the big generator against the wall. She walked over and crouched down to start inspecting it. It didn't take long before she turned around and gave us that famous sly smile.

"Get me some of that gas from the trunk of the car and I'll have this place up and running in no time," Raven answered and I couldn't help but give her a small smile.

"Great, who wants some spaghetti?" Murphy asked with a smirk as he held a jar in his hand.

"You making us food? Why do I think that's a bad idea?" Raven teased.

"Don't knock it till you try it, Reyes. I'll go get started on dinner." Murphy said as he grabbed a box of food and made his way back up the metal stairs. We all shared a confused look before I decided we should get going on the generator. Kane and I made our way out of the bunker, and back into the garage, where we exited out a side door to the driveway where we parked the vehicles.

"What do you think of this place, Bellamy?" Kane asked as we opened the trunk of the Charger to grab two of the jerry cans full of Monty's alcohol-gas concoction.

"I think that it's too good to be true and that something's gonna go wrong," I answered, I could tell by the look Kane was giving me that he felt the same. I looked through a window of the house and saw Murphy, Octavia, and Jasper dancing around in the kitchen happily while Murphy was cutting something to use for dinner and playing music on the phone. "But they're happy. And we're long overdue for a break on this trip. If Raven can get the power in the house running we can stay here a day and recuperate." I added before grabbing one of the jerry cans out of the trunk.

"You're a good leader, Bellamy. You know that, right?" Kane asked after taking out the other jerry can. I looked at him and then shifted my gaze back into the window at my friends and sister to see that Clarke had entered the kitchen and that they were trying to get her to join them in dancing. I couldn't help but smile as she laughed with them. I have to keep her safe.

"We're not in Calgary yet, Kane. Anything could still happen." I said before closing the trunk of the car and making my way back to the garage.

Once Kane and I dropped off the gas in the bunker for Raven to use on the generator, I made my way back into the house to join the others. The house was getting darker and darker as the sun continued to set. The only light was coming from the big lantern that Kane brought which was placed on the island in the kitchen. The song "Bad Habit" by Steve Lacy played on Murphy's phone while he nodded his head to the beat, cutting carrots with a knife he found in the kitchen. Jasper, Monty, Octavia, and Warin sat on the couch in the living room while Clarke and Lincoln discussed something by the sliding glass door to the backyard. I walked over to them and they both turned to me.

"When should we start sorting through all the food?" Clarke asked.

"There's weapons down there, too. Enough to arm us all." Lincoln added.

"Well, I say we should start with-" Just as I was about to answer them the lights in the house suddenly turned on and a bunch of beeping came from the kitchen appliances, signaling that…

"Raven did it! Yes!" Monty exclaimed as he and Jasper high-fived.

"As if there was any doubt," Murphy said as Raven and Kane walked back into the house from the garage.

"That's not all bitches! Lookie what me and dad found…" Raven said as she held up a case of beer and Kane held up four bottles of wine. Everyone, except me, Clarke, Octavia, and Lincoln gathered around the two to get a drink.

"You know what?" I said to the two as I watched Murphy hug Raven from behind and dance with her, planting kisses on her neck, while Jasper and Monty started racing to see who could chug a beer faster while Octavia played the judge. "Maybe it's time we celebrate still being alive. I'd say we deserve it." Clarke and Lincoln nodded in agreement with warm smiles before Lincoln walked off to join Octavia.

"Are you actually going to have fun?" Clarke asked as we watched Jasper beat Monty in their little chugging competition.

"Someone has to stay on watch to keep you party animals from getting killed," I answered as Kane walked up to us.

"That someone is me. You kids go have fun. You deserve it after what you've been through, I'll happily take watch." He said with a warm smile.

"Bellamy! Clarke! Get your asses over here I wanna see you two have a chugging competition," Raven said from the kitchen. Clarke shrugged with a smirk that almost made me up and kiss her right there… right in front of Kane. But I didn't, obviously, and she walked off to join the others in the kitchen as they cheered and hollered.

"Go on, Bellamy. I think she likes you," Kane said with a nod toward my friends.

"Are you sure you'll be okay on watch alone? I mean, how can you cover all sides of the hous-"

"Bellamy," Kane said, placing a hand on my shoulder. "This wouldn't be my first watch. Now, for the love of God. Go have fun with your friends." I looked back over at them and then back at Kane before nodding with a smile and taking my rifle strap off my shoulder. The relief my shoulders and back felt as the weight of the gun was taken off of them felt like I had just taken an entire planet off my shoulders. I sighed in relief before leaning the gun up against the couch and heading over to the group. To my friends. Who every day are feeling more and more like family.

Tonight was a night to party. Because tomorrow… Everything changed. And that is the furthest thing from an understatement…


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